Monday, September 2, 2019

William's Rage, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... William Rageclaw and Agent Alt 00 went head to head in a battle for the soul of the Nakugard system. The epic struggle culminated in the destruction of William's Kikimora, apparently paving the way to a bright future for all.

Despite the loss of his prized ship, William wasn't ready to call it quits just yet. For some reason, he remained unconvinced of the Code's goodness and/or truth.

Alt 00 was stunned by the lack of chivalry. She had earned a great victory; it was a time for celebrating, not petty quarreling. But William took his leave without offering a "gf".

As the threat of William's Rebellion passed from the system, life began to return to normal in Nakugard.

Now the New Order would rebuild. And teach. And grow.

To be sure, other miners would rebel. Unless they were willing to bring a Kikimora into the field, though, they posed less of a threat than William had. Our Agent was more confident than ever.

In most situations, Agent Alt 00 was able to defeat potential resistance leaders with a few words of wisdom. And there was another advantage to the post-William era of Nakugard:

Alt 00 had the Kikimora killmail to link as evidence of the Code's power. This sword could be unsheathed whenever our Agent felt the need.

And so it was that William's Rebellion passed into the pages of history. The matter was laid to rest.

...Or it would have been, if not for this guy.

Overmind Niminen, sometimes referred to as a "Schrödinger's Agent", has a convoluted history. His motives are often questioned--frequently by himself. Regardless of his intentions, the fact is that Overmind came into contact with William and informed him of the "William's Rage" series, which was being posted on MinerBumping.

This, in turn, eventually led to a lively comments section on many of our fair blog's posts.

William turned down Overmind's offer to sell him a mining permit. Instead, the anti-Code rebel would revisit his old enemies and renew the conflict with a new strategy.

A storm of controversy was brewing. And what happened next would take the highsec community by complete surprise.

To be continued...


  1. No miner can resist the overminer!

    1. I thought NOL learnt the lesson of recruiting beta male miners?


    2. wait who's a beta? those are cool fish!

  2. Yess, space law returns!

    1. I know right!! man this series has been a Really entertaining XD

  3. but Wait where was the talk of the 80K alpha strike?? AWWW that was left out FOR SHAME!!!!

    1. Rage was camping the station outside docking range in a battleship or similar, planning for revenge following the loss of his ship. A fit-scan revealed his tank was circa 80k - his survival options were limited since the undock was within warp disrupter range, and a small handful of gank Tornados would have subsequently dispatched him in well under 25 seconds.

      However Alt 00 is only human, and needed her beauty sleep. So she logged in all her gank alts to carry out night shift duty. Rage started Twitch streaming and called in a ship to rep him - whilst Alt 00 lay back watching the stream, laughing herself to sleep.

    2. Ah yes, blueballing a spergy opponent and logging the tears is a time-honored tradition in EVE.

    3. o7 at least we know it wasn't left out o7 Bravo

  4. Alpha strike is irrelevant. The only number that matters is 315.


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