Saturday, February 22, 2020

Forbidden Knowledge, Part 1

Silent Company is a highsec carebear alliance with over 9,000 members. Why do so many join Silent Company? For the perks--like getting these kinds of EVEmails:

Sabus Narian considers himself an expert in EVE. And one of his fondest dreams is to help other players mine AFK in highsec.

Judging by the number of bot-aspirants dying in highsec these days, Sabus' informative EVEmails haven't quite done the trick. But he is an ambitious carebear.

Most recently, Sabus found himself at the center of controversy when he founded the "Highsec Lobby".

Most carebears lobby CCP to nerf highsec risk. This makes sense, because they desire absolute safety for their AFK isk grinding. Sabus, too, wants to skew the risk-to-reward ratio in highsec. But he's not satisfied merely by making highsec safer...

...He also wants to skew highsec risk/reward by making the rewards greater. (That's the gist of all that wallet warrior gobbledygook seen above.)

Of course, one whiny carebear rarely moves CCP. To do the job properly, many whiny carebears are required. That's where the 9,000-member carebear alliance comes in.

In order to mobilize this silent army of AFK miners, Sabus created the Highsec Lobby.

Sabus genuinely believes that highsec income should be equal to nullsec income. His grand vision is for highsec to be filled with Nyx ratting bots--all operating under a CONCORD umbrella.

Needless to say, Sabus' dream is inconsistent with the Code. But how would the mass of highsec receive Sabus' message?

The Highsec Lobby announcement was jeered in posts like this one.

Knowledgeminer suggested that if Sabus' petition for greater highsec rewards was to be granted, highsec must first achieve a higher risk level to balance it out. And the first targets should be members of Sabus' own alliance, Silent Company.

That sounds like the logic of a ganker--of an Agent of the New Order, even. Is this Knowledgeminer fellow a member of the mighty CODE. alliance?

In fact, veteran MinerBumping readers may recognize Knowledgeminer as one of the most notorious Anti-Gankers. Yet even he was disgusted by Sabus and the Highsec Lobby. But what would the rest of the Anti-Gankers think?

To be continued...


  1. I love when characters from previous seasons of the show get reintroduced.

    1. A very interesting tragic figure. Bound by the lowliest convictions, constantly fighting the reason that surreptitiously crept into his fragile personality.

      I wonder what kind of character development we'll see in the upcoming installments.

  2. ooooh, this is about my old corp - ICANP.

    only you can SAVE THEM!!!! Please SAVE THE NOOBS!!!


  3. In EVE there was a miner named greer.
    After being ganked he shed many a tear.
    He wanted to kick his own butt.
    For not keeping his sperg hole shut.
    He cries "now they'll make fun of me all year!"

  4. William GreerFebruary 16, 2020 at 1:50 AM

    Ok so I'm not only a racist I have something against gay people too. man why not just lay all my card on the table there and tell how I really feel about the various different races and lifestyle choices, I hate them all.

  5. Ohh, finally! A great miner-leader is emerging! One who won't just stop at pointless talk like some of his brethren when forced into it.

    Oh no. He is willing to do pointless talk a lot! And in public!

    Seriously the saga needed a serious antagonist, and this miner may be it! He may be as great as the last big resistance leader..
    Who was it?
    Can't recall.
    There must have been some. One.
    Like that guy that bought the entire Code Alliance to turn it into a mining corp. That was very tense.

    1. Lol I remember that miner. How big of a retard do you have to be to believe that CODE. is for sale?

      I have a bridge for sale, I wonder if he's interested.

  6. Knowledgeminer finally learning the truth of the Code perhaps? I told him once that if he kept digging he would eventually know that James is the saviour of High Sec!

    1. No, he's just another coward who is afraid to do anything but hide in a cloaky loki in highsec. Prove me wrong.

    2. says the shitter hiding behind a anonymous name XD

  7. Highsec lobby.......just another thought bubble channel for failures.

    Like drug addicts go to narcotics anonymous, drunks go to alcoholics anonymous.

    Highsec shitbag miners should just get the full sex change and be done with it.

  8. anon's claims about me are about as believable as this news article


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