Friday, September 6, 2019

Phantom Menace, Part 1

Teaching a highsec miner to become Code-compliant is a process. A long process, sometimes.

Not too long after joining EVE, Kasakabe Anzomi was ganked by Agent Ender Shardani. Judging by her fit, she needed a lot of teaching and instruction. Kasakabe joined a corporation, but her corpmates obviously didn't provide any of that.

Two months later, Kasakabe was ganked again. In all that time, she'd barely evolved. If anything, she was even more vulnerable to ganks.

It was time for Agent Minx Mattel to step in. As much as she enjoyed ganking Kasakabe, our Agent knew she'd get even more enjoyment from teaching the miner to obey the Code. Still, though--why hadn't Kasakabe learned anything yet? Something was missing.

Kasakabe belonged to an innocent-sounding corp called xxXSalvationXxx. Remember that name for later, readers.

Agent Minx sent the miner the famous "casualty in the War for High Sec" EVEmail originally written by Agent Lewak. It is a time-tested icebreaker.

When the miner returned to her keyboard, she fired off the kind of reply that one might expect from a space lawyer. Rather than handing over the required 10 million isk, she sought to put Minx on the defensive.

Before we continue, I would like to address this "PK" business, as it is a term used frequently by Kasakabe. It refers to "Player Killing", i.e. PvP. You may have encountered the term before; some of our Agents are members of the PKing Since Pong alliance, for example.

Agent Minx was all business. Code enforcers do not allow themselves to be pushed around by space lawyers or anyone else.

In theory, all of Kasakabe's talk about PK'ing should've been a good thing. After all, it was a tacit admission that our Agent was engaged in PvP--something most bot-aspirant miners refuse to acknowledge. But this particular miner seemed to think that PK'ing was a bad thing. She spat it out like a pejorative.

In response to Kasakabe's nonsense, Minx did a little ghost-busting: She zapped the Phantom Provision and called it out for what it was.

Now there was nowhere left for the miner to hide... Right?

But this space lawyer had no intention of giving up the ghost--or her 10 million isk.

To be continued...


  1. So the questions aren't optional, but the reprieve is...

  2. Praise James!

    Pong was a really old game.... for those younglings that do not know.

  3. Look buzz... Space lawyers... Space lawyers everywhere *waves hand*

    1. Makes me wonder if agent Greer have listened to the proceedings of The Space Court yet.

  4. An Agent's Duties Under the Code, Part 1
    An Agent's Duties Under the Code, Part 2

    "Carebears think our Agents should be held to a higher standard—by a set of rules that they say should be ignored."

    "The New Order of Highsec focuses on saving highsec. That's it."


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