Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Bountiful Harvest

What, you may ask, is the point of doing something like this?

Jomas Siberhu was caught in the act of illegal mining. As a consequence, he lost his Retriever--and Retrievers are known to be high in salt content.

At first, Jomas appeared willing to learn. He even congratulated Agent Colonel Catpetter on the gank, though it was possible that the miner was being sarcastic.

Alas, Jomas could only conceal his inner Goofus for a few moments before the mask slipped.

Before long, though, the miner once again seemed receptive to the Code. Would Jomas actually buy a permit, or would he revert to a bot-aspirant state at the last second?

Unfortunately for Jomas, he continued to behave like a Retriever pilot:

The miner attempted to contain his rage while speaking with Colonel Catpetter. But even as they were speaking, Jomas spent a quarter billion isk on "revenge" bounties.

Worse yet, the miner used his compulsive bounty-placing habit as an excuse not to buy a permit.

Jomas was convinced that putting bounties on other players has a profound effect on them. He even believed that bounty hunters were a thing.

The miner was a bit surprised by Agent Catpetter's lack of concern about the bounties. Maybe the bounties weren't big enough?

A Goofus and his money are soon parted. But at least CCP profits from them occasionally.

In fact, not only are bounties an ineffective means of opposing the mighty CODE. alliance; they're counterproductive. It is a well-known practice among some of our Agents to use a smartbomb when ganking in a large fleet. This enables the Agent to get on the killmails of all the CONCORDed gank ships--and collect bounties. That's why bounties placed on CODE. don't last very long; they're harvested by members of CODE.

...But don't tell Jomas.

Even weeks later, Jomas continued to make unintentional donations to our gankers through the bounty system. Silly miner. If he obeyed the Code, he could at least get credit for his contributions!


  1. Lol miner's, they always act like they were raised in a 'mobile manor' in some shithole like pearl river.


  2. I absolutely laugh my head off when these numbnuts display their total ignorance of how the bounty system works …

    Praise James \o/

    1. They don't even know what game they're playing.

      I bet that shitter lives in a trailer park in pearl river too. He acts a lot like that other tactical retard, greer.

      Why, you ask, is highsec so full of spergy shitters? Birds of a feather and all...

  3. William GreerFebruary 12, 2020 at 9:24 PM

    I mean let's have some fact's here. Firstly so far you've proven that your a fallower of other people's ideology and way. secondly you've been using the same stuff over and over without thought just stuck on repetition which shows not only me but everyone else your lack of originality and lack of thought and imagination. face it some people are born to follow

    Hahaha apparently I'm too ignorant to see the hypocrisy of crying about someone copypasta-ing my own tears back at me, after all the mindless copypasta I tried spamming earlier comments with.

    Literally too stupid to breed. I should sign up for voluntary euthanasia

    1. The real reason he got kicked out of the military ("retired") is because he was caught molesting some kids at a halfway house type shelter that the base was running in town for the locals.
      It's fact, if you know where to look you can confirm for yourself.

  4. Jomas "plays" EvE, the premier PVP sandbox mmoRPG.
    Hates pvp, hates mmo, can't RP.... If it were an actual sandbox, he would have been buried a long time ago

    Must be another crackerbox slug from Pearl River, like that other tactical retard, pedogreer.

  5. William GreerFebruary 1, 2020 at 2:12 PM

    hummm maybe I should actually go get the law involved. I mean you've been actively committing Cyberbullying and Cyber Threats and even if I stopped coming to the website and stopped acknowledging your post you would still keep posting and posting and posting long after I stopped looking

    When he quits like shardani, we'll continue roasting his subhuman ass until the servers shut down. He begged for it.

  6. All right! CCP earns some revenue as a direct result of the Code.

  7. Instead of being ashamed of living like a pig in a shithole trailer park, william-greer-from-a-pearl-river-trailer-park constantly tries to draw attention to himself. No sympathy.

    His kind should hide themselves in much deserved shame. He should be trying to better himself, but he just spends his time wallowing in his third world circumstances with his fatass cousin/wife lillie lowrent.

    "SOOOOUUUUIIIIEEEE! HERE PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY!" -pedogreer calling his fatass cousin/wife to have greasy trailer-trash sex....

    I just threw up a little bit

  8. What has 3 teeth, 12 feet, and 4 tits?

    Night shift at whatever shithole willie works at.

  9. I'ma ping that dipshit miner greer, get the salt a'flowin.


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