Friday, September 20, 2019

A Most Educational Channel, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Code rebel Zacharen Andromalis accidentally invited Agent Lewak to his "Mining Tutorial" channel. Zacharen was trying to use the channel to teach miners not to buy permits, but Lewak learned that the rebel was growing disillusioned with the effort.

While Lewak was speaking with Zacharen, the rebel invited Sharkbite to join the channel.

Sharkbite had just been ganked while in a covert ops frigate. Apparently Zacharen was using the mighty CODE. alliance's killboard to find people to invite to the channel.

Agent Aaaarrgg was the ganker responsible for the Buzzard kill. Aaaarrgg quickly followed up the attack by popping Sharkbite's 253 million isk pod, too.

Realizing what was happening, Lewak decided to intervene by arranging for Aaaarrgg to join the conversation. It was a public channel, after all.

Our Agents soon came to dominate the conversation. The "Mining Tutorial" channel was being repurposed for a worthier cause.

Zacharen tried to regain control by interjecting some comments about how mining permit isk supports ganking. But he didn't exactly make it clear that funding Catalysts was a bad thing.

Sharkbite had been ganked only moments before, yet he couldn't help being drawn in by the Agents' magnetic charisma.

Zacharen was speechless. Clearly, the Agents of the New Order knew something about leadership that he did not.

Our Agents also know something about the Code...

...Namely, that the CODE always wins. Always!

Sharkbite was ganked by Aaaarrgg and invited to join a channel designed for the purpose of discouraging people from buying permits. Once there, he was persuaded to buy a permit from Aaaarrgg. That's karma in action.

And as for Zacharen?

Inspired by the example of our Agents, he expanded his EVE activities.

When good people do good things, good things happen. And why not? Highsec is worth saving, after all.


  1. Another great victory for the Old Guard!

    1. agent lewak ist part of the old guard, hes a honorable non ISK-follower.

    2. Overmind, are you pretending to be an agent again?


  2. Those Agents are a rare breed. High sec could use more citizens like them!

    The CODE always wins! Always!

  3. Occasionally a miner will have a moment of clarity in which he experiences the epiphany that if all miners were united then the New Order would have no power. He is aware that the anti-gankers are completely ineffective. So he tries to rouse his peers from their bot-aspirant slumber with impassioned words.

    Few respond at all, and fewer are interested in anything resembling effort, and none of them are capable of offering ideas or even following instructions. The first intelligent capsuleer he stumbles across is inevitably one of our own Agents. And not only is our Agent intelligent, but charismatic and insightful, with a real understanding of the problem and a proven workable solution.

    So the miner says to himself, perhaps those Code enforcers are on to something! I am diminishing myself by continuing to associate myself with those other miners. They're hardly even human. I can do better! I am better! And another capsuleer is saved.


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