Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 37

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali's council was hard at work for the Imperium, winning the war against Pandemic Horde... Or was it a war against Test Alliance Please Ignore?

aiva was an expert multitasker. He had much to juggle, but his thoughts always returned, eventually, to his precious supercaps--still under construction.

The Imperium's shipbuilders had the resources of a great empire to draw upon. However, renters--despite being cheap labor--are notoriously unreliable.

aiva's flagship was a work in progress. No matter, though. aiva had plenty of theorycrafting to keep himself busy. And aiva's council would keep all of the fleets under his command busy, too.

Earlier, aiva had attempted to lead an invasion of Pandemic Horde space, with the R1O-GN system as its ultimate objective. Without warning, aiva sprang a surprise on his council: He wanted to make another invasion attempt ASAP.

aiva was intent on avoiding the mishaps that had led to his previous invasion attempt being scrapped at the last minute. He succeeded. Unfortunately, there was a new mishap: Everyone was AWOL.

For whatever reason, aiva's council took a holiday without telling the boss. Oh well. Better luck next time.

...And there would be a next time; aiva would see to that. In fact, he was already dreaming up ways of crippling TEST. But was anyone listening?

At last, the silence was broken with an encrypted broadcast. Things were getting really serious again.

aiva was champing at the bit (yes, "champing"). After so many false starts, he couldn't wait to take personal command of one of his fleets.

Bad luck struck again: The FC in charge of the fleet had to go AFK to deal with a personal emergency.

aiva was not a harsh taskmaster. He understood that sometimes real life comes first. And this was definitely not real life.

Regardless of real-life priorities, aiva took his mission seriously. He would make himself the foremost authority on asteroid belt warfare.

To be continued...


  1. I can't understand how this guy hasn't been awarded the 'You Win EvE' championship cup yet !!!

  2. The real reason he got kicked out of the military ("retired") is because he was caught molesting some kids at a halfway house type shelter that the base was running in town for the locals.
    It's fact, if you know where to look you can confirm for yourself.

  3. William GreerFebruary 2, 2020 at 10:35 PM

    The real reason I got kicked out of the military ("retired") is because I was set up by some to take the fall for molesting some kids at a halfway house type shelter that the base was running in town for the locals.

    Oh I ain't sayin i didnah get me a lil bit o dat fresh meat, but I wuz set up, i'z just sayin bro. It ain't fair, they was pickin on me. Everyone there was piddling the younguns, but the cops just focused on me.


    Lest he forget...

  4. William GreerDecember 31, 2019 at 6:47 AM

    and well this isn't like last time cause CLEARLY the lesson was not learned from the previous experience. so to answer you honestly no there is no cream that's going to make me go away I mean maybe a few days... weeks... just might knock this lesson into those thick Zealot skulls. but we shall see cause well I'm not a psychic psychopathic yes but psychic no

    Lol that idiot was teaching us a "lesson"?
    I wonder how that's working out for him

    1. your still going? I wonder who's going to go longer the energizer bunny or you?

    2. You are a pedophile, willie greer. This is a family friendly site. You should stay away, we don't want you around our families.

  5. Jesus wept my sides.
    I swear to God somebody should use this for movie script. Maybe Hulu would go for it.....:)

  6. If I had corrected willloethepedo with 'champing' it would have taken even more effort to educate him on that too. So I went with what he knew. Besides, where he comes from it's commonly pronounced 'chomping'.

    It's not my job to educate every coonass out there, just the retards that show up here and try to "ddos" this site.... I loled just trying to type that.

  7. "hummm maybe I should actually go get the law involved. I mean you've been actively committing Cyberbullying and Cyber Threats and even if I stopped coming to the website and stopped acknowledging your post you would still keep posting and posting and posting long after I stopped looking"
    -william greer, after a night of ragey sperg.

    He has no idea

  8. i will recruit aiva for CODE Origin!


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