Saturday, September 28, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #193

What a happy, tear-free miner. It must mean we're due for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Unlicensed miner Debbie Mclachlan claims gankers have sent EVE into a death spiral. I thought everyone was blaming WoW Classic?

Anti-Code resistance movements are like soap bubbles. They tend to disappear after a few seconds.

Miyamoto SanKawa made an especially poor case for reimbursement of his lost ship...

...But at least it was a memorable one.

More evidence of the criminality of the bot-aspirants: Our Agents shouldn't have to ask for permit money.

We don't yet have a Japanese translation of the Code, but it looks like Japanese miners are still able to find the Phantom Provision somewhere.

Sometimes anti-Code carebears, when protected by anonymity on Reddit or in the comments, claim that they've been mining for years without ever seeing a member of the mighty CODE. alliance...

...The truth is that anyone without a permit is likely to be ganked early and often.

If you don't feel like using Google Translate, a friendly nudge is usually enough to help a miner speak your language. After all, an Agent of the New Order always holds all the cards.

...But that's only the first step.

Agent Aiko Danuja's remark: "I am a princess, you must obey me, my word is law." Such a proclamation is enough to hold the attention of even the most disengaged miners.

Miners pretend to care about CCP's subscription revenues, but the truth is that carebears are a vindictive breed. They have no concern for CCP's financial state at all. Why, they'd rather watch Iceland sink into the ocean than pay a ganker 10 million isk! Heartless creatures.


  1. Aiko, sweetheart, you made my day :D

  2. New players do not normally concern themselves with the financial state of the game developer. We can only conclude that these 'new' players are in fact 'old' players who continue to haunt the highsec mining fields. Perhaps the real reason new players quit is because they realize they can't compete with orca bots.

    1. CCPlease don't seem to care either. It's a shame that high sec orca bots are even a thing. They are a pretty big part of the market problems.

      And think of the newbros, how are they expected to prosper when cowards fill high sec all day with ore vacuums?

    2. Player retention would increase if new players started with a free Catalyst and the requisite gank skills.

    3. CODE really are the cumbest dunts the game has ever seen. How many years have you been doing the same shit with no change in player behavior? If you truly cared about player retention you might try something different. You won't of course because the CODE is nothing but a justification for your ganking and isk making.

    4. Try to calm down, miner. Show us on the doll where the catalyst touched you.

    5. Ganking and isk making - sounds like the CODE is doing well!

    6. Triggering shitters since 2012.

      And still undefeated.

    7. i will construct an old agents home for you and the old guard, you are a follower of. you will not be forgotten.

  3. Ahhhh orca bots, back when i shut down mining ice in Dantan for 2 weeks, the solution was a navy omen.

    You just bump them.

    The single bump record of 56 km is up for grabs. Admittedly, that hit was from a machariel, but the omen is good for making those skiffs lick the ice.

    It is great fun playing ten skiff bowling in James 315 territory.


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