Saturday, August 17, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #190

Here's hoping they recently added a new in-game "poison" item. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

The New Order is the only organization in EVE that can create a civilization out of the mess that is highsec. Civilization--and civility.

Foul-mouthed miner Herp n'Derp made a Goofus of himself in local and was the recipient of a speedy serving of karma. But now he hated the mighty CODE. alliance.

The next day, Herp attempted to spread his hate...

...But he received a second helping of karma instead.

You've heard the saying, "Never judge a book by its cover." Does this apply to EVEmails sent by highsec miners?

...No. Judge away. The sooner the better, actually.

Two lessons about highsec miners. Number one: they lie.

Number two: they lie badly.

Sargut Kowalski wasted his time and money by coming up with an original--if crude--way to express his refusal to buy a permit. Miners, it's much easier and more affordable to quietly buy a permit at the price of 10 million isk.

These days, it's almost a relief when you gank someone and they do something other than give you a speech about how they're a new player and you're ruining the game.

Also: Always useful.

Is EVE getting a huge influx of new players? Not at all. Just an influx of old players calling themselves "new" for some reason.

It may not be great for PCU, but on the plus side, even someone who plays for a few minutes before rage-quitting counts as an "active user".


  1. lol "learning all the buttons again"

    1. Playing EVE is like riding a bicycle. You get a permit or you get rekt.

    2. I'm not so sure if the bicycle argument makes sense, then again i'm supposedly a "salty bot-aspirant Goofus/Goblok miner who is too cowardly to not use my IGN", so i expect i'll get an ad hominem attack without getting to know why.

    3. Whoa, calm your tits, self-proclaimed goblok. I was also laughing at the same thing you were and I commented on it. The phrase is referring to returning "new" players and how they still need permits and how funny it is to have to "relearn the buttons".

      Who hurt you?

    4. An anon who says "I" makes a null reference. Of course rebels are scared to be known for their seditious views, but Anon505 seems to enjoy the blog and want to participate.

  2. If he was a new player he wouldn't have been flying anything worth crying about. As for the old returning carebear, he was merely reminded why he quit the first time around.

    What's PCU?

    1. Passenger Car Unit (PCU) is a metric used in transportation engineering to assess traffic-flow on a highway... or in software engineering, as a measurement of user activity, "Peak Concurrent Users".

    2. Thank you for gracing a lowly egghead with a prompt and helpful response, Highness.

  3. I assume PCU is the initials of the company that bought CCP.


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