Thursday, August 15, 2019

King for a Day, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... PRAMS Industries CEO Moetel Soikutsu was rattled when she learned that a member of her corp ran away to join the New Order. Moetel intervened by challenging Agent Aiko Danuja to a debate about the Code.

Ellah Yamamoto, the alt of the miner who had left PRAMS, confided that Moetel had sinister motives.

The carebear CEO quickly backpedaled, clarifying that she merely wanted to evict the mighty CODE. alliance from its sovereign territory until everyone surrendered to her demands. That's all.
Aiko Danuja > Can I ask why you are upset about CODE? Were you ganked or something?
Aiko Danuja > Even Ellah was ganked, and doesn't seem to hate CODE, so I'm curious about your motivations.
Ellah Yamamoto > i love it right now ^-^
Moetel Soikutsu > I'm not upset about code, just their agents.
Moetel had a funny way of expressing herself. She didn't want to "destroy" CODE., just drive it out of highsec. And she didn't hate CODE.--just all of the people in it.
Moetel Soikutsu > Btw, i've read the blog, it says posted by "minerbumping", not "james 315"
Aiko Danuja > So you don't think James is the one writing the blog?
Aiko Danuja > Why won't you try writing James yourself?
Moetel Soikutsu > Because i'm pretty sure it'll lead to nothing as he is inactive for 7 years? :)
Moetel Soikutsu > If James is still alive, tell him to rewrite his code with clarity, complete, and to keep an eye on his agents.
Among the most popular conspiracy theories in highsec is the idea that highsec's Saviour was permabanned and/or left the game many years ago. Apparently this means all of the gankers should reimburse everyone they gank, or something.
Aiko Danuja > Maybe you are right, but what if James responds?
Aiko Danuja > I think you are afraid James WILL read what you write
Aiko Danuja > If you were convinced he doesnt log in, then u have nothing to lose, you are afraid he will take notice of your harsh words.
Moetel Soikutsu > Oh no, if he's active, i'll happily explain to him what is wrong about his code and more about his agents not respecting it.
Another conspiracy theory is that I have been replaced by a perfect copy. This, too, would make all acts of Code enforcement illegal.
Aiko Danuja > Well, guess what, he logs in EVERY DAY
Ellah Yamamoto > and Moetel Soikutsu when i tell my kills to James 315 he send me ISK
Ellah Yamamoto > he dosnt eat you x)
Aiko Danuja > i write him regularly
Moetel Soikutsu > How can I be sure that he doesn't gave his account to someone else 7 years ago?
As the evidence came in, Moetel switched conspiracy theories. Since the James 315 character still logs into EVE, the "secret double" plot would have to do.
Aiko Danuja > So you think for 7 years, someone else has been writing and pretending to be James?
Moetel Soikutsu > It can be, as long as he does nothing regarding the code agents not following the rules he wrote.
Ellah Yamamoto > paranoia x)
Moetel Soikutsu > Do I have to explain it one more time? Really?
Our Agent was amazed by Moetel's delusions. How could she reach this Goofus and get her to see reason?

Moetel Soikutsu > I'm not like James, i'm not telling that i'm elected or what when he's only auto-proclamed saviour. I just want to makes you, CODE, think about your own CODE and change things for the sake of everyone.
It was then that Agent Aiko got an idea.

Highsec miners are constantly whining about the Code and its enforcers; they're natural complainers. But what if the tables were turned? What if it was their job to enforce the Code?

Aiko challenged Moetel to explain how she would run CODE. if she were in charge. Moetel's first idea was that Agents should be forbidden from looting the wrecks of anyone they gank. Quite a campaign platform.

Moetel's next proposal was even more shocking: The decriminalization of illegal mining!

To be continued...


  1. This is the most bizarre conspiracy theory yet. Even if our Lord and Savior has passed the torch - and I don't buy that for one second - how does that invalidate the code? Did each prophet scrub the parts of the Bible written by those before him? I don't understand.

  2. What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
    By any other name would smell as sweet.


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