Wednesday, August 28, 2019

William's Rage, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Nakugard system in chaos! Agent Alt 00 was repeatedly challenged in local by the rebellious William Rageclaw, whose anti-Code attitude threatened to inspire a new resistance movement.

Though Nakugard local chat was unruly, Agent Alt 00 had succeeded in preventing unlicensed miners--everyone in the system besides Leia Jadesol--from doing any mining. Indeed, our Agent was so successful that she had to make short trips to neighboring systems to find miners to gank.

In the midst of the conflict, however, a gank Coercer was lost. It belonged to Alt Asteria, a close associate and rumored alt of Alt 00.

The anti-gank had been pulled off by none other than William Rageclaw himself, who used a deadly Kikimora destroyer to accomplish the foul deed.

Alt 00 was now being challenged on all fronts. The anti-Code forces were beginning to think that it was safe to mine without a permit in Nakugard. So far, though, few dared to undock--despite the destruction of Alt Asteria's Coercer.

Our Agent attempted to reason with the miners. But she had a backup plan in case diplomacy failed.

Orca miner Cheval de Travail openly floated the idea of mining in Nakugard without a permit. Alt 00 hoped to talk some sense into her--but Cheval's mind was not receptive.

Making matters worse, William's future corpmate Ginger Ale907 goaded her fellow rebels in local chat. There were impressionable miners listening!

As Cheval's Orca made moves toward beginning a solo mining op, our Agent gave her one last chance to get compliant.

...The miner refused. It was time to act.

In a surprise move, Alt 00 launched a bumping Machariel. The graceful ship bumped Cheval's Orca senseless.

The Orca was forced to make a humiliating retreat. Cheval's illegal mining ceased, but her mouth did not.

By all accounts, Cheval had been outmaneuvered. Any reasonable miner in her shoes would have at least considered purchasing a mining permit. Even so, she persisted in her rebellion.

Alt 00 could only conclude that the miner was emboldened by all of the anti-Code talk in local.

The only way to rescue the Nakugard system was to find a way to put down all of the Goblok-fueled nonsense. And with William Rageclaw's Kikimora still at large, Alt 00 was in for the fight of her life.

To be continued...



  2. DONT FORGET TO CLICKY THE "Notify me" at the bottom people

  3. and after the Kikimora I went and got my Praxis and came back and patiently Awaited my 80K alpha strike..

    (insert spongebob narrator 2 hours later)
    Sigh.. no alpha strike... ok i'm bored now k BYE!!!

  4. Breaking News!!!

    Molten Heath is being reported as unlicensed and non permit holding miners are mining!

    current Affected systems are as followed:
    by the Almur Coalition!!

    quick form up the fleets!! this is a defcon 1 alert all men to battle stations! man all Ganking vesicles!

    ( this has been a verified scouting operation and should be taken serious as I have proven I am a man of my word)

  5. aww no new comments? come on this story's going to get good I swear!!

  6. Good news, everyone! The illustrious and talented Alt 00 has yet again taken command of an entire system. The rebels are scattered, reduced to hurling crass insults from the safety of their tethers and pretending they didn't want to mine anyway. Will anyone be foolish enough to challenge her?

    1. are you going to do more spoilers than I did??

    2. Ah, but the fun of a James 315 post is not in the bare happenings so much as the wit and insight of the interpretation. As they say, the power of the story is in the telling. You're starting to feel the enthusiasm.

    3. like I said you know this place is starting to grow on me o/ that's not a problem is it? I mean better to have the Psychopath on your side than against correct?

  7. everyone has its own way to deal with an humiliating defeat

    1. Anon #?? i'm still trying to see where I was humiliated and at what point did I tuck my tail? I don't recall those events.

    2. Hahahahaha you humiliating yourself in the comments section since part 1 has me returning daily to watch the shardani transformation.

      Please check your weapon is safe zena. We kill miners not minors here in game.

    3. Read below there kingie I replied with my rebuttle

    4. See i have actually grown to like it here and even grown to liking some of the member..well most of the EXCEPT you there Kingie. See everything was all fine till the bodily harm comments. And well those pretty much sealed your coffin with me. I mean bantering online hey it can be engaging and some times enlightening. But when someone resides to throw in shit like you posted well ill just tell you there is nothing on the plane of existence that will change my mind about you. I mean seriously... Go through all my comments and you won't find a single comment committing me to perform bodily harm but you? Damn so far your 2/0 again do you need my psychiatrist number??

  8. How exactly have i been humiliating myself. I mean i haven't threatened anyone with bodily harm oh wait that was you that did my mistake karma.

  9. Wait part 6 is soon right? I mean exactly how many parters is Williams Rage going to have?


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