Friday, August 9, 2019

The Next Generation

When you're an Agent of the New Order like Revis Owen, you see a lot of nasty stuff in highsec. If you enforce the Code for a long enough period of time, you run the risk of becoming desensitized to it.

...And that goes double for the miners, who spend all day wallowing in their own filth. Mandrast Learth couldn't imagine why anyone would want to gank his ship:

Mandrast undocked in this and thought to himself, "This is fine. No one will want to attack me if I fly this."

Pop quiz, dear reader: New player or new returning player?

A 13 year-old account? I guess that narrows it down. It's hard to claim "new player" status when you started playing EVE when some of your fellow players were still toddlers.

Predictably, Mandrast claimed to be a new returning player. But I wasn't exaggerating about the effect of the passage of 13 years. Since he last played, Mandrast had raised up the next generation of highsec miners in his family.

Some might be alarmed by the prospect of AFK miners reproducing in this fashion. However, Revis saw an opportunity: Selling two permits at once. He offered his most polite, sympathetic sales pitch.

The miner remained focused on isk.

Luckily, Agent Revis had a response prepared and ready to go.

Upon receiving this message, Revis breathed a sigh of relief. Mandrast wasn't the type of miner to throw his son under the bus. Instead, he showed genuine concern for the little carebear cub.

And so they both purchased mining permits. Like father, like son!

Nevertheless, Mandrast's profile contained a red flag. As Agents of the New Order, we can only hope that each generation is more Code-compliant than the one that came before.


  1. Personally I would have culled the entire family.

    In game.

    1. Nice. Notice how dead this forum is? If you did not comment on own posts it would be totally barren. Normal people got bored with your stories years ago.

    2. Yet you come here to whine in the comments section. If you are so concerned about this site, you should try writing an article about it on the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    3. The comments section has always been reserved for salty miner tears. Anything else is just preaching to the choir.

  2. How can one bio simultaneously claim to both support and disobey the Code? I can already see the tear mail: "They ganked me for no reason even after I paid their bribe. They don't follow their own Code!"

  3. *sniffs*

    Mah boy Revis...they grow up so fast.....

    *blows nose*


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