Wednesday, September 11, 2019

No Salvation, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... When highsec mining corp xxXSalvationXxx spammed everyone in sight with recruitment EVEmails, other industrialists grew annoyed and threatened to report them to the mighty CODE. alliance.

News of trouble in the Esteban system reached the ears of Agent Koizumi Taira of 44th Recon Unit. She decided to check up on the reports by performing a bumping patrol in the system.

Koizumi confirmed that there was indeed a nest of bot-aspirants in Esteban. It took the miners quite some time to respond in any way to being bumped out of range. They were obviously accustomed to being AFK.

Our Agent provided the warning that most miners complain they never get. But instead of buying a permit--as post-gank miners always claim they would've--the miners remained defiant.

Red Cerex spoke for the rebellious miners. Apparently he was their leader.

Red Cerex was a recruitment officer for xxXSalvationXxx. He encouraged his fellow miners to resist the Code, claiming that he could drive CODE. from Esteban and keep the system safe for AFK mining.

The rebel leader accidentally condemned himself and the rest of highsec minerdom by admitting that everyone in highsec--even brand-new players--are aware of the Code. Oops!

Agent Koizumi was surprised by the intensity of Red Cerex's anger. Had he been bumped before--or was xxXSalvationXxx simply that much of a negative influence?

Judging from what little Koizumi had seen from the corp thus far, xxXSalvationXxx was as bad as the rumors suggested.

Another miner awoke from her slumber: Kasakabe Anzomi, who would later attempt to use space lawyering against Agent Minx Mattel in the Phantom Menace series.

Our Agent tested the miners by reporting what she'd heard: xxXSalvationXxx taxes and exploits new players. Would this charge touch a nerve with "recruitment officer" Red Cerex?

The rebel leader grew more agitated. Something was definitely amiss.

The bumps were taking their toll. Budding space lawyer Kasakabe gave up mining for the day.

Agent Koizumi's bumping patrol had yielded valuable information about xxXSalvationXxx. Yet there was still the possibility that Red Cerex was a rogue element; maybe the bot-aspirants Koizumi had seen were merely an aberration. Further investigation was needed.

To be continued...


  1. Cue the "never forget Shardani" meme

  2. Miners are so intolerant. Our playstyle in the sandbox is to claim part of it and impose our will on all who dare enter. Just like every other sov-holding alliance or de facto sov-holding entity. I don't see why that's so hard to understand. We couldn't be more open about it.

    1. I agree. The miners really need to respect our way of playing the game. We choose to hold sovereignty over Hisec and we have specific laws. We are all about respecting others and allowing everyone to play EVE however they want as long as they follow the Code in Hisec.

    2. But you don't hold sovereignty over Hisec. Never have, never will. At best you have successfully role played being a bunch of humorless religious jerks who run a half baked protection racket. Simply put you don't have the muscle to back the big talk.

    3. Oh, but they do, Anon 8:44. Which is why you're here crying on their blog.

      Show us your lossmail.

    4. Anon 8:44 here. So far I've had one pod killed 10 months ago by a CODE agent. The agent was so fucking lazy they didn't even bother to try to hit me up for a mining permit. CODE is all talk.

  3. never.
    forget shardani

  4. out of curiosity , as a code admirer and supporter : with all the stupid changes ccp likes to do lately, what if one day they'll make hisec - or some relevant parts of it, really "secure "? aka instant concord response.I wouldn't be much surprised seeing the latest policies on change, and chaos. I wonder what would be the Saviour move at that point, tactically speaking: Surely he would keep entertaining us on the best blog on eve online, due to his endless literal proficiency.Praise to him for getting everyday an interesting topic, even tho sometime feels the same story but with different toons involved. Sorry for my bad english:)

    1. Has anybody noticed this latest twist of the dials?

      "Ships that bump while attempting to enter warp will now automatically enter warp if they remain in the pre-warp state for three minutes continuously." —10.Sept.2019 Patch Notes

  5. It's weird how after 15 years miners still think CCP wants to make an instant CONCORD response and prevent ganking. If only their programmers could figure out how to do it?

    1. hey,thanks god i'm not a miner, if you read again my statement was that: with all the weird/unexpected/wrong changes and updates ccp is doing, how would code response to an eventuality like that, which sadly, doesn't seems so impossible nowadays , under PA, and their needing to get back all the players inactive since july. Thank you

  6. Kailyn " ag moderator" shardani.

    Now there was an elite minor ganker.


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