Thursday, February 20, 2020

We Expect You to Do Better, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... An egregiously AFK Deen Ume was podded by Agent Katy Melons. Deen should've counted himself lucky and purchased a mining permit. Instead, he cried about the unfairness of the Code.

Many non-compliant miners think themselves morally superior because they're less skilled at a video game. In fact, our Agents are the good guys--a fact which greatly disturbs the carebears.

In reply to Agent Katy's well-reasoned arguments, Deen could only grumble and grouse. Deen's "tell" was prefacing his mindless comments with the word "wow".

Deen dismissed the notion that he was part of the problem in EVE. Yet the idea nagged at him.

Mining permits are not in-game items that can be purchased from the Jita market, but that doesn't diminish their impact on the game. Much of EVE can be similarly described: As far as the game mechanics are concerned, the Imperium, for example, does not exist.

The miner didn't consider pod kills to be real, either. Apparently they were worth crying about, though.

Deen continued to argue. He didn't see the wisdom in purchasing a permit. And he kinda sorta admitted to the crime of bot-aspirancy.

With each new exchange, Deen found himself boxed further into a corner. He had no excuses and nowhere to hide.

In a triumphant moment, our Agent let loose with a ringing endorsement of the Code and all good things in EVE. What sort of miner could read her words and not feel compelled to hand over 10 million isk?

In a desperate moment, Deen threw out the old "I'm a newbie and exempt from being ganked" trope. He immediately regretted it.

Flailing about, Deen suggested that his words may have been misinterpreted and his character's age may have been misleading. May have. Deen didn't even have the guts to assert his lies as facts.

With that, the miner went silent in a huff. If only he'd been courageous enough to embrace the Code. EVE is no game for Goofuses!


  1. It sounds like that miner wasn't ready for the challenge of highsec. I hope he finds a nice safe wormhole to hide in.

    1. If he's hiding in highsec, he'll never be brave enough to leave.

      Plus, he's a goblok, he would just get ganked in a WH, and cry just like he did here. He wants to mine afk and solo in the worlds premier "sandbox PVP mmoRPG". It's like going to the quarry to take a nap. He's being ridiculous.

  2. The fact that you folks can have half a dozen circle-jerk threads open on the EvE-O Forums with the explicit consent of the moderators is all the proof I've ever needed that EvE was not for me.

    1. Good for you friend, you are smarter than the average carebear, and can see you don't belong here.

      Now get the fuck out, loser.

    2. Stupid bear, why did you think you belonged here in the first place? Get out, go back to Farmville. Check out Progress Quest:

    3. Jesus clowns. You both feel better now?

  3. "The miner didn't consider pod kills to be real, either. Apparently they were worth crying about, though"

    Lol James never misses!

    1. william r greer from pearl river never misses a chance to molest young children.

  4. It's sad but true. When I was 16 a friend was staying overnight, and when daddy went to kiss me goodnight my friend got very upset. Later after he left, I asked her what her problem was, and I told her that lots of girls kiss their daddy goodnight and she said yes, that lots of girls do, but those girls would not do it topless, and their dads would not be naked either! And that he was not supposed to use his tongue, no matter how sexy I looked in the crotchless panties he bought me for my 12th birthday.

    And I guess the chocolate starfish kiss was inappropriate also. But that's just my daddy, he's not shy when it comes to how much he loves his little girl! Plus, his little willie is so small it's not like he ever did any damage. I mean heck, momma lillie's was even bigger, and I could take that just fine since as long as I could remember. Government people overreact so bad sometimes, who are they to come into our trailer and tell daddy where he could and could not stick his little willie anyway!?!? Is this 'murica or wut?

  5. In EVE there was a pedo named greer.
    After being ganked he shed many a'tear.
    He wanted to kick his own butt.
    For not keeping his mouth shut.
    He cries "now they'll make fun of me all year!"

  6. Achtung Carebears! If you first reaction to PVP in EVE is to act like the shitter featured today, or that other tactical retard williegreer, then you are playing the wrong game.

    Time to make like a tree,
    and get the fuck out. ;)

  7. Carebears!
    We expect better from you!

  8. Anon's I don't expect better out of you this is apparently the best you can achieve you've plateaued early..

    1. The real reason william greer got kicked out of the military ("retired") is because he was caught molesting some kids at a halfway house type shelter that the base was running in town for the locals.
      It's fact, if you know where to look you can confirm for yourself.

      Plus, he's a coward.

    2. minergreer's best chance of having a positive impact on the human race would be to have himself, and any of his inbred spawn, spayed and/or neutered asap. Or he could quit, like that other tactical retard, shardani

    3. That's a greasy miner for sure, and dumb. Was he trying to use the reverse psychology version of "I know you are but what am I"?

      No sympathy for lying shitbags that brag about non-existent military valor. If he wanted to be a real hero he would do the world a favor and shardani himself and his kids before they can pass on more bad genetics

    4. William GreerAugust 26, 2019 at 5:46 PM

      I'm still here o7 don't worry I'm a man of my word in it for the LONGHAUL!!!!

      Where are you at you slimy sack of shit? Give up already? Loser.

  9. william R coonass greer
    From his trailer in pearl river he leered
    He picked a !fite! with wits lacking
    Got pounded and sent packing
    Now cries "triggered! Lol! triggered! Oh Dear!"

  10. William GreerFebruary 15, 2020 at 3:57 AM

    Actually I didn't deny that I was a pedo the only good pedo is a skinned and hung on display pedo. but hey your too busy having a life and using your education to better yourself, unlike me, willie the trailer park pedo!

  11. William R Greer from Twin Oaks Mobile Manors in Pearl River Louisiana is a convicted pedophile. If you know where to look, all the info is out there.

    That's the reason he can't get this site shut down, none of what's said about him here is false or slanderous. The google police looked him up and saw the truth about his pedophilia.
    Google PD said his search history is illegal in all 50 states.

    He's less than the shit you scrape off your shoes after riding public transportation.

    Look how mad he is

  12. 25 to Life in Google State... man, all that over an Orca?

    1. I hear he's been stuffing large foodstuffs up his rear to prepare for his upcoming "vacation" ;)

  13. William GreerFebruary 1, 2020 at 10:50 PM

    Soon you narcissistic assholes will be begging me not to phile charges on you all for 'cyber bullying and harassment' it says on page 8 chapter 3 verse 14 that "he who shall be picked on for being a shitter will have a fair trial in google court, so sayth the google law"

    I'm gonna take you guys down now, and close this site, if i dont just buy google out wright and shut it all down. My coonass lawyer/uncle knows how to sue you all to make you remove all my personal info (that I posted) and spam! It's mine, i want it back!

    All that crap about my pedo coonviction was supposed to be sealed permanently, if you hacked it for reals then you are going to jail!


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