Friday, August 16, 2019

King for a Day, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec mining CEO Moetel Soikutsu engaged Agent Aiko Danuja in a lively debate about the Code. Moetel accused Aiko and others of failing to obey the Code, but she was caught off guard when Aiko asked her how she'd run things if she were put in charge.

Yashiro Yamamoto watched as his former CEO floundered in the debate.

The carebear CEO took a big risk by asking Agent Aiko a bunch of questions to which Moetel didn't know the answer. Aiko's responses only served to show that the Code enforcement process was reasonable and fair.

Moetel couldn't allow the conversation to continue like this. It was time to go on the offensive.
Moetel Soikutsu > Ok, here's the problem
Moetel Soikutsu > No warnings.
Aiko Danuja > You've been warned, have you not?
Moetel Soikutsu > I am now. But what about those who aren't?
Aiko Danuja > Who hasn't been warned? I will warn them right now.
Like so many others of her ilk, Moetel pretended that the reason miners didn't own permits was because they didn't know about the Code.
Moetel Soikutsu > Remember, i'm not talking for myself
Moetel Soikutsu > Well, let's continue, as CODE CEO, i'll change the engagment rules.
Yashiro Yamamoto > i think he tell you about the new players like me in my first time gank ^^
Moetel Soikutsu > (let's say I keep the permit active)
Unfortunately for Moetel, Aiko had trapped her in a thought experiment about what Moetel would do if she ran the mighty CODE. alliance. The miner would be confronted with the consequences of her ideas.

Despite being an elite PvP'er and possessing personal qualities entirely opposite to those of a bot-aspirant miner, Agent Aiko had encountered enough enemies of the Code to know how to convincingly portray one.
Moetel Soikutsu > Explain him why he should get a permit, the costs and benefits
Yashiro Yamamoto > so true x)
Moetel Soikutsu > Tell him that if he has no permit, the next time his cargo will be confiscated (orange standing him if he refuse to get a permit)
Moetel tried to reason with the fictional (but eerily accurate) miner. But unfortunately for Moetel, rebellious miners are characteristically unreasonable.
Moetel Soikutsu > Close the conversation and orange standing him.
Moetel Soikutsu > Next time you find him, you'll see he has been proposed the permit and refused it (standing)
Aiko Danuja > So you want James to personally set every bad miner orange?
Aiko Danuja > All hundred thousand of them?
Aiko Danuja > He has to personally contact each and every miner in the galaxy, and waste hours and hours and months managing a contact list of every player in the game?
It seemed as though Moetel's big idea was to create some sort of universal "Not Orange Don't Shoot" scheme for highsec.
Aiko Danuja > Ok, let's try that scenario
Aiko Danuja > So I'm the miner u warned before and I'm mining
Aiko Danuja > "what are u gonna do? u gonna gank me?"
Moetel Soikutsu > Contacting him, explaining that's the second time he mines without a permit, it's his last chance to buy it before having his cargo seized. If he try to flee, attack.
Yashiro Yamamoto > you are realy so friendly...
So far, Moetel remained confident that her proposals would hold up to the scrutiny of Aiko's simulated Goblok.

Moetel's repeated warnings and standings spam failed to move the hypothetical miner. Time to pull the trigger?

The carebear CEO authorized action, only to find herself right back where she started!

In a matter of minutes, Moetel's version of CODE. found itself strangled by red tape and layers of bureaucracy. But Moetel was determined to find a way to win the argument and prove herself the superior Saviour of Highsec.

To be continued...


  1. What? We'd need to issue multiple warnings and maintain a database of contacts with screenshot evidence of the warnings in case a miner lied? Sounds like an even more complicated version of CVA's already unwieldy KOS Checker. And all so somebody won't risk unjustly losing a spaceship in a game about blowing up spaceships. What's next, recourse and due process? Independent legal representation? The return of Babatunde B. Babatunde?

    It sounds like it could take days to gain the necessary clearance to punish even one lawbreaking miner, and most damningly it sounds entirely unfun.

  2. Princess Aiko. You broke my heart. That's why I left the game. Be careful fellow agents. She will leave you in tears. :'(

    1. Who are you? If you truly loved me, you would have given me all your isk, assets, and skillpoints, so if you want me to feel bad then you need to do that.

  3. this is what usually happens, if you get to close with her highness.
    you can always return and regain her favor with some precious ISK.

  4. I used to talk to my prey.......

    The conversations improved when you spit void in the miners face.


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