Monday, August 5, 2019

Tora Tora Tora, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents Zaenis Desef and Aiko Danuja to the rescue! Yashiro Yamamoto had his first conversation with good EVE players when our Agents dropped by to teach him about Code compliance. Yashiro eventually purchased a mining permit. But there was still a danger, one that stalked Yashiro like a wolf: The danger that Yashiro only cared about getting his Hulk reimbursed.
Aiko Danuja > code protects HS every day
Aiko Danuja > that is something to take pride in
Yashiro Yamamoto > hum if some guy in your ally give me a money back yeah im very pride x)
Aiko Danuja > excellent
Aiko Danuja > i will review your srp request and respond tommorrow
The moment of truth would soon arrive.
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok when tommorrow ?
Aiko Danuja > we have a 24 hour response time
Aiko Danuja > i will try to expedite it
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok fine good
Yashiro Yamamoto > very good
The miner expressed undue anxiety about the outcome of his reimbursement application. If only he showed such concern about the plight of the unlicensed miners.
Yashiro Yamamoto > well
Yashiro Yamamoto > now my soul is in peace but i have nothing i think im going sleep
Aiko Danuja > bless your soul friend
Yashiro Yamamoto > i think is good x)
Yashiro Yamamoto > thx too
Yashiro Yamamoto > i leave good game
Yashiro took a few tentative steps toward compliance when he offered up a "gg" to his superiors. Would the positive change last?

The next day, Agent Aiko reviewed Yashiro's reimbursement request. She liked Aiko, and she yearned to give him some isk. Yet she was an Agent of the New Order, and she could show no partiality to her new friend. Her decision would be made on the facts and on the Code.

Alas, she had no choice but to reject the application. With a heavy heart.

Some rebels and skeptics scoff at our Agents. "Of course she refused to reimburse him," they would say. "Your Agents never give miners any money." However, Aiko's rejection letter was filled with solid reasoning and damning evidence. The outcome was undeniably the right one. Even a harebrained Anti-Ganker (are there still any Anti-Gankers out there?) would have to agree.

Everything had been done strictly by the book. Now Yashiro's heart would be put to the test. Was he still willing to obey the Code, even if he didn't get his Hulk reimbursed? Upon receiving the EVEmail, Yashiro immediately requested a convo with Aiko.

Yashiro was disappointed; he was unsure of how he could continue in his current profession. Our Agent urged the miner to change careers and kill miners instead.

Yashiro wasn't interested in ganking. He simply desired to go back to mining. However, that wasn't what Aiko wanted for him. And it is the responsibility of our Agents to lead the people of highsec.

Yashiro couldn't imagine spending his days shooting at other EVE players. So our Agent had to help him imagine it.

Eventually, Aiko prevailed. The miner reluctantly agreed to give ganking a shot--so to speak.

Over the next few hours, Yashiro's personal killboard began to fill with miner kills and Catalyst lossmails.

Consuming the blood and tears of highsec miners has a rejuvenating effect; there's hardly an ill it can't cure. Yashiro was transformed.

Inevitably, Yashiro joined the mighty CODE. alliance. For the joy of the Code is far more valuable than any amount of isk.


  1. First time I've seen a Frenchman run towards battle.......

    1. Ummmm what do you mean? They always run towards to battle... only to turn 180 degrees afterwards.

      See their corporation killboard yourself, those several "dead" Ventures spoke for itself

    2. It is indeed rare to see a CODE. member mining, but they don't forbid it. Every agent does carry the required permit. Probably the only crime here is the bad fitting. I wouldn't call that a petty crime, since they all profess to live by the letter of their own offense is as bad as any other. Maybe we will see a Part 6: The Re-Education of Novus Ordo Neo Lux Templar?

    3. N.O.D.D

      No bitches

      No fatties

      No miners

      No carebears

      End of story.

  2. Agent Yashiro went on to fight alongside us during the Triglavian invasion of Uedama. It has been most interesting to read how he has elevated himself from his lowly existence as a highsec miner, to the enviable and prestigious title of Agent of The New Order.

  3. Aiko does like Aiko...

  4. The PvP is how EVE attracted a cult following. Not many games let you shoot anybody anywhere for any reason and have the courage to tell the quarry to go pound sand when he comes crying for reimbursement. Carebears make up all sorts of nonsensical excuses (pacifism, "training", ISK, enjoying the scenery) because they're too intimidated to try it. But all those excuses vanish once they experience it firsthand and been valiant.

  5. Aw man, what an awesome story. I love it when miners are able to pull themselves out of the mire & drudgery that is there EvE existence and discover revelation of playing the game with the Code and James 315 in their hearts. \o/

  6. this is beautiful :')

  7. Will MinerBumping ever report these shame lol?
    They're from the corporation Yashiro Yamamoto created and joined the "mighty" CODE. alliance

    1. Is the shame greater than crying here, too afraid to sign your in-game name? I'll bet the highsec milia blog nobody reads would love to feature those kills.

    2. Those are mining ships. Used by miners. To mine. What was the issue again?

    3. He offered his left over mining stuff to code.
      No shame in leaving your old life behind.

  8. Haha, I called it!

    Still a surprising end, and a good read as always. Praise James! \o/

  9. the princess Aiko recruited fresh blood, a new and young agent, the future of CODE.
    just like she recruited me once, her highness has a flair to find the best ones out there.
    very good job my princess.


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