Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Care More, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Aeryn Hanaya of dontcare Corporation lost a blingy Hulk when she certainly should've known better. Agent Aiko Danuja investigated the matter by attempting to form a bond of trust with the misguided miner.

The miner cautioned Aiko not to push the Code on her too much. Aeryn didn't want any bad interactions with the prescription Veldspar she was currently taking.

Our Agent had to take care before bringing up the mining permit issue again. Some miners spook easily.

How long before Miner Bingo quotes end up in a medical journal?

Aeryn attempted to justify her bot-aspirancy with math. But she'd lost 1.7 billion isk instead of buying a 10 million isk permit. Miner math is the fuzziest kind there is.

One must wonder: Is mining still relaxing if you're AFK? If so, could Aeryn relax while AFK without mining?

There was enough of a rapport between the miner and the Agent for Aeryn to speak openly about her treasonous--but idle--thoughts.

(Speaking for myself, I'd be more comfortable in a building constructed by an Agent.)

Aeryn was defiant and defensive. For some reason, there are highsec miners who think that their mining operations matter. They feel ownership of the little bits of ore that they toss into the gaping maw of the Jita market.

Aeryn was convinced that dontcare Corporation was the main supplier of ships in the sector. It wasn't clear what Aeryn thought a "sector" was, but anyone in the sector would definitely notice if she slowed down production of her "line".

Agent Aiko took the miner down with a bit of verbal judo. Permit time?

Alas, Aeryn's encounters with the Code had somehow resulted in her becoming more withdrawn and paranoid.

The miner no longer believed that mining permits were useful to her purposes; she had a completely different understanding of what permits are for. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: New Order permits are not a license to violate the Code and spend all day indulging in medical mining.


  1. Yes indeed the world needs more dyslexic lazy unstable civil engineers. Just for diversity quotas.

  2. her spelling went to shit once Aiko mentioned James

  3. Augmented drones and a crystal set! Next time her gankers will bring an extra DPS to secure the pod.

  4. Ganking miners has been my therapy since 2012.

    I find it good for my karma to kill bad people.

  5. That fellow miner clearly have mental healt issues, obvious decrease in spelling quality after certain time indicates building levels of stress.

    And that's why you should never spend on mining permits, fellow miners. Don't support those, who choose to cross the border and harass people in the need of help in a real life. It's not a question of game mechanics or roleplaying. It's a question of a human decency.

    Yours faithfully,
    Dart Alzheimer

    1. The miners are quite literally less than human.

    2. Anon 932 - it is indeed a question of human decency.

      Miners are inherently indecent. Miners need to be taught good manners, the importance of social hierarchy, the good government that James 315 brings to you. Unfortunately miners are of such low calibre that they find these lessons bewildering, necessitating repeated and remedial lessons in why they're at the bottom and how they should behave while they stay there.

      This is clear by your nonsense post. The New Order does not cross borders. There are no borders in highsec, as all highsec belongs to us, and has been since 2012.

      If you find 7 years is not long enough to learn this simplest of facts, then perhaps that proves my point.

      Nice surname, BTW.

    3. @"Professor" Lawton: thank you for your comment though it was excessive, I've directly adressed fellow miners, visiting your forum.

      But since you brought it up, let me adress few things:

      - first of all, repetative tasks, like undocking, warping to target, pressing F1, dropping criminal status timer, rinse and repeat is just another form of bot-aspirancy, standing very close to mining in hierarchy of eve. It takes no skill, whole CODE. could be replaced by simple program script;

      - second, there is no single system (including Uedama) which is free of mining. If random, rare presence of your members means "owning" of high-sec, then miners "own" high-sec in a degree higher than you alliance.

      Thank you for compliments,
      D. Alzheimer.


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