Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Tour Guide

The anti-Code crowd accuses the New Order of being a bunch of bullies and griefers. They say we "harass" miners into buying permits. All of these claims are false. As a matter of fact...

...Much of the time, the miners come to us. For various reasons, they seek us out, eager to learn about how to buy a permit. Why, you ask?

In this case, the source of the miner's motivation was being ganked by Agent Hillbilly-2000.

Shiki Akata lost his mining ship. He didn't want to repeat the experience, so he went to Agent Aiko Danuja. She immediately put aside whatever amazing thing she was doing at the time--all to help Shiki. What a gal.

Shiki was clearly in need of information about EVE. No one had ever bothered to provide it to him. And, to be fair, he wasn't particularly interested in it until someone shot him.

The miner revealed that he--like pretty much everyone else in EVE--was aware of the Code. But he had deep, deep concerns about the Code's effect on new players.

Agent Aiko was ready to answer Shiki's questions. Always.

The reality is that our Agents are the #1 way that new players learn about EVE. We even supply them with access to an EVE Online New Player Guide. For free.

Our Agent poured time and energy into helping Shiki. Yet there were signs that this miner might disappoint her.

Shiki, it seems, was not ambitious enough to become a highsec miner.

Try as she might, Aiko was not able to retain his subscription. But at least her conscience was clear. Aiko is not a scammer. She wasn't going to lie to Shiki about EVE just to get him to continue paying subscription fees to CCP. That would probably be against the rules, anyway.

As you've probably guessed, Shiki wasn't the newbie that he'd implied he was. Shiki drifted aimlessly around EVE for a year and a half before Agents Hillbilly-2000 and Aiko found him and taught him the game. They were willing to help, even though Shiki couldn't honestly call himself a new player.

Heroic? You bet. And the members of the mighty CODE. alliance do this every single day.

So the real question is, where's our Community Spotlight?

After all, SOMER Blink got one. And our organization has suffered fewer permabans than his.


  1. Another miner was saved! \o/

  2. Ahhh, Somer Blink.

    Back when CCP was perfectly fine with gambling and lottery's in EVE.

    1. Nothing wrong with it.

      It's once again those compulsive miners who have no self discipline or restraint who put all their isk on black then cry they can't feed their minors.

      Kalynn shardani played.

    2. I did make some decent ISKies off the EVE poker sites.


  3. Thank goodness somebody saved that vagrant from his rudderless drifting. It's a wretched specimen indeed who still acts new after a year and a half.

  4. I've been wondering about the Community Spotlights and why James 315 doesn't have one yet. Perhaps CCP is afraid that the carebear tears would crash the forums.

  5. So Jamey is still bitter that his CHODE. is so irrelevant, CCP never recognized it. Jamey's so running out of content, he resort to ranting of wanting attention

    1. Since 2012.

      You have been crying ever since. Get some gatorade to replace those electrolytes miner.

    2. Cry more, pedobear.

      Be seeing you.

  6. Hey so I I was wondering, how come you guys open half a dozen threads and cycle through them on a rotating basis so they don't auto-lock at three months and pretend to be arguing with "miners" on the EvE-O forums, but you never try it with r/Eve?

    Is it because they'd ban your butts?

    Just curious.
    And make sure you call me a miner, and reference a collar/leash.

    1. You -do- smell of veldspar. You -must- be aware. You probably can't smell it, but I'm sure your close friends and relatives notify you from time to time.

      That's a stench you can cover, but it will never fully go away.

    2. Reddit is for plebs and autists.

    3. Reddit?
      That place is still around?


  7. I see CHODEanon is still a triggered shitter. Maybe he and apachreee can combine their I.Q.'s and hit triple digits?

    Missed it by thaaaat much, huh?

    1. *munches popcorn*

      Say what, pedophile?
      Oh, right, so much of a chickenshit coward and kiddie porn viewer you are afraid to post with even an EVE game name.
      Guess that means you don't count, NPC.

      4chan says hi, BTW.

      Be seeing you.
      Or someone will, anyway.


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