Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Forbidden Knowledge, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Silent Company spokesman Sabus Narian formed the "Highsec Lobby" in order to pressure CCP into vastly increasing the isk rewards of highsec carebearing--all while reducing its risks. Sabus' movement drew the ire of Anti-Ganker Knowledgeminer, who felt the carebears had finally gone too far.

Knowledgeminer is known by many of the miners of highsec; they appreciate his years of loyalty to the Anti-Ganking movement. But something had changed.

The more he thought about it, the more Knowledgeminer came to the conclusion that Silent Company and its so-called "lobbying" was bad for highsec. It wasn't enough merely to withhold his Anti-Ganking services from Silent Company miners...

...He decided to help gank them, too.

Highsec Lobby founder Sabus Narian first learned of Knowledgeminer's dissent on the official EVE forums. Unsurprisingly, Sabus refused to address Knowledgeminer's objections in a mature, reasonable manner. So the debate would need to be decided in the asteroid belts and ice anomalies of highsec.

The transition from Anti-Ganker to part-time ganker was not one that Knowledgeminer made lightly. He knew plenty of miners in Silent Company, and he wanted them to know why he'd been forced to turn against them.

Knowledgeminer knew that Alsottobier, a system in the Sinq Laison region, was home to a nest of Silent Company miners. He met up with Agent Lewak and they traveled together to the system.

This would be the first in-game test of Knowledgeminer's new mission to oppose what Silent Company was doing. The immediate reaction of the miners was a feeling of shock and betrayal.

In contrast to many other Anti-Gankers, Knowledgeminer had never bought into the "Ganking Is Bullying" movement that took root among the anti-Code rebels early on.

However, the Ganking Is Bullying nonsense was widespread among the miners of Silent Company. Now, acting as a ganker himself, Knowledgeminer was forced to confront it.

Normal, well-adjusted people have no difficulty obeying the Code. Broken people, on the other hand, tend to need plenty of encouragement and coercion in order to succeed in achieving Code-compliance. If you want to help a bot-aspirant miner obey the Code, you're probably going to need to deal with some of his real-life "issues", too.

...And some of the worst miners in highsec are members of Silent Company.

To be continued...


  1. Right to exist?

    Most dole bludgers feel as entitled to things they have not earned, just like hisec miners, they are deluded.

    Miners, just shoot them.

  2. Lol nothing funnier than highsec carebears at each other's throats. They deserve each other.

    Why would someone play EVE, the premier "PVP sandbox mmorpg" if they didn't want to PVP? It's just ignorance on their part. People that cry about highsec gankers should just quit EVE, they don't belong.

  3. What a terrible chimera has been formed! It's like witnessing the spirit of an agent being stuck in the mind of a miner. I never though such a monster can be functional. I'm curious to see how such dissonance will be resolved.

    Knowledgeminer, if you are reading this... don't listen to your fellow AG peers, suicide is not the answer! Embracing The Code is!

  4. If only ag moderator Kalynn Shardani had not ganked his minor.

    Both his wife and son would be active New Order agents.

  5. These are the same scumshitters that cry about CODE, and yet happily pay PIRAT 1 billion a week to keep their POCO's and citadels intact.


  6. inb4 Knowledgeminer gets so much tears and abuse from the carebears that he starts to wonder whether it's actually the other way round, that AG is on the side of the bad guys and that the New Order are actually fighting the good fight here (as was obvious to most of us from the beginning).


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