Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Over One Trillion Eight Hundred Seventy-Seven Billion in Shares Sold

EVE generally--and highsec specifically--is filled with bad EVE players. There are also a small number of good EVE players, like our Agents. So how does a bad EVE player become a good EVE player?

...Buying shares in the New Order is a good start.

Korgoth of-Barbaria earned some serious EVE cred this week when he purchased 1,155 shares, taking us past the 1,876 billion isk mark and earning him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. He already owned a handful of shares, but joining the billionaire's club took him to the next level.

keepiru played it a bit safer, purchasing just 100 shares. But his timing was superb; he earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ by bringing us to the 1,877 billion isk mark.


Agent Aiko Danuja saw this on the forums but doesn't know who created it:

If you'd like to claim this piece of artwork, please step forward. In the meantime, enjoy some random reactions of people who got ganked by Aiko and her friends:

Carebears get tilted while tilting at windmills. Fitting.


  1. Get tilted, goblokbears!

  2. Soon to be two trillion in shares sold, to support the lawful authority in high sec.

    Carebears and ag don't stand a chance...

  3. Hey so, how come you guys don't open half a dizen threads about yourselves on the r/eve subreddit?

    I mean, you do it on the EvE-O forums. Speaking of which, you're behind on resurrecting a few of your rotating threads. Have one of your agents log in and respond to a message typed a few weeks ago, or use one of your "angry sperg miner" characters to get the convo going again.

    Respond by calling me a chodeanon miner, and try to focus on not answering the question as asked.

    1. Copypasta sperg, now that's one lazy shitter.

      Who gives a fuc about reddit beta bois?

    2. We give the orders around here miner. You need to learn your place in the comments section.

      Nobody listens to a miner in game or in the comments section.

      A miner should be seen but not heard.

    3. All hail CODE. Kings of Hi-Sec but masters of nothing. Rotten to the core, only in it for the ISK. All else is a lie.

    4. No-one is going to answer your question miner, if you won't even take the time to spell it correctly.

      Whilst we appreciate that miners do struggle with basic reading and writing skills, miners should know that there are tools out there which they can utilise to improve their communication skills. For instance, you may use a spell checker, a dictionary, or even ask a (non-miner) friend to proofread for you, prior to posting.

    5. And secondly, 'Anonymous 1:03 PM' - as your superior, I instruct you to immediately calm down.

    6. I have forwarded your question to our marketing department. Thank your for comments and concerns regarding our miner outreach initiatives.


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