Tuesday, August 27, 2019

William's Rage, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Tensions rose in the Nakugard system after William Rageclaw publicly challenged Agent Alt 00's authority. If the situation continued to worsen, Nakugard would be faced with a full-scale rebellion.

DeMoNSpiKe was the latest miner to threaten the tranquility of the system. They seemed to be popping up one after another.

For some reason, each rebel seemed to be irrationally gripped with a hostility toward the Code. It was as if they felt they'd been wronged by the New Order. Yet they all denied that they were miners.

As soon as Alt 00 felt like she was making progress with one miner, a new one spoke up. Now our Agent had Ginger Ale907 to contend with.

Like the other rebels, Ginger showed no regard for the Code. The civility of Nakugard society was crumbling.

After being silent for a time, the rebel leader spoke. William claimed that Ginger was not a miner. But how would he know?

(Several weeks later, Ginger would join William's corporation.)

Alt 00 was confident that Ginger was indeed a miner--just like all of the other mouthy anti-Code folk who were disturbing the peace in Nakugard.

The rebellious chattering grew into a roar. A mob was forming. Its target: Agent Alt 00 and her Code.

Our Agent didn't lose her confidence or her composure. She'd gotten out of tighter spots before.

Permit-owner Leia Jadesol's calm voice rang through. She knew that if the present turmoil continued, it would only be the miners who would get hurt.

Agent Alt 00 considered her next move. She wanted to restore peace to Nakugard--but how?

The fires raged. 'Twas a demonstration of a simple truth: Once one anti-Code miner starts barking in local, it sets off everyone in the neighborhood.

William surveyed the scene. He had inspired a movement. But to ensure the downfall of the mighty CODE. alliance, he would need to defeat Alt 00 in combat.

To be continued...


  1. where is the part where the mentally unstable lunatic rose from the ashes? oh wait your not to that part yet?

    1. I'm waiting for a part, with that shitter landing in mental asylum after a failed attempts to gank a venture...oops sorry for spoilers.

    2. Actually the hard part was mindlessly flying around itll I found it. 0.9 system wasn't hard really... quite easy..


      wait shouldn't there be a slogan made for this??

      Ganking so easy even a mentally unstable guy can do it.

      and also are you referring to me as a "shitter" last time I checked James 315 was the lord and savior right? not the porcelain god

      shit DAMN sorry I actually gave up spoilers!!!

      and lastly anon #?? why are you so fixated on my mental stability? are you one of those anti mentally disabled people that thinks people with mental problems should be dropped off on some deserted island for the good of humanity and all that?

      Seriously if this is your "tryhard" your failing XD

    3. and:

      "AnonymousAugust 27, 2019 at 6:37 PM
      I'm waiting for a part, with that shitter landing in mental asylum after a failed attempts to gank a venture...oops sorry for spoilers.:

      please include a # followed with a Numerical Denomination so we can clearly know which anon it is thanks o7

  2. Ginger actually doesn't mine XD he hates it and kill's the NPC mining fleet's for the skins you know those haulers drop boxes it's quite fun!

  3. Wait exactly how many parts will I apparently have??

  4. Funny how DeMoNSpiKe denied to be a miner and then state he is a mission runner... (mi-ssion run-ner)

    1. haha, that's great

    2. Yeah I still want to know who is Raveclaw I've trying messaging him multiple times with no luck.. everyone should message him and ask him if he's me!! SPAM AND GRIEF HIM!!!!!

  5. #4. William Rageclaw
    100,000,000 isk

    1. correct that was one of the Stipulations on the Agreed accord made between men and princess aiko last night in the NOP chat channel. Keep up...

    2. here I went and fished it up for you anon #??
      William Greer August 27, 2019 at 5:57 PM
      no the agreed upon Accord was as followed.

      - no money;
      - Editorial work of the minerbumping posts concerning William Rageclaw showing how a raving lunatic rose from the ashes and all that jazz;
      - to be labeled Blue in-game for myself and my alts and corp and alliance;
      - no requirement for permit (apparently me killing that AFK venture was blood enough)
      -the posting of something in Jamie's name which I did (in pink which is Aiko's favorite color BTW and we share a fondness for cats)
      the purchase of Stock ( 100 shares were bought) (I like investing into things hell that's actually how I retired....) ( Yeah life was rough and money was tight but hey it was worth it! look how much time I got on my hands now o7)but that was the cliff notes summery of the Agreed upon Accord between myself and one Princess Aiko in the NOL chat

    3. Yes, but you have to keep ganking miners, if you want to retire you'll need a mining permit, which can be purchased for 10 million isk.

    4. actually total amount of stock purchased was 315 stocks

      2019.08.27 19:44:19 Player Donation -215,000,000 ISK [r] William Rageclaw deposited cash into James 315's account
      2019.08.27 03:17:38 Player Donation -100,000,000 ISK [r] William Rageclaw deposited cash into James 315's account

    5. "Aiko DanujaAugust 27, 2019 at 7:40 PM
      Yes, but you have to keep ganking miners, if you want to retire you'll need a mining permit, which can be purchased for 10 million isk."

      what is the minimum required gankings??

    6. this was something that wasn't explained to me sadly

    7. william, you gave Aiko ISK? one day the princess must tell me her secret!

    8. I bought Stocks! 315 stocks to be exact. want to know her secret?

      1. she has an alluring personality,
      2 she's a cat person ( we share that I love cat's and spend a lot of time Rescuing cat's getting them proper medical care, healthy and finding them forever homes)
      3. she figured out that myself being a psychopath she talked to me in my language. o7

    9. Please miner (or agent Rageclaw - it's hard to tell at this point), don't spoil anymore of the process you are going trough while embracing The Code. I'd love to read it interpreted by The Savior.

    10. "Anonymous August 27, 2019 at 10:44 PM
      Please miner (or agent Rageclaw - it's hard to tell at this point), don't spoil anymore of the process you are going trough while embracing The Code. I'd love to read it interpreted by The Savior."

      Which Anon are you? please clearify with a # followed by a number o7

    11. Overmind, her secret is she's a lot prettier than you. Sorry friend.


    12. #1

      Hope that helps.


    13. AnonymousAugust 28, 2019 at 7:58 AM

      Hope that helps.

      outstanding! now were getting somewhere

    14. wait Anon #1 are you the Mental Asylum shitter Anon?
      cause that's one of them. I know there is

      Anon#?? pog ( they haven't designated a number yet)
      Anon #?? Civi ( they haven't designated a number yet)
      Anon #?? Ruskie ( they haven't designated a number yet)
      Anon #?? internet badass ( they haven't designated a number yet)
      Anon #5 Verified denomination although still not clear as to who #5 is
      and a few more

  6. What colour studs do you want for your collar miner Rageclaw?

    And please calm down

    1. ohhhh are we doing a BDSM thingy now??

      do I get to pick my own Cat o ninetails?

      and REALLY KEEP UP...

      an accord was already reached.. and as stated before call me Jack not miner. or will seeing's how I am Will. Rageclaw works too. so does hey asshole! just never call me late for dinner.

    2. Miner Greer,

      The leesh and collar is my trade mark i place on bitch miners.

      As for the whip, i prefer to put the studded collar on backwards and punch you in the throat when you exceed the boundary of your sphere of influence.

      You need to calm down and remember YOU are at the bottom of the EVE food chain miner.

    3. Wait did you just promise me a good time?that's kinda boastful of you on the internets.. oh wait XD BEESH please lmfao

    4. don't make me break out the knife hand sit down before you get lightheaded from that huge ego of yours XD

    5. "The leesh and collar is my trade mark i place on bitch miners."

      pic's or it didn't happen

    6. would you like my address so you can put your money where your mouth is? I mean who makes threat's of "punching me in the Throat" over the internet come on mr/mrs toughie I mean your hiding behind a screen name OOhhhhhhhhhh so scary... Better watch out!! we got a complete and total bad ass in here oh shit hide your women and children

    7. i prefer to put the studded collar on backwards and punch you in the throat when you exceed the boundary of your sphere of influence.

      Calm down Karma balancer

    8. B. Cyberstalking is action of any person to accomplish any of the following:

      (2) Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another repeatedly, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of threatening, terrifying, or harassing any person.

      OOOOHHHHHHH Breakin the law! breakin the law! key word Threatening

      your probably one of those that dreams of mass murder huh?
      why so Serious??

      Calm down and Breathe

    9. Not could do miner.....have done.

      Stay mad.

    10. Are you a millennial or something and assume that Everyone lives in a constant state of anger? maybe I should refer you to my Dr for the anger management class. I mean you can even use Karma on your name badge sticker.
      but in all seriousness like I told Anon#?? I cant calm any more

      and on a side note? Do you ingrish much?

      "Not could do miner.....Have done"?
      Wait is this your yoda impression?

    11. @William
      Anon #5 here or whatever (since idk who is anon #1 #2 #3 #4)
      Karma Balancer is the type that gets on the "tears", there's a lot of "agent types" and this type that like "tears" are among the most toxic.

      IMHO, you arguing with Karma Balancer does make it seem you are raging and crying. But if you truly enjoy that then suit yourself.

    12. @anon#5 Well as far as I see this:

      this has been an enjoyable social interaction for me the last 3 day's I've quite enjoyed myself. and since I usually don't get out much this has been a breath of fresh air sort of speaking. as far as Arguing with Karma or anyone else for matter I see it as not only a test of will's but a challenge to see who will be the first to "bow out" and stop responding I mean one could always do what Farnsworth did? he decided that he got right on down to t he brass tacks and once these were verified and placed on the board he stepped away gracefully. Now I commend Farnsworth as he is a man of Good sport and as he put's it "honour" but hey o7 so does this clarify all that is going on?

      anon#5 o7 and Fly hard

  7. ok we need Clarifications here!!

    for Anon's: please include a # followed with a numerical Denomination with your post so we can clearift which anon is which it's getting confusing..

    K thanks o7

  8. William, if you PvP then why did you get so butthurt when Baron VonCratton lost a Mackinaw? He's no different than the Venture you blew up—a bot-aspirant. You're not one of those Elitists who believes in Space Honour and Space Valour, are you?

    1. are you avoiding the question?

    2. man you guys Really are the lords of assumption.
      so far the lot has claimed, I'm mad, butthurt, "Raging", needing of a theripudical Calming, Menially ill, Miner, Ameba level in Eve, Young Pup,

      simply I just happen to be in the right place at the right time and like the Great James Woods it was a simple " ohhh piece of candy"
      and well 2 thing's differ from Baron and that Venture pilot.

      1.Baron was not AFK we actually were talking on TeamSpeak.
      2 that venture pilot was not only given ample time to warp out but I even checked to see if they were there. and sadly no reply was given within a decent amount of time frame.

      3 did I really make the lot yesterday morning that Nurvous?
      (Rageclaw i'm going to lock on you in case you decide to do anything) <<< that was placed in fleet chat.

      I mean I've been doing my best to be a man of my word an accord was reached and I've been keeping my end of the bargin Hell I even sent Aiko 10 mill so that way I wouldn't have to worry about any required Ganking Quota's and "accidentally Retire" myself.

      am I avoiding the question? nope.

    3. Come on Farnsworth, I thought we were all on the road to Recovery and Redemption and all that, I mean so far I have been a man of my word. and as evidence show's that being the case then surely I am within Well operating abilities to

      "spew Shitpost from the Sewer hole"

      I mean as stated I have a lot of time on my hands, and to be honest i'm starting to grown fond of this place

      So in conclusion think:
      1. if he really capable of holding his word? Yes
      2. How long can he really do this? As long as is necessarily required
      3. is this guy serious? care to test that theory

      Why so serious?

    4. Saving Highsec is a serious business. We wouldn't want it to become known as a place where wormholers can go slumming, to kick back and chat on teamspeak while grazing on risk-free ore.

      So Baron was part of your group. You were all given ample time to warp out. You even had the benefit of a Local window to see our Agents in system. It was a good fight.

      But as an Elitist, you count yourself and your group among the the highest ranks of EVE players. So you naturally bridle at being bested by one of our Agents. Somehow, it wasn't fair and it shouldn't count. How dare we treated you as a common miner at bottom of the EVE hierarchy when trespassing in James 315 Territory! You're above the rules. Or so the thinking usually goes. Since you have no idea how to beat us in-game, you have resorted to making a nuisance of yourself out of game, using your real life persona and the occasional bluff of legal action.

      From our perspective, your response to the matter amounts to stomping your feet and throwing a tantrum because you're not getting your way. As responsible stewards of Highsec, do you really expect us to make concessions for such a person?

      So go ahead and tantrum for as long as you need to. You won't be the first, and it takes more effort for you to sustain it than it does for us to listen to it. Many of us have learned to take a perverse pleasure in it. And when you're all tuckered out, you'll be eligible to pay off your fines and enter James 315's good graces.

    5. wow that was a well thought out and lengthy response! I'm proud of you Farnsworth. I mean so far it's been a majority of short cutted and rather dim banter. as a bonafied Professor tell me do you know what workings of how Cancer spreads? and what happens when you in fact ignore it? I mean it's like you said right? again I am a man of my word and on a side note MAN you guys are clearly in a dark dead zone of communications compared to NOL chat.

  9. Nice Warriors reference, William. Now please calm down.

    1. damn if I calm down any more i'll be in a coma XD

    2. wait which anon are you there is so many

  10. Replies
    1. don't worry there is loads more to come I'm sure of it.

  11. I think we did. Ganking you in game makes me a better rl human.

    Slapping the rose coloured glasses of the face of a chardonnay sipping, turtle neck sweater wearing snowflake like yourself is improving life for the majority.

    Calm down shitter.

  12. Choosing to follow the Code is how all miners better themselves. We are here to help.

    Praise James!

  13. William Rageclaw, this is the next step as part of your apotheosis.

    Remove all other characters' roles in your corp.

    Set your corp's friendly fire to legal and gank everyone in your corp, including Ginger Ale. If she's in a wormhole, give her exact position to other WH dwellers.

    Steal all their stuff and donate the lot to James 315.

    Empty the corp wallet and buy shares with them.

    Change the corp bio to "Under new Management, praise James 315!!!"

    Looking forward to some results.

    1. Ahhhh almost got me XD

      Ummmm no. Remember I'm the mentally ill one remember? not stupid.

      and I set my corp to friendly fire when ever someone decides not to adhere to the AFK botting rule of my corporation.

      and on a side note"

      did you just assume Ginger's gender?? Wait Millennials are allowed to do that? talk about double standards..

    2. wait.. it just occurred to me I'm allowed to own more than 315 shares?? so this mean's by all right's if I wanted to I could :invest and become a primary shareholder within this "corporation"? as in hold 51% or more and become the Majority shareholder? are you suggesting that I should pull a Bruce Wayne and seize control of the Corporation? can I have my own Tumbler and a Mr. Fox?

    3. Please don't try to buy more shares. It's not fair for one person to always be #1 in the list.

    4. WTF then if he just throws down a billion isk he gets to be #1??? So What, just cuz he has more isk he is gonna be #1???

    5. Calm down friend, I doubt the miner even has a billion isk. The #1 space is secure.

    6. Again I am a man of my word..

      care to see me take that #1 spot? XD

    7. wait which Anon's are you?? remember to include a # with a numerical denomination

    8. ohhh better watch that contributors list!


    9. as previously stated MANY MANY MANY times.. I am a man of my word. however it is within my Discretion to choose the course of action so if I decide against something I will promptly state that.

    10. Oh snap.... Plot twist right there!!!

  14. "Slapping the rose coloured glasses of the face of a chardonnay sipping, turtle neck sweater wearing snowflake like yourself is improving life for the majority.

    Calm down shitter."

    I think I will start calling you "Kingy" as in the "king of assumptions."

    and I thought I was the Shitter?

  15. ok ROLL CALL!!!

    Who has made it a point to turn on notifications for when new comments are added? and including replies??

    Rageclaw? <<<<<< o/
    Karma balancer?
    Nittime Video?
    Aiko Dajuna?

    did I forget someone??

    (on a side note: the scrolling is REAL!, talk about a finger exercise!)

  16. https://gyazo.com/a7818f7a4d37411d43e7556d3e77577b

    ^^^^^^^^^^ that^^^^^^^^^^%^^^^^^^ or did you lot uncheck that?

  17. oohhhhhh wait how can there be 2 #2 on the monthly contributors?

    shouldn't I be #3 as it would fall under alphabetical order and F comes before W?

  18. come on Keep up he posted #5 already!!

  19. Bot aspirant confirmed.

    I was replying to ginger......i guess you have multiple personalities miner Greer.

    I thought the military screened for mental disorders?

  20. Wait were those the best rebuttals you could think of??? Are you not following along enough??

  21. Ight i bet its going to chap your ads to see my fave as the #1 monthly contributor spot oppps spoiler alert....

  22. WTF... if I ever come back to the game I might join code and gank him.


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