Monday, February 17, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 40

Previously, on MinerBumping... Day by day, action by action, plan by plan, aiva naali built himself into one of the leading figures of nullsec. Only one thing did aiva lack: A supercap flagship. He had invested billions into his Nyx, but the Imperium shipbuilders had yet to complete it.

aiva was no fool: He kept careful track of all the isk he'd spent on his long-awaited Nyx. But nullsec is not a place where everything runs like clockwork.

From his trusted "council", aiva learned that the Imperium's supercap fleet had suffered terrible losses in the war with Pandemic Horde. What did this mean for aiva personally?

aiva yearned for a Nyx. But he knew that as a leader of the Imperium, he could not call upon his soldiers to make sacrifices that he wouldn't make himself.

As much as he wanted to sit at the helm of a Nyx, aiva was willing to do his bit for the Imperium.

...And a grateful Imperium appreciated the sacrifice.

Despite the setbacks, aiva was eager to move forward. The isk would continue to flow.

'Twas a time of rebuilding. In the end, the Imperium would triumph over Pandemic Horde. aiva was certain of it.

The war went on. aiva led from his desk as he always did, trusting that his council would do their best.

It was back to business as usual. aiva and his trusted colleagues fought the good fight.

Nevertheless, nullsec is, as I said, not a place that runs like clockwork. No matter how smoothly things are humming along, there is always--always--the potential for something catastrophic to occur. And when it does, it usually happens out of nowhere.

Without warning.

One day, aiva stepped into the office and dropped a bombshell on his council.

For on that day, aiva naali had discovered MinerBumping.

To be continued...


  1. Haha! So it's taken 40 parts until it clicked somewhere in his idiotic head that something might not be entirely right.

    I'm certain if he was put in a special scanner there would be some kind of visible brain abnormality present. No-one can possibly be this stupid.

    Aiva if you are reading this, send me 17,000,000,000 ISK to cover the Nyx, and I will send you 10,000,000,000 ISK in return.

    Alt 00

    1. You would think Natural Selection would have already taken him out of the equation.

      Him and that other tactical retard, willie greer. How can either of them function without supervision?

  2. There at the end he sounds a lot like a another retard we all know and ridicule. Although, I do believe avio/quantum will actually learn, and maybe even improve, from this interaction.

    I'm not so sure about willie greer, he seems a bit thicker above the ears. Like dense, man.

  3. At first it seemed so wrong to make fun of this retard. But the story was so funny I could not help waiting for the next installment.
    After some out-of-the-box thinking, you, CODE., are my heroes. You were the only people who were able AND willing to provide that awesome content to this sperg, and for so long ! Nobody could do that but you.

    Kudos and All Heil James 315 and the Knights

    1. "hail"

      Careful there friend, you'll have the carebears foaming at the mouth over 'nazzies' and shit.

    2. I can assure you it is unintentionnal. A mistake of a guy just learning English. For my defense, I think "Heil" and "Hail" all come from the same root, i think it is the same as "to heal" and basically refers to protection more than salute

  4. "everyone thinks I'm just some retard on life support"

    He's definitely got a sense of humor, or at least can laugh at himself. He's much better equipped for EvE, and RL, than that miner greer.

    Much better equipped.

  5. willie greer was a trailer park troll
    Desperate was he, to be drĂ´le
    But his anger would rise
    When anons laughed at his cries
    And only sperg would come out his mouth hole

  6. minor bump..

    I hope you ensured him that this site is only a ruse that meant to mislead The Horde!

  7. William GreerAugust 26, 2019 at 5:09 PM

    I mean hell you guys Gank mining barges on a video game where is I've Ganked Tanks in real life with a Marvelous thing called a M47 Dragon AGTM (my MOS or Military Occupational Specialty in the army was 11B1OC2 for those of you civilians here that's Dragon gunnery I.E Heavy Infantry, Anti Tank Infantryman)

  8. minor bump... minOr bump... ITS MINER WITH AN E! AN E!!

  9. Always!

    That's why they're here, for our entertainment purposes.

    Besides, we are laughing WITH them. Even if they forget to laugh.

  10. That's right, we are laughing with them. If Willie Greer would STFU, send us all his isk, and start ganking miners instead of mining minors, we'd all be getting along just fine.

  11. This is better than a Korean soap opera.

  12. On the one hand side, it's unfortunate that the ride appears to go to an end in the near future.
    On the other hand, I can't wait for the culmination of the series. Will Aiva get her Nyx? Will she finally get into GS? Will GS triumph over PH? You have me on the edge of my seat!



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