Monday, February 3, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 36

Previously, on MinerBumping... A nullsec coalition as vast and powerful as the Imperium cannot function without an elite group of leaders. So aiva naali created a council. aiva and her handpicked team became the nerve center of the Imperium--and the most influential players in nullsec.

As the rulers of nullsec, it was only fitting for aiva's council to imbibe intellectually enriching content. To that end, Agent Aiko Danuja made movie recommendations.

As one might expect of a strategic genius, aiva absorbed new material like a sponge.

aiva was anxious to get his hands on a supercarrier. He had hoped that diverting resources from the construction of his titan would speed things up. So far, though, the Nyx build was still plodding along at a snail's pace.

Although "Don" was often difficult to reach, Aiko was a constantly available source of up-to-date intel.

With a single question from aiva, Aiko could spit out a detailed report on any subject. She was basically like one of the computers from Star Trek. aiva relied on her heavily.

Much of what aiva knew of the world came from Aiko's reports. At this point, aiva could practically run the Imperium without even having to log into the EVE client.

In essence, aiva had become The Mittani 2.0. But unlike The Mittani, aiva was not content to sit back and enjoy the status quo. aiva was eager to see the Imperium subjugate its rivals.

To conquer all of nullsec, aiva would need to be proactive. As it happened, he had a small army of fleet commanders at his beck and call.

It was time for aiva to make full use of his council. Everyone would have a job to do.

The Imperium's fleet command structure was serviceable, but aiva felt he could do better.

When aiva requested volunteers to help him keep Test Alliance Please Ignore preoccupied, his council recommended that he speak to Archesius Warpath.

Archesius was apparently some guy who got his last kill in 2016. But he just might be the answer to aiva's TEST problem.

To be continued...


  1. Meanwhile, in Pearl River:

  2. Watching Rageclaw and 'Anonymous' interacting is like observing two black holes colliding into each other.

    1. Bew hew

      If you had done your job correctly, that shitter would have quit already.

      You know he doesn't belong

    2. Regardless of whether or not I Belong here is Irrelevant, I'm here o7

    3. ^^^^ TRIGGERED BRO! ROFLMAOLOL!!!!1!1

      I knew you got my ping!!

      Lololol you can't make me mad lolol i posted all that spam because I'm a no shit retard.

  3. Hey miner greer, did you ever hack the gibson? I mean the site's still up. I thought you had this. No sympathy.

    Hey, you know what makes those Manors Mobile? A tornado lul

    1. William GreerJanuary 1, 2020 at 7:16 PM

      "awww that's cute you question my level of dedication... boy is that a fuck up of gargantuan proportions."

      I had heard about the new years meltdown. No sympathy.

      YOU are a fuckup of gargantuan proportions. You sure did burnout fast. I thought you said you were going to shut this site down? Or buy it even? Lol you are going to buy this site, while drawing welfare and disability? Living in that #8 crackerbox?

      You should seriously google "admiral foxbolt minerbumping". See if you can learn by example.

    2. Did just the Greers changed statures? The greerpool is getting fun.

  4. William GreerFebruary 2, 2020 at 4:33 PM

    imitation is the best form of flattery o7

    Hey willie, you misspelled "ridicule".

  5. William GreerJanuary 2, 2020 at 8:25 PM

    ohhh the try hard on the anon end is REAL!!!! WOOOOOOOOO CHOO CHOOOOOO!!!! Roflmao Roflmao Roflmao

    So is that one real, or willie2.0 overacting?

    You may be surprised, it's time-stamped, check it out.

  6. William GreerJanuary 2, 2020 at 8:48 PM

    Good news Everyone! I've upped my daily goal to at least a 200 comment minimum o7 it's going to be great



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