Saturday, September 7, 2019

Phantom Menace, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Minx Mattel was celebrating a well-earned victory when she found herself berated by Kasakabe Anzomi. The miner accused Minx of "PK'ing" (as if that's a bad thing) and of not following her own Code.

Agent Minx tried to reason with the space lawyer, but she found herself losing track of all the complaints being sent to her EVEmail inbox.

It seemed as though each time Minx explained EVE to Kasakabe, the miner fired back with two more angry messages. Nothing was getting through.

Our Agent decided to refer the matter to the New Order at large. She invited Kasakabe to join the MinerBumping channel.

Though she had some reservations about the venue, Kasakabe saw little choice but to accept Minx's invitation. After all, there were few other places she could go to argue about the New Order's reimbursement policies.

Kasakabe was a novice space lawyer. She opened her case by insulting the Agents who had so graciously agreed to judge her. A rookie mistake!

Tellingly, the miner refused to answer a question about whether she owned a permit. Since her bio lacked a permit, of course, everyone knew the answer. Still, our Agents prefer to hear a confession directly from the miner's mouth.

The core of Kasakabe's case was based around her ill-considered reliance on the Phantom Provision.

...Needless to say, Kasakabe wasn't breaking any new ground there. (For people who engage in "mining", they rarely do.)

Kasakabe had in her hand a list of the Code provisions that Agent Minx supposedly violated by ganking her. The miner quoted the Code, but there was no power in it; she didn't know what she was talking about. If only she had set aside part of each day to read MinerBumping. It's not like she lacked spare time.

Kasakabe's case drew the attention of more and more Agents. So far, though, there was no evidence that she actually listened to any of them. What a wasted opportunity for her.

Nevertheless, the more the miner spoke, the more that her particular problems and misunderstandings came to light.

For a brief moment, Kasakabe stopped ignoring the truth that was slapping her in the face.

...But she dared not part with any of her isk. She dismissed her entire career in EVE so far as "filler". And anyone who interacted with her spaceships was a dreaded "PK'er".

Kasakabe revealed herself to be a classic case of the Manipulator. She urged our Agents to abandon the Code and engage in random acts of ganking--the kind that leaves no impression on anyone. Properly categorized and filed away in the system, there was nevertheless a loose end dangling from the Kasakabe matter. Who had brainwashed this young miner? It was only a matter of time before our heroes would find out.


  1. That miner needs to put her print copy of the CODE on her bedroom wall!

  2. I am following the CODE in-game. I have warned several so far.


    You all must view the CODE, to ensure you are abiding by the rule of Hi Sec since our saviour James 315 took it over.

    Just 10 million to ensure compliance, do NOT lose sight of the fact that in Hi Sec you are NOT safe without a permit.



    (This is my bio, I want to shorten it so I can link it to people in systems I am in to ensure they read and are compliant.)


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