Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Elonaya Conspiracy, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... After repeatedly losing battles against the New Order, The Trade Syndecate was forced to declare a full-scale retreat. Nobody in The Trade Syndecate knew what to do. But then, miraculously, new recruit Greypses Foryuu told the corp's CEO about his old friend, Energy Minx.

Energy Minx was willing to discuss the possibility of joining the corp. The CEO, Bladez Runner, found himself being interviewed by the job applicant.

Bladez Runner's dream was to create a rival to the Jita market in Elonaya--the very same system he'd just told his corp to evacuate. He had a lot of plans. None of them involved leaving highsec, and none of them involved obeying the Code. It was a recipe for disaster.

Bladez was surprised to realize that Energy Minx belonged to a massive corporation. This guy was playing EVE on an entirely different level!

Energy Minx was a member of Mission Ready Mining, the primary corp of Fly Fearless alliance. Something terrible had happened to that organization, and it went inactive--despite having lots of members still on the rolls.

Energy Minx brushed past the issue of Mission Ready Mining's history. The important thing was that he was ready to start a new chapter of his EVE career.

The applicant continued to conduct the interview. Energy Minx wanted to be sure The Trade Syndecate was worth his time before allowing himself to be invited.

Pictured above: Bladez Runner's leadership style.

The CEO said a lot of nothing. It was obvious he had no idea what he was doing. Like a cancer or a weed, his only idea was to grow.

Energy Minx's interest grew. He wanted to know more and more about the inner workings of the corporation. But now it was time for Bladez Runner to get some information about the curious stranger.

The applicant claimed to have a lofty position in Mission Ready Mining. The proof? He had this stuff listed in his own bio.

Finally, Energy Minx offered some tantalizing details about what he could bring to The Trade Syndecate. Visions of isk began to dance in Bladez Runner's head.

Within 15 minutes of meeting the CEO...

...Energy Minx joined the corporation as a Director.

To be continued...


  1. Bad Tweeps...

  2. Oh dear. Will we find out next that the CEO forgot to assign a majority of the corp shares to himself?

  3. *munches popcorn*

    Dis gunna be guuuuuuud….

  4. This is getting better and better. Literally on the edge of my seat.

    Is Energy Minx a spai? Will he steal their schedules? Who can tell!!

  5. i hope energy minx can help them


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