Friday, August 2, 2019

Tora Tora Tora, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... After Yashiro Yamamoto got his Hulk ganked, Agent Zaenis Desef informed the miner that he needed to purchase a mining permit. Alas, Yashiro claimed that he didn't have enough money to buy one unless he was reimbursed for his loss. Aiko Danuja was summoned to the scene.
Yashiro Yamamoto > but i can not refound my ship
Yashiro Yamamoto > ?
Aiko Danuja > I asked you to please email me a full summary of the incident.
Yashiro Yamamoto > hum
Yashiro Yamamoto > you know all of incident
Aiko Danuja > No sir, I am on the other side of the galaxy.
Yashiro Yamamoto > hum
The wheels of justice turned too slowly for Yashiro's liking. The miner was eager to get his hands on reimbursement isk.
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok sure i send you a mail no prob
Aiko Danuja > Also make sure to send 10 million isk and I will promptly send your permit.
Yashiro Yamamoto > is fine for that just i want refound my ship after is possible if i pay ?
Aiko Danuja > Of course.
In a sudden about-face, Yashiro suggested that he would buy a permit after all, as long as his reimbursement claim would be heard afterward. What happened to not having enough isk for a permit?
Yashiro Yamamoto > my friend give me some money
Yashiro Yamamoto > i give Aiko Danuja to you ?
Aiko Danuja > yes sir
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok ok
Yashiro Yamamoto > good for you ?
Aiko Danuja > Excellent, I will send your permit shortly.
It turned out that Yashiro had a true friend--one willing to fund the purchase of his first permit. Maybe Yashiro's CEO had a change of heart. Or maybe Yashiro had the money all along.
Aiko Danuja > Zaenis I will need to speak to you about this as well later, we cannot have illegal attacks.
Zaenis Desef > ok
Yashiro Yamamoto > I need to talk to whom if i want refound about my ship or anything else ?
Aiko Danuja > Yashiro Yamamoto How would you rate your service today on a scale of 5 to 10?
Yashiro Yamamoto > realy x) ?
Wherever he got the money, Yashiro was now the owner of a mining permit. There were only a few more hoops to jump through before his reimbursement claim could be processed.
Aiko Danuja > We use a 5-10 scale.
Yashiro Yamamoto > if you refound me i give you 10 stars x)
Aiko Danuja > Well, where are we at now?
Yashiro Yamamoto > i just send you mail about accident
Aiko Danuja > i am in combat, please hold
Despite being extraordinarily efficient, our Agents do not always take action instantaneously--or so it appears from the outside. You see, our Agents are fond of multitasking. Agent Aiko was enforcing the Code even while handling the Yashiro matter.
Aiko Danuja > sir i have sent your new permit!
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok ok i see
Aiko Danuja > congratulations and welcome to high sec!
Aiko Danuja > \o/
Zaenis Desef > Yashiro Yamamoto YAY
Aiko Danuja > please place your permit in your profile
Zaenis Desef > Welcome to your future of CODE Compliance!
Yashiro owned a permit, but his moment of truth was yet to come. Would he embrace the New Order family, or would he slide back into his old life of bot-aspirancy?
Aiko Danuja > im so proud of you
Yashiro Yamamoto > yeah good for me x)
Aiko Danuja > so, on a scale of 5-10, how good do you feel?
Yashiro Yamamoto > right now ?
Yashiro Yamamoto > not very good because i loos my ship
Aiko Danuja > so a 7?
In order to determine the likelihood that Yashiro would get his permit revoked in the near future, Aiko sought to gauge the miner's attitude.
Yashiro Yamamoto > why 7 go for 8
Aiko Danuja > ok 8/10
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok ok fine 8
Aiko Danuja > thats good
Yashiro Yamamoto > just i have question ?
Aiko Danuja > ok i will review your email shortly, but first i must deal with an illegal mining invasion in thera
...All while enforcing the Code elsewhere, of course.
Aiko Danuja > praise james!
Aiko Danuja > \o/
Zaenis Desef > Praise James!
Yashiro Yamamoto > praise james yeah x)
Aiko Danuja > yay
Next, our Agent tested the miner by name-dropping the Saviour of Highsec. So far, so good.
Aiko Danuja > do y ou have any questions about life in james space?
Yashiro Yamamoto > no i watching all of the CODE right now
Aiko Danuja > you may wish to review our award winning website
Aiko Danuja >
Aiko Danuja > it won best EVE blog several years in a row
Yashiro Yamamoto > oh ok
Yashiro had multiple opportunities to balk, but as of yet he had not. Nevertheless, maybe Yashiro was merely pretending to be Code-compliant until his reimbursement claim was ruled upon.
Aiko Danuja > how are you enjoying PRAMS Industries?
Yashiro Yamamoto > yeah is good french corpo
Aiko Danuja > based on your experiences today, what would you say are the three best parts of the interaction, and the worst part of the interaction?
Yashiro Yamamoto > you speak after
Yashiro Yamamoto > but you don't speak first
It was entirely possible that Yashiro intended to play the role of the perfect miner so as to maximize his chances of getting reimbursement isk. Afterward, he might revert to his former self.
Aiko Danuja > what about the good parts? lets be positive
Yashiro Yamamoto > after you speak is good part
Yashiro Yamamoto > because you speak
Aiko Danuja > you like talking to me
Aiko Danuja > so thats a good thing
Aiko Danuja > what else?
Yashiro Yamamoto > idk
Agent Aiko probed the miner for additional signs that his heart was still focused on isk instead of the Code.
Aiko Danuja > what is your favourite thing about james?
Yashiro Yamamoto > create the CODE for protect HS
Yashiro Yamamoto > im just going smock because i loos my ship brb x)
Aiko Danuja > code protects HS every day
Aiko Danuja > that is something to take pride in
Yashiro Yamamoto > hum if some guy in your ally give me a money back yeah im very pride x)
Aiko detected some imperfections in Yashiro's attitude. However, the final outcome was yet to be determined. Only time would tell.

To be continued...


  1. Oh, wow! I'm completely convinced! That miner embraced The Code to the depths of his hearth! And it happened so quickly! I bow to the expertise of Princess Aiko and her probing for cracks on compliance, but there will be none! We have witnessed the ultimate power of The Code, turning miners into better people!

  2. I am predicting this will end in tears.

    Miner tears.


  3. Aiko seduces the miners.

    1. not only miners, she seduces everyone, takes all their ISK, leaves them behind and abandons them. thats why she is such a good agent.

  4. More shit from the asshole of the internet.

  5. Let's have that miner give the Code a good reading and see if he can find any familiar violations that could exclude reimbursement.

  6. I don't believe that this miner fully embraced the Code. I found out about CODE before I started my mining career, bought a permit and I never got any problems. And to be honest: We miners will never be able to fully embrace the Code because we can only follow it Guidelines but you, you agents, you truly serve the Code.

  7. Carebears cry about evil code griefers, but this miner got ganked and still gave CODE an 8/10 star rating for professional courteous customer service.


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