Saturday, August 31, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #191

There are indeed many people committing errors in EVE. You might say that the Code is the spell check of highsec. Welcome to the latest edition of the Grab Bag!

Here we see one of the most common complaints of gank recipients: Now that I've lost my ship, I can't make any more money. In theory, this prevents them from buying a permit.

...Some even claim that they can no longer afford to play EVE at all! In view of this problem, I have decided to do something special for this edition of the Grab Bag: I will randomly select a worthy miner to reimburse. All the miner needs to do is present a claim for reimbursement and not say something obviously treasonous to disqualify himself. Ready?

To be sure, Space CowboyTX is a bit rough around the edges. But since he has vowed to tank his ships better in the future, I am pleased. Now to reach for my wallet...

Sigh. So close, so close.

Many highsec miners migrated from EVE's Chinese server. Yet they have already acculturated.

Despite the language barrier, Chinese miners are capable of adapting classic miner clich├ęs like the "powerful friends in nullsec" bit.

Bot-aspirancy speaks with a universal language--and so does the gank.

Agent Lewak is known for his superb timing. You can mine all day while allegedly at your keyboard, but the moment you leave to "deal with a dog", Lewak and his friends will appear.

If you step away to make some coffee? Lewak will be there.

A few seconds to put down a dish? BAM! There's Lewak. The lesson, of course, is to dock up before you go AFK. Fascinating notion, right?

Redrick Ellivradec admits that he was once consumed by bot-aspirancy. For his most shocking confession, read on:


This is, I believe, the first confession we have received from someone who created his own bot program. Some would say that such people are the worst of the worst. Yet even they are not beyond reason. If CCP truly wants to combat the problem of botting in EVE, here's the answer: Require every new player to read the Code.


  1. You must destroy your illegal bot harvest! The power of James compels you!!!!

  2. Bot-aspirancy is the gateway drug to botting.

  3. Redrick gets it.

    If only Kalynn Shardani chose wisely in the face of temptation.

  4. we need an immediate intervention regarding the princess aiko. she must stop, to excessively creating accounts. most of the people i read about in the minerbumping stories of the last weeks, are her.

  5. Hey it's been five days since you guys added another post on that seven month old thread your members won't let die. Have someone log into a rage miner alt and bump "CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)", so you have your requisite eight open threads about your alliance going in C&P.

    1. Can't convince the mods to lock it, eh? Must be frustrating.

    2. I'm sad for the miner who's life is so empty that even the posting-pace of individual agents is exciting compared to it.

      That's low, even by miner-standards. And that's not a particularly high standard.

  6. Why would I want the mods to lock it?
    I'm asking you to bump it. Just because the thread was made in February and it's now September doesn't mean I want it locked. You should work harder on reading comprehension.

    Also how come you guys don't open eight seperate threads about your alliance on r/eve?

    1. Why would anyone heed the begging of an anon pleb miner who's too afraid to use his in-game name and can't even reply properly?

    2. So... You're *not* going to bump the thread then?


      Wait! I know! It isn't TIME to bump the thread! You almost got me, I'll admit it. You cheeky scamp.

      After all, you do let some of those threads get to the two and a half month mark before you bump them for attention, and this must be one of those times!

      Also you still really need to ask your homeroom teacher to get you into some remedial reading comp classes... You're referencing things that I never said.

    3. Man.. I really hope this miner calms down. Anonpleb 5:13, you could possibly try posting your complaint on the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    4. Put another hole in this miners collar and pull it tight.

      A miner should be seen and not heard.

  7. Oh no... Now Nitetime needs reading comprehension classes too. :-( :-( :-(

    I haven't complained, dear heart.

    Anyways. You kids enjoy the holiday weekend, work on your reading, and enjoy making threads about your alliance!

  8. I sleep for a whole day and wake up to this? I'm completely lost and confused now...

    1. No worries, life continues on, with or without us.


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