Saturday, September 14, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #192

A guy sends his daughter to day care so he can spend all day mining in highsec? And this is the one time he went AFK without docking? Something about this story doesn't add up. But there's no more time to analyze this particular miner--we've got to get to the rest of this edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

The things miners confess to their gankers.

Agent Kaderu Narada was stunned to discover that highsec miners these days are openly engaged in account sharing...

Then again, maybe rules become more flexible as the number of active subscribers goes down?

The bad news: No one needs to buy kill rights on -10 security status gankers.
The good news: Anti-Code carebears may not know this, so they may buy them anyway.
The bad news: Anti-Code carebears are too lazy to fight back, so they won't buy them either way.

Tor Johnson Maulerant. Why does that name sound familiar?

...Oh yeah, he was one of the xxXSalvationXxx miners who got ganked. I guess he's still working on those "new tricks" of his.

Agent Lewak didn't want Kaspars Sentinels to hire CONCORD mercenaries, so he reached out to the miner...

Lewak felt that he'd done the miner a favor by encouraging him to seek a more rewarding career. Didn't Kaspars have any ambition?

Kaspars wanted to be a pilot; Lewak wanted him to be a pirate. Wait, wasn't this the plot of The Pirates of Penzance?

Yiad daldiy's first question: "How does this long tail rubber do not be beaten by NPC?" Agent Aaaarrgg answered it, only to be accused of running an "automatic script".

In fact, there's not a bot built that can do what we do. A shame the same can't be said for all you miners out there.

Friend, go your way--and obey the Code forevermore.


  1. oh no my kid is having an emergency oh no you stupid kid i lost my venture look what you did!!!!!!

  2. Another miner sent to justice...

  3. And in the Pirates of Penzance, all the pirates were revealed to be great noblemen of the realm - just like New Order agents!

  4. Lawrence

    140,000,000 shares purchased.


    1. Expiry updated to today's date, next year. Congratulations!

  5. Overmind

    Permits purchased from a senior Agent hold greater prestige. It's rather like owning a British passport, as opposed to a North Korean passport.

    1. once again i was rejected by the old guard of CODE.

    2. Miner, please stop pretending to be a new order knight.

      You are a pleb.

      Click your leash back on your collar,get back in your skiff and stfu.

  6. I can't believe the Chinese guy accused our Agent of botting. How the guilty do project.

    1. Professor, this is 2019. They prefer the term "Democracy Impaired".

    2. Well it's hard to argue that the bureaucracy and vacillations of a democracy beat the streamlined statecraft of a benevolent dictator, as long as he stays benevolent. Praise James!

  7. this is why hospital ERs need to offer free tritanium so that miners are willing to take their kids to the doctor


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