Monday, September 16, 2019

EVE Will Disband Before We Do

The year was 2014.

William Galbraith had a problem. Multiple problems, actually--and they all stemmed from his refusal to obey the Code. As a direct consequence, he kept losing ships like this Caracal.

Time and time again, the mighty CODE. alliance brought William Galbraith to justice. But he refused to see reason.

Instead, he went to sleep. As the years passed by, he occasionally dipped his toes into EVE, but only for a moment. Then he would sleep again.

In 2019, the miner returned to EVE, where he indulged his nostalgia in a supremely fail-fit Retriever. Guess who was waiting for him? 'Twas CODE.

Agent Aiko Danuja learned of the destruction of William's Retriever when she and a few friends destroyed William's Retriever. She decided to investigate. As a witness, she was pretty sure what had happened, but she wanted to hear from the miner.

Agents Aiko and Alleil Pollard didn't know William's history. Nor did they care. What mattered was William's present--and the threat he posed to the integrity of highsec.

What was this miner's deal? So far, his motives were shrouded in mystery. But it was only a matter of time before he confessed.

...And there it was.

Like so many other miners before him, William had assumed that the Code was a passing fad, a mere blip on the radar. From the very beginning, plenty of CODE.'s enemies have shared in this delusion. But no matter how long they stay away from EVE--no many years they sit out, waiting for us to leave--they always return to a highsec ruled by the New Order.

Our Agents could've gloated; they'd certainly earned the right. Instead they chose to help the lost miner find his way. With their compassionate assistance, perhaps he could become a productive citizen in highsec and/or real life.

Alas, William wasn't interested. In fact, he was probably already plotting to quit for another five years and wait for CODE. to die.

Five years or five hundred, the Code never dies. It only grows stronger and more powerful. Always!

The same can't be said for cargo-expanded Retrievers, though.


  1. This only proof how much CHODE. is irrelevant to the major denizens of EO, Jamey sure conveniently even left out all the drama his CHODE. slaves been having lately over each other.

    1. welcome back friend, i see you've finally recovered

    2. CHODEanon is back! This place just wasn't the same without his constant whining.

    3. I had literally thought the collar and leesh got wrapped around a stump under the house and he choked.

      welcome back shitter.

    4. it usually takes him a few months to pull it together after we gank him (again)

  2. and yet here you are posting on an 'irrelevant' (your word) website.... so 'irrelevant' you have to take the time and energy to tell the thousands who come here and read the site how 'irrelevant' it is … thanks for the heads up o/

  3. That's like saying the police are irrelevant, because crackheads are smoking crack behind a warehouse downtown. We can't force them to stop, we can only offer to help and wonder when they will finally hit rock bottom and quit altogether.

  4. Wow, a miner that is actually employed in rl.

    He must be a console operator at a quicky mart. Get rekt and come again.

    James315onehundredyears DOT COM!!

    The Code is Forever.

    'Til the servers shut down! Woo!

    -Galaxy Pig

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