Wednesday, August 21, 2019

King for a Day, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec mining corp CEO Moetel Soikutsu was challenged to come up with ways of improving the Code. When she failed, she invited Agent Aiko Danuja to participate in a simulated permit sale. But even in Moetel's own scenario, the Code prevailed.

Moetel tried another old argument: ganking new players reduces the number of people willing to play EVE. But Aiko kept surprising her.

These days, a lot of people who don't live in nullsec claim that nullsec is safer than highsec. Surely, then, new players should go to null.
Moetel Soikutsu > Ohhh, suicide gank is elite pvp? Good to know...
Moetel Soikutsu > Seriously, your way of applying the code is wrong at the core.
Yashiro Yamamoto > if you are disagree with the code you can come inside and change the rules :)
Moetel Soikutsu > No, I don't want to be assimilated as a code member. No honour in it. Just lies as far as I have seen.
Moetel got herself twisted into knots--a common fate for miners who try to debate the Code.

Moetel's former corp member, Yashiro Yamamoto, proved that joining the New Order enabled him to learn EVE more quickly than ever.

Our Agents teach the lessons that a carebear CEO wouldn't dare. In fact, carebears only teach each other how to lose more and more expensive ships.

Moetel returned to her list of ideas on how to "improve" the Code. Two steps in, she tripped herself up again.

The truth is, anti-Code miners are full of contradictions. They want all the miners to be warned about the Code, but they also want to minimize the publicity that the Code gets.

In theory, the rebels should be telling everyone about the New Order. But they can't quite abandon the notion that if everyone ignored the Code, it would disappear.

Moetel excused herself from her obligations. She was too busy running a mining corp to spend any time helping miners.

For the anti-Code rebel, having a conversation with an Agent of the New Order can be a dangerous thing. The rebel learns that he is his own worst enemy.

Agent Aiko offered Moetel the chance to do something really useful for her miners. Alas, Moetel couldn't consider parting with any isk for anyone or anything.

Moetel's dream of "fixing" the Code was shattered into pieces as she was forced to confront her own failings. Carebears, take note. There's a reason why in all the history of EVE, there has never been another Saviour of Highsec--and there has never been another Code.


  1. Very insightful line of argument. It's tyrant mining CEOs like Moetel Soikutsu who profit on the backs of ignorant newbies and abuse their trust by keeping them in the dark.

    1. Well spoken my brother ��

    2. I will not be accused of being the brother of an anon.

    3. tyrants i agree..they should be put down..

  2. i have been attacked twice today even thoihave a permit and online and active ..i escaped..i am going to declare war if you dont sort your minions about hitting permit holders

  3. i know wardec desnt mean jot but i will pursue any outlaws and kill leason

  4. actually reading the are totally out of order..megalomania comes to mind..just like hitler..painters son gone mad with power..i declare code as wardec

  5. markee are a fancy yourself as a youtuber but pirate with code ....shame on you
    i wont be subscribing


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