Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tora Tora Tora, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... It all started with a gank. Agent Zaenis Desef struck a righteous blow against Yashiro Yamamoto's unlicensed Hulk, resulting in protests from Yashiro's CEO, Moetel Soikutsu. Even as Zaenis deftly parried Moetel's complaints, our Agent was engaged in a simultaneous convo with the aggrieved miner himself.
Zaenis Desef >
Zaenis Desef > That's the CODE. if you plan to live in highsec, these are the rules you must follow
Yashiro Yamamoto > yeah but i can not mining right now and i can not pay you...
Yashiro Yamamoto > because you destroy my ship x)
Yashiro Yamamoto > is not difficult for understand that ?
Rather than immediately obeying the Code and forwarding Zaenis' hard-earned 10 million isk, the miner made excuses. Was Yashiro going to be one of those miners?
Zaenis Desef > #1 rules of EVE. NEVER fly a ship you can't afford to lose.
Zaenis Desef > So you're welcome for teaching you that too!
Yashiro Yamamoto > i know the rules but now i not pay you :)
Yashiro Yamamoto > so good game
Zaenis Desef > I would reconsider. CODE is everywhere
Yashiro Yamamoto > you reconsider nothing guy now i hate you and i pay nothing for the CODE
Yashiro had, at best, mixed feelings about his encounter with Agent Zaenis. That could complicate things.
Yashiro Yamamoto > because you don't speak with me first
Zaenis Desef > Well, we want to make sure we had your attention.
Yashiro Yamamoto > my attention x)
Yashiro Yamamoto > are you kidding me ?
Zaenis Desef > No, deadly serious...
Zaenis Desef > obviously
Miners often have a problem with the Code, but their objections tend to be fueled by the pain they feel over their lost ships.
Yashiro Yamamoto > you destroy 274 millions
Zaenis Desef > I did
Yashiro Yamamoto > sure you have my attention xD
Yashiro Yamamoto > but not good attention
Zaenis Desef > bad attention then?
Yashiro Yamamoto > very bad
Some of Yashiro's comments were sending up red flags. Had Zaenis' attack earned him an enemy, rather than a friend and customer?
Zaenis Desef > Well, you can rectify this by purchasing a mining permit.
Yashiro Yamamoto > if you want i pay your taxe you refound me my ship and you r sure all my corporation pay for you
Yashiro Yamamoto > but not before that
Zaenis Desef > Sadly I am not a restitution officer. So I can't make that call.
Yashiro Yamamoto > something do that for you ?
Yashiro Yamamoto > in your corp ?
Our Agent was in no position to handle Yashiro's reimbursement claim. He'd hoped that this permit sale would be quick and easy. No such luck.
Zaenis Desef > my CEO. He's not on right now, but you can send him an EVEmail. This is also in the Mail I sent you.
Yashiro Yamamoto > hum...
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok ok fine
Yashiro Yamamoto > i will pay you when i take my refound for my ship BUT don't destroy me again...
The miner finally expressed an interest in acquiring a mining permit--but there were strings attached. Yet everyone knows that it is impossible to walk the path of compliance whilst laden with bot-aspirant attachments.
Yashiro Yamamoto > you have lsit of customers ?
Yashiro Yamamoto > how you know if i pay or no ?
Zaenis Desef > I will send you the permit that you will PROUDLY display in your bio
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok ok
Zaenis Desef > So you're saying you won't purchase a permit unless you are refunded?
Yashiro Yamamoto > yes
Troublingly, Yashiro viewed the issues of permit ownership and reimbursement isk as being intertwined. However, there was no evidence that Yashiro qualified for reimbursement. By contrast, it was an undeniable fact that he needed a permit.
Zaenis Desef > So on what grounds do you feel that you were incorrectly judged.
Yashiro Yamamoto > what do you mean ?
Zaenis Desef > Why do you feel that you should be exempt from the CODE? I guess is what i'm asking
Yashiro Yamamoto > not that
Yashiro Yamamoto > im not free about your CODE
Yashiro Yamamoto > i say im not rich men
Yashiro Yamamoto > because you destroy my only ship with which I could make money
Yashiro Yamamoto > i can pay if you refound me x)
It was a paradox: Yashiro could only get money for the permit if he first got a refund. Untangling this mess would be no easy feat. And Zaenis certainly didn't want to do it on his own. Not when he had other stuff to do.
Zaenis Desef > I found a restituntion officer
Aiko Danuja > Hello sir, what seems to be the problem here today?
Yashiro Yamamoto > Hi
Aiko Danuja > Hello
Aiko Danuja > May I help you?
...Then a new hope appeared.

Agent Aiko Danuja has handled untold numbers of reimbursement requests. If anyone could untie the Gordian knot, 'twas she.
Yashiro Yamamoto > the problem is first you shoot after you speak when im die and i loose 267 millions
Aiko Danuja > 267 millions!
Aiko Danuja > Zaenis is this true?
Zaenis Desef > Yes it is Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Hulk) Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Capsule)
Aiko Danuja > My goodness, that's serious.
Agent Aiko rolled up her sleeves and got right to work.
Yashiro Yamamoto > so how i can pay if you destroy my ship for make money ?
Yashiro Yamamoto > and im not bot i can explein or speak
Aiko Danuja > I will have to conduct a thorough review.
Aiko Danuja > You are saying Zaenis simply shot you?
Yashiro Yamamoto > yeah just shoot on me
Yashiro Yamamoto > that it
Highsec miners have a nasty habit of describing events in a biased fashion. Even so, Aiko wanted to examine the problem from all angles.
Aiko Danuja > Zaenis why would you shoot a permit holder?
Yashiro Yamamoto > i don't have
Yashiro Yamamoto > a permit
Aiko Danuja > Oh, well that changes things.
Yashiro Yamamoto > but you can speak with me and i can pay
Yashiro Yamamoto > not shooting on me directly
Aiko's gambit paid off: Yashiro openly confessed to the crime of not owning a permit.
Aiko Danuja > No problem sir, the fee is 10 million isk.
Yashiro Yamamoto > now how i'm supposed to pay you ?
Aiko Danuja > Right click my name, select give money.
Yashiro Yamamoto > i know
Yashiro Yamamoto > but i can not refound my ship
Yashiro Yamamoto > ?
But then Aiko was introduced to the diabolical puzzle that had so plagued her fellow Agent. How could Yashiro afford to buy a permit if he couldn't get reimbursement isk?

To be continued...


  1. Gordian knot
    noun: Gordian knot; plural noun: Gordian knots
    an extremely difficult or involved problem.

    Thank you for expanding my vocabulary, Saviour.

  2. One of the best uses of multiboxing by a CODE agent we've seen. Judge, jury, executioner all rolled up in one. Now, THAT is being efficient.

    1. Honestly, why would you assume that they are the same person?

  3. Carebears, your recent comments are irrelevant and you must understand the following:

    1) James 315 tells you what you can and cannot do
    2) Code Agents enforce these rules
    3) Miners obey these rules

    Agents are free to enforce The Code as they understand it. The word of any Code Agent is final. Every action taken by every Agent is 100% correct and proper - and we know this is true, because Agents follow the Code.

    1. That's some pretty stiff upper lip coming from a washout that forgets to check a pilot's bio before striking up a deal with them. Now, I don't mean to go criticizing your exploits like that, but from what I've seen, maybe it's high time you consider retirement old timer.

    2. The offender never pardons.

  4. This has been a good read, looking forward to part 4 :D

  5. I have trouble believing that any miner would spend his last ISK on an extravagant Hulk and then lose it before he had a chance to make any money with it. The odds boggle the imagination. But regardless, according to zkillboard the miner received a payment from Pend Insurance of least 34 million ISK when it blew up, which means he's been telling bald-faced lies to our Agents.

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  7. Aiko Danuja > Zaenis is this true?
    Zaenis Desef > Yes it is Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Hulk) Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Capsule)
    Aiko Danuja > My goodness, that's serious.

    Hahaha gave the guy a sip of nectar before dashing it from his lips.

    I have been your typical targeted miner since 2006, used to be null but now just hisec. I started reading minerbumping when I chanced to mine in Halaima and wondered why Stabbers kept bumping my ships. Even without ever being ganked, I was angry for a few days way back then, but it has been comedy gold reading ever since. I cannot participate because the religious overtones (is that on miner bingo?) but I can thank you for the entertainment.

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