Monday, February 24, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 42

Previously, on MinerBumping... All was well in the world of aiva naali until he encountered Ulukamuk Shimaya. The shadowy figure offered to tell aiva dark secrets--for a price.

Ulukamuk wanted half a billion isk. It was an expensive ask from a stranger, but aiva was too darned curious to pass it up.

The mysterious informant was operating with a "burner" character: Ulukamuk was newly created and would be biomassed shortly after the conversation ended.

aiva couldn't wait any longer. He handed over some assets and awaited his prize.

Ulukamuk began slowly. So far, aiva was unimpressed.

The informant found himself struggling to get his point across.

aiva didn't rattle easily. Finally, Ulukamuk produced a link to the MinerBumping series about aiva, which by that point was already on Part 19.

aiva went silent when Ulukamuk--apparently the alt of a scam victim--dropped the bombshell about the MinerBumping series. Ulukamuk claimed that aiva wasn't really involved with the Imperium at any level. Then who the heck was saluting his dolphin flag?

Now, it seemed, aiva had become convinced of his council's betrayal. His mind was focused on only one thing: Revenge.

aiva intended to plot a way to destroy those who had betrayed him. However, as we saw, after the convo ended, aiva contacted his council and confronted them with the evidence.

We now return to that conversation, already in progress.

aiva was playing a double game. No, a triple game: He presented one face to Ulukamuk, another to Agent Aiko Danuja and the council--and he planned to show yet another face to the readers of MinerBumping. But what was he really thinking? No one could say what was going on inside aiva's head.

As aiva navigated the increasingly complicated waters of espionage and spycraft, he continued to work on designs for his superweapon projects. But despite his unflappable exterior, aiva's future with the Imperium was more uncertain than ever.

To be continued...


  1. tweeps did nothing wrong

  2. I just don't have the patience for stuff like this. 1 week awoxing was about it.

    Too funny.

  3. he's STILL going along with this? After someone directly told him that he's getting scammed, with evidence?

    I'm speechless

  4. hurr hurr hurr im ddos ur website, oh no the river is flooding again and i can't get on the internet

    1. Is the Pearl out of it's banks again? Maybe living in a trailer down there was not the best decision williegreer ever made. And that from a guy who married his cousin AND started a fight on the nets using his real name.

      What a dipshit. Hopefully his offspring were smart enough to use condoms.

  5. Honestly, at least Aiva/quantum/Lil bullet/mittani-but-shorter or whatever his name is knows that he's an alcoholic autistic mess and embraces it, albeit in a convoluted way. Little willierageandcry is the one who makes me feel actual embarassment whenever he says anything like I imagine the curb your enthusiasm theme is the soundtrack to his entire life. I'm curious to see how the story ends, will he embrace the code, gank miners, and redeem his moronic actions, or will he chose to *high pitched nasal voice* "follow battle squirrel on his many adventures" *wipes the snot from nose"

  6. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act states that denial-of-service attacks are illegal, with penalties of "many years". The CFA act is seen as an extension of tort law.

    In tort cases, INTENT is the key factor in determining liability. Criminal law stipulates the concept of mens rea, which is the state of mind to willfully commit a wrongful act.

    I wonder if willie greer realized that when he attacked this site, I'm willing to bet he did not. Looks like a "stint in google state" may not be such a stretch after all.

    That stupid shitter gave James all the ammo anyone would need to start some crap. He's literally too stupid function on his own.

    1. We can prove intent because he said in the comments that he was trying to disable Aiko's laptop and was laughing at her inability to simultaneously host the comments and log into EVE. He was mercilessly taunting her and typing HA HA HA HA HA over and over. He clearly had intent to engage in malicious activity by accessing a website containing restricted private content. He committed at least three federal crimes!

    2. Hell, he's probably floating down the Pearl right now in his crackerbox, bailing like mad and wishing he had made better life choices. LOL!

  7. I already can't wait for episode 43. Honestly this is the best CODE stuff. More meta-game and less bumping please. I do like the juicy kills, but I do think CODE can make some carebears leave the game early. I am totally kool with ganking bots and year+ old characters (or alts of old characters)... I realize code is saving them from spodbrain. But I was ganked by CODE way back in my first month of Eve Online and I was not an AFK bot.

    Anyways.. juicy blog.. this is by far my favorite minerbumping of all time... and I am a long time fan.

    More meta like this and more bittercarebearvet ganking I am down with.

    1. Join in and kill some highsec miners, it's free if you join CODE. .

  8. tl:dr:
    Miners are stupid beyond imagination.
    Obey The Code!
    Get a permit!
    Agents are the coolest people, and anyone with a sliver of sanity should aspire to be one.

  9. Wu Flu was released from the Chinese government laboratory. Military scientists injected monkeys with deadly Wu Flu, then when monkey died they take it to meat market and sell it to the China people! Truth come out here, only on minerbump, world website for free speech and free people of high sec.

  10. You old time code cultists need to get with the times. Podcasts is where its at now. Jamie's dull as watching paint dry storytelling don't cut it no more.

    tl:dr: - exactly, I bet most of the faithful aren't reading it either. Go on, admit it. You know its true.

  11. woah woah woah

    its miner with an E

    minor bump is a different thing entirely....


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