Thursday, June 27, 2019

All He Had

His bio advertised a corporation with "relaxing mining". But somewhere along the line, Dragoncrusher Kei came to the conclusion that the Code is the only way forward for highsec.

Maybe it's because he saw people flying ships like this.

After Agent Dragoncrusher glanced in the general direction of volzaar narish's anti-tanked monstrosity, the ship blew up. volzaar couldn't believe it.

Our Agent didn't even need to gank the miner/hauler; he was AFK with an active kill right.

According to valzaar, his carelessness cost him everything he possessed in EVE. Among highsec carebears who violate the Code, this is a common fate. It makes you wonder why anyone would risk disobeying the Code. (The answer is bot-aspirancy.)

volzaar claimed total innocence--and ignorance. The kill right must've been generated by mistake.

Dragoncrusher suspected that there was more to this doe-eyed newbie's story. Two days earlier, volzaar had attacked another ship in highsec. Hence the kill right.

No EVE player is so new that he can't tell an Agent the whole truth. volzaar had a lot of explaining to do. For starters, what was the real reason he didn't own a permit?

The miner's first thought upon looking at my profile wasn't "what a handsome face" or "there's the man of destiny". Instead, his first thought was isk-related. That is a red flag.

(In case you were curious about the bounty.)

The mind of a miner tends to drift. Our Agents work hard to keep them focused on the task at hand.

Agent Dragoncrusher gave the miner specific instructions. Would volzaar follow them, or would he concoct some one-sided nonsense to send to the Saviour of Highsec?

I've long advocated for Code-related information to be added to the EVE tutorial. But newbies frequently complain about not having enough isk to buy a permit anyway. Should CCP/Pearl Abyss add a mining permit to the new account "starter pack"? Instead of selling skill points to newbies, they could make it so that 10 million isk is automatically forwarded to me each time someone buys a starter pack.

Seems like it would be a solid addition to the new player experience, no?


  1. EVE needs a good mining tutorial. The agent requests some minerals, then he says, "Oh, by the way, some law enforcement types expect you to have a mining permit. That's up to you, but I can get you one for 10 million isk." If you accept the mining permit, you warp to the asteroids but find another miner has already mined them all! Then the agent offers you a catalyst and asks you to get the minerals another way.... If you decline to purchase the mining permit, then at the end of your mining mission, just as you are about to complete it, a catalyst comes in and wrecks you.

    1. Imagine that the PvE content of EvE was that engaging.

      Unfortunately, CCP is not there yet, and so the brave Agents are the only ones who can enrich the dreary existence of miners.

  2. The Doctrine of Clean Hands states that a dirty dog will not have justice by the court.

  3. Cut another hole in the miners collars and pull it tighter around their necks.

    They are a commodity that needs mining.

    Hull mining that is.

  4. I think James really should offer a single free mining permit to each starter pack. Miners would still be expected to get word of the promotion, track down and contact an Agent, file the paperwork with ample proof of owning a starter pack.

    I imagine it would be educational, and probably wouldn't hurt the New Order economy too much.


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