Monday, October 14, 2013

Le Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Le Judged

I don't spend much time reading EVE-O. Probably less time than I ought. However, it occasionally yields useful intel about anti-Order activity brewing among the rebels of highsec. The New Order is known for being proactive, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I have a top-of-the-line system in place for detecting potential threats.
"My beef is with the Order, or more specifically the "Code" .. the crap that is being force fed to us and shoveled out to justify unacceptable behavior on a massive scale. CCP are unable or unwilling to respond to it and I'm suggesting someone does."
Take, for example, the quote above. It was written by a disenfranchised young rebel named Le Judge. My system immediately flagged this post and uploaded it automatically into the New Order Threat Matrix. By which I mean I glanced through another carebear complaint thread on EVE-O and thought it was funny.

Le Judge's alt, Wayland Sky, was killed by Agent D400. The Wayland alt was schlepping around a PLEX and other items worth 740 million isk in an Iteron V. Let's be honest, this Iteron V fit probably could've been improved upon. But Le Judge didn't think it was necessary to put any additional effort into it, because highsec. Agent D400 would have begged to differ, but Agents of the New Order do not beg. They act.

Thank goodness for people like D400. Most people look at an Iteron V autopiloting through highsec and shrug their shoulders. D400 looks at such a ship and sees an opportunity. For some reason, Le Judge thought he was the good guy in this scenario, despite having PLEX in his cargo--PLEX that he admitted he purchased for some quick isk. (Everyone knows how I feel about RMT: I will not have it in my highsec.) And so, Le Judge went to a preexisting complaint thread about the New Order and spilled his guts:
"I'd been in-game for less than 7 days.
Had mustered what little wealth I'd diligently accumulated through my solo mining efforts outside of any Corp and had some PLEX purchased for ISK, was moving all items to a new system to begin life with my new Corp. Over 20 jumps completed and only a few to go all in Hi-Sec in a basic cargo hauler I'd purchased just for the task, had warped to next star gate in queue and was almost immediately attacked and destroyed, not only lost my hauler but then to rub salt into the wound had my capsule destroyed too.

D400 .. (will not be forgotten)

I didn't get mad, I didn't lose it .. hell, it's a game after all, but thought I'd ask the question so I'd sent a one line eve-mail asking ... "was that really necessary?" .. response was similarly short "yes" came the reply.

Carrying a **** load of shinnies & PLEX (stupid I know now, but then I was less that 7 days in).
Thought to chalk it down to experience and use it as a positive, but losing the PLEX somehow felt like "theft" to me but ..
thanks for the lesson D400 (will not be forgotten).

I then do little research on my pirate (as one does) .. and New Order is revealed to me for the 1st time.
I visit the minerbumping website, read all of the details and it actually begins to sounds like wisdom !
Saving us from the Bots .. sounds like a plan.. and one that I'd willingly subscribe to for 10Mil, even be tempted to assist.

HOWEVER .. A shiver crept up my spine and I then I also remembered that it doesn't resemble or explain what happened to me and most likely, a lot of others. I'd received no "bump" to see if I was a BOT, no nice polite message declaring to hand over the 10Mil and/or shown a link to explain WHY.
No .. just like a pirate would, and out of no-where everything I had accumulated was now gone..

Some would say "hey dude it's just a game".. I understand it's a game, but I tend to think that if I had possibly been a younger person, or someone less emotionally mature (say, my younger son) could have potentially caused a Log out, quit game, Gone!
So, how does "Eve" and it's gaming community benefit from this? Does it become a better place? How does the wisdom and this sanctioned activity by the Order hold up to being any way justifiable? .. Quite simply, It doesn't.

The more I'd read the more I was reminded of another who had very successfully hood-winked the masses and declared to be performing a public service "Al Capone" and how well that worked out for the communities he had professed to be serving, the USA (in-fact the WORLD) is still reeling today from the aftermath of this initial organised criminality. When put on the spot the Orders members are fast to declare that "it's only pixels and to just get over it" or "if you don't like it, leave". CCP should hide it's head in utter shame for not recognizing and to act upon activity which so obviously DOES cause discomfort and IS causing it's PAYING MEMBERS a degree of unnecessary anxiety. This goes beyond being acceptable behavior in a game IMHO.

We all of us know that in a pixel world there are no emotions, but on the other side of a computer monitor ... life just doesn't work that way, and there are ALWAYS consequences to our actions in cyber space, ask any parent who's lost a child through cyber bullying and they'll tell you. A bit extreme of an example I know, but you get my point, no difference!
Ever been scammed on-line on Ebay perhaps or fallen foul to some other scam? It's not nice to be conned in any shape or form, and intimidating activity being "in-game" is no cloak to hide behind. Shouldn't we stand up to the ones responsible or is the truth that we just look out for ourselves now and laugh at the victims for not being more aware?
Ladies and Gents have we become so morally bankrupt to permit what we abhor in our RL's to now filter in and become the norm and accepted behavior even in the very place we try to escape to, to forget the world outside for a while? Not only is it being unchallenged but the protagonists have the balls to publicly recruit and justify their actions being in accordance with a "Code"!

After thoroughly examining all the information that I could about the Order, and now while I am presently (off-shore) working and cannot get into game, I have spent some time reading through the many Forums for information but seems no mater which forum, which topic, time and time again the Order is coming to the forefront. Warning signs becoming more and more prevalent, and to my mind come and old saying ..
... "All that is required for Evil to prevail is for Good men to do nothing!"

Well, I intend to do something .. however insignificant it may prove to be.
This is not a clarion call to others who may feel the same, I'm just airing my opinion which is my right, as is the next persons.
I know there must be HORDES of others who would be more willing but remain anonymous and that is completely understandable.. also many others who most likely never read the forums, but I will not remain so. There is no fear for those who are unwilling to be subdued by it.

I've no wealth of knowledge about Eve as yet .. seriously, I'm still very much only at the infancy of my learning curve but have learned enough that will act as solid foundation for good progression I believe. I plan to continue this and when I am ready .. have the experience and means to bring to bear and counter the Order.. it is going to be for me, my mission in game!

For Good or Evil.. It's unnecessary to advertise.. if the community wills it .. it will happen.

Posted on Alt .. "Wayland Sky" was the victim of D400"
Needless to say, Le Judge's radical views put him on the radar. He is now officially a Person of Interest, and his corporation's ties to anti-Order resistance movements will be investigated with a fine-toothed comb. Le Judge also made the following reply later in the thread, the source of the quote at the beginning of this post:
"The entirely of my post had been on topic for "Minerbumping" and expressing my opinion.

You think I don't know it's a game?.. course I do, and I said so. ( LEARN TO READ )
causing me distress? .. course it's not and I said so, ( LEARN TO READ ) but I did say "after reading many forums" I can read for myself the effect the Order is having on many people in the course of playing "A GAME"

I don't suggest Eve to be a "Safe Game" .. where did I ever say that? ... But it's my opinion and I don't accept under any circumstance that I should have to ACCEPT an environment where gamers are left free to intimidate and extort ISK from people who only wish to "PLAY A GAME".

You can window dress this all you like, hide behind your monitor and tell yourself whatever you wish to exempt yourself from responsibility of sometimes (even if only possibly) hurting others. But the fact remains, that is entirely what you are doing !
But i'm not concerned with the occasional ganker. Don't begin to put words into my post .. You really think that is what my post is all about? Me being ganked? ( LEARN TO READ )
I am explaining that it being "Organised" is my issue.. To the degree that many people are stepping up and joining the ranks of the gankers because they know they can get away with all manner of crap and push people around with impunity.
In a nut-shell all i'm saying is .. "I intend to push back!"

My beef is with the Order, or more specifically the "Code" .. the crap that is being force fed to us and shoveled out to justify unacceptable behavior on a massive scale. CCP are unable or unwilling to respond to it and I'm suggesting someone does.
But should you ask would it come as any surprise to me that some people would attempt to belittle my opinion? Miss-quote me entirely? Not in the slightest! Frankly I'd be surprised if it was not the case.

You'll have to get up very early to rattle my cage !"
I hope this post has been an eye-opener for everyone. We mustn't become complacent. The next time you see a sullen, hollow-eyed youth trudging across highsec in an industrial ship, know that you could be looking at the next Anslo or Ledrian Saisima or Mine Teck. Remain on your guard.


  1. That's a lot of words to say he won't be buying a permit. In the time it took Le Judge to write all that, he could have earned his permit isk. Instead, he tells us he wants to be punished.

  2. Delicious tears has always been the name of the game, anon. Why is this not obvious after a decade?

  3. After reading your post I can see that you came to EVE with the WOW mentality. That when you die you lose nothing. EVE is a game about exploding space ships to put it in it's simplest terms. You seem to have taken offence to our organization. I noticed that you didn't have a permit. Before you say I didn't know I needed one. It's your responsibility to know the CODE. ( The LAW ) Ignorance of the CODE. is not an excuse. Thank you for noticing the level of my organizational and recruitment skills. You also seem to be missing the point of the New Order. CCP has been nerfing highsec in to the ground over the past five years. So here's some REAL TALK for you. We "The New Order" are tired and fed up with the whiny CareBears that games like WOW and others have produced over the years. They come to EVE and lose a ship or two to the big bad pirate and cry and yell at CCP to make my EVE a safer more theme park style game. Well those players can go fuck themselves. Sorry for the language but it's players like you who are new to EVE and think it needs tobe changed to fit your CareBear game style. The New Order puts risk back in highsec where it belongs. You sir probably have never played a MMO where the players generate and police there own in game content. EVE is not a game based on fair game play. EVE is ran by it's players. So you have a choice start playing EVE like everyone else or go back to whatever CareBear "Theme Park" MMO you came from. We're not here to hold your hand or pick you up when you fall down. This is a grow ups game. Learn from your mistakes. Instead of all the time you wasted typing out that CareBear craptastic post you should have been trying to see what you did wrong and tried to fix it. Example you could of just asked D400 " how could I prevent getting ganked in the future?". Anyone in EVE would tell you that you're a dumbass for ever undocking with a PLEX in your cargo bay. Everybody turns into a pirate when they see that.Welcome to EVE time to put on your BIG BOY pants.

    Hope to see you soon.



    1. Unfortunately Black you have a problem....I for one up to a limit agree in the inherent need of the nature of the all time old "gank". But no one really adheres to the idea of the CODE or your stupid alliance as the LAW....why because your not. At the click of a few buttons CCP if it wished could ban all of you if your actions begins to hurt their bottom line....i'd be careful if i was you. I agree that he was dumb moving a plex that way....but thats a failure on him not asking the right questions or his corp CEO on not educating him properly. I too dislike WoW players and similiar that come here and dont get with the program. But then not having an influx of new players will eventually hurt the game from lack of funds to expand the way the game needs to be expanded. Like that guy said...if he was a younger player or less mature he might of said fuck this game....but he didnt. 1 loss of such a player means a minimum of $180 lost revenue to CCP. When your ppls actions start costing them that in the range of at least 10 ppl per week or $93,600 minimum per week they might start investigating whether or not your actions are within the EULA....cause your just griefing High Sec

    2. Well at this very moment what NO does is considered to be within the EULA according to CCP. You have a point in the sense that everything revolves around money. Yet, if CCP decided to ban people from NO for their pirate type of play-style, CCP will have to ban a lot more other players as well, some of whom not associated with NO. If this were to occur, I believe that in the end CCP would lose more money from banning older players and players who lean more towards piracy vs. losing out on some new player subs.

      On the other hand I have read some responses of people saying they've resubbed because of what NO does. If this is true, then we have NO potentially bringing in "new" players as well. The new players quitting and the old/new players joining because of NO would cancel each other out. Just an idea.

    3. I'm someone, not no one.October 15, 2013 at 1:25 AM

      "But no one really adheres to the idea of the CODE or your stupid alliance as the LAW....why because your not."

      I do, so you're wrong.

      "When your ppls actions start costing them that in the range of at least 10 ppl per week or $93,600 minimum per week they might start investigating whether or not your actions are within the EULA"

      Whiny comments like yours drive a lot of people away from games, but you don't seem to be worried about getting banned.

    4. I think i will collect some quotes + sources from the order/code and send them to ccp. Themself give proof away that they are harrasingbeyond regular game mechanics, which ccp by it own words does not aproof:
      "Needless to say, Le Judge's radical views put him on the radar. He is now officially a Person of Interest"
      And much much more.
      Together with forcing ppl to quit...

    5. I also follow The Code. I started as an Agent by bumping afk miners in my own system. I was as benevolent as i could be, giving miners a full 60 seconds to respond before losing what they chose not to protect. Calling in Knights when permits were refused, or when Code violators resorted to insults, and derogatory language in my local chat channel, instead of compliance. One day out bumping i was ganked by 2 cats and a thrasher, from a NULL sec alliance, who were MINING IN HIGHSEC BECAUSE THE RISK/ISK BALANCE IS RETARDED!
      I am a Knight now, providing The Code with infalliable truth, or even more infalliable Void S ammo.
      People threaten to quit all the time, but just like a miner, its all talk, and theyre found mining again. We are the ones finding them. Looking forward to finding you.
      Oh, dont actually have the balls to put your name where your mouth is. The search continues for Anonymous poster #651,724

    6. Anyone else curious how 10 lost players can account for a whopping $ 93,600 a WEEK??!!

      I don't know about you guys, but I'm paying roughly $20 a month (I don't plex) on two accounts. If CCP lost me, that would be $240/year.

      Ten of me wouldn't even come close to the ludicrous numbers posted above.

      I hope you don't do your own taxes!

    7. "Anyone else curious how 10 lost players can account for a whopping $ 93,600 a WEEK??!!"

      It's quite simple. If the New Order causes 10 players to quit every week, then each player lost costs CCP a minimum of 180$, as above, because there's no way a dedicated miner would quit before playing for ~2 years. That would be totally impossible and unthinkable (unless the New Order steps in, in which case the dedicated miner quits as soon as the NO member enters the solar system he's currently mining in, because OMG NEW ORDER! The New Order, making the impossible happen, 10 times per week.). Now, 10 players at 180$ each is 1800$. 1800 * 52 is 93,600$, and due to the time travel vortex between this universe and New Eden, 1 week of our time is equal to 1 year in New Eden. If CCP were in New Eden and spaceships were in our Universe, than the directionality of this time ratio would be reversed, so in that hypothetical situation, the New Order would cost CCP 93,600$ per year. Little known to you, Anonymous is posting from an alternate multiverse, where no one has names and where this reversal has occurred, and he simply forgot to apply the necessary corrections to bring his math into accordance with our natural laws. I'm glad I could help you out with this puzzling matter.

    8. "Oh, dont actually have the balls to put your name where your mouth is. The search continues for Anonymous poster #651,724"

      Wait a guy that preys on the weak writes of "BALLS"? "Rennseslear"?
      Do you have any idea how funny retarded this is? well, i dont think so.
      Spout about "the Kot" as much as you like. A bunch of bullies that keeps on slappin the weaker are anything from craven to something, but you are no Knights (just look for "Honor" )

    9. b4 i 4get:
      kot = german for feces!

    10. Thanks for the tears of kot :)

      Unlike most tears, these tears are not fit for consumption, but it's still fun watching them drip down your face.

    11. oohhh but no tears here!
      my butt is fine and still a virgin!
      last time one of your craven buddies attacked me, he got his "heroic" catalyst blown to smithereens!


    That is all..

  5. There is absolutely nothing in your CODE that permits or endorses the abhorrent behavior of D400 and other agents .

    Except the "profit is a primary motive" bit.

    Your CODE should simply say "we will do whatever the hell CCP lets us get away with"

    There is no honor or integrity in CODE.

    1. You must be new here. This is the least of what CCP has allowed over the years. This is actual gameplay. I believe it is your attitude and ones similar to yours that motivates things like the "the code".

      I'm a bot aspirant carebear miner living in sin myself, but there is one part of 'the code' that makes it legitimate, "Admire all forms of emergent gameplay". If you cannot respect that, then you are the oppressor, not the other way around.

    2. D400 is a hero of the New order, and he's a really good person. I mean he does have a weird bias for the metric system and gets riled when we talk about things like: inches, miles, stone weight, and things like that but hey, nobody's perfect.

      That bear should put his loss-mail in his bio because he got ganked by one of the best.

    3. You are not addressing the issues with the code itself, and the actions of CODE agents.

    4. Clearly don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps try reading next time, okay? In the Code there is this thing called bot-aspirant. A bot-aspirant can be AFK, AP'ing to a gate (AFK), etc. It is up to the Agent how to handle each case, but every bot-aspirant is considered KOS. This hasn't changed in over a year...

    5. And by that he means they are the same gankers eve has always had with a little bit of roleplay thrown in.

    6. "And by that he means they are the same gankers eve has always had with a little bit of roleplay thrown in."

      Useless, boring semantical argument. Get to the point...if you have one.

    7. "There is absolutely nothing in your CODE that permits or endorses the abhorrent behavior of D400 and other agents . "

      Yes, there is. You're wrong. Read the Code, for realz, this time.

  6. BlackSkull always whining, trying to justify bad behavior and flagrant abuse of noobs and non-mining ships. Last I looked, hisec is not sov to CODE.
    Whine on BS. Your initials fit you well.

    1. Being on autopilot is bot aspirancy. Maybe even worse than AFK mining, because you can be AFK for longer on some autopilot routes.

      How do I know he was on AP ?
      >had warped to next star gate in queue and was almost immediately attacked

      If he was manually warping, he would have landed at 0 and jumped before being attacked.

    2. Personally, I'd like to thank all of these people who hate us so much and share the link with their friends. Without them, this website wouldn't have near this many views.

    3. What's that whining sound?

  7. xxX Violet Crumble XxxOctober 14, 2013 at 10:59 PM

    I think Le Judge is just an alt of James 315. Afterall, that's what the other alt Dr Robotnik-x thinks everyone on here is.

    I'm an alt too - and proud of it.

    Vive la Code (since we seem to be on a slightly French theme in this post)

    1. Why are you talking to myself? Why am I talking to myself!?

      Stop talking to myself, me!

    2. What if everyone around me is an alt? What if the world is just a product of my imagination?

  8. My goodness that is a lot of words - another internet vendetta against the New Order.

  9. @Anon 8:31pm...You could say that THEY are BOT-ASPIRANTS of a different sort...

  10. CCP allows the purchase of PLEX from them to be traded on the EVE market. I will continue to follow CCP's rules on this in High Sec. Your arrogant attitude is of no consequence, TONTO...

    1. This is true, if you buy the plex through CCP, or one of CCP's affiliates. We have no idea where Wayland Sky purchased his plex and since he's against the Code we regrettably have to assume the worst. Good thing D400 was there.

    2. Tonto also means FOOL in Spanish, how is calling one a fool racist? You jumped to the wrong conclusion there...

    3. Nigger also comes from a Spanish word (negro), but calling someone a Nigger in English is still racist. He didn't jump to a conclusion, he evaluated a language statement correctly. If the author is unaware that what he is saying is racist in English, because he speaks mainly Spanish, then it is his responsibility to come back and apologize, sincerely, for his insult. Coming back here and casting fault on others for his own mistake does not constitute an apology from the author, but instead further worsens his initial error.

  11. Why does that Iteron hae 3 afterbuners fitted ?

    1. He wanted to Auto-Pilot 3 times as fast!

  12. Sounds like this guy overdosed on Restasis.

  13. "but I tend to think that if I had possibly been a younger person, or someone less emotionally mature (say, my younger son)"

    Holy shit, you'd let your son play a game who's key marketing pitch is that its brutally cutthroat? Well, I guess pimps and killers have to come from somewhere.

    Look at this post. What a load of shit. With the amount of buzzwords, I wouldn't be shocked to find out that this guy figured out how to communicate with bumble bees. I love how he drops the whole "Think of the children!" line. Well, I've seen very, very few people under military age play EVE: and every single one of them have been pirates. So statistically speaking, if Le Judge Jr played EVE, he'd probably know that his father is a bad. Le Judge better train up a Vegabond and fly his ass to Syndicate fast, wouldn't want his son developing a complex due to the shame of being sired by a carebear.

    And the whole Cyber Bully bullshit: what a crock. Is playing competitively in a competitive game enough to be considered a bully now? Well fuck. Better not shoot anyone in Counter Strike, that's bullying. Better leave that defenseless bomber alone in War Thunder: only bullies interfere with bombers peacefully destroying ground targets. And the ridiculous thing is this: how many times have you seen a Pirate threaten to petition CCP to have you banned? How many times have you seen a ganker threaten someone in real life? I have yet to see that happen. It's the carebears who threaten RL violence over a game. So who's the bully now?

  14. Well, at least the spelling and grammar was better than the usual carebear tearful rant. And our author does stumble across one truth in his rambling.

    " the truth that we just look out for ourselves now and laugh at the victims for not being more aware?" Yes. Exactly. Let he who would be deceived, be deceived. You can take each loss as a lesson learned, or you can go to the forums and post a manifesto.

  15. If CCP wants to teach new people how to play Eve, they will - later on today - take them to a public area and smart bomb them with their Aurora mods and say welcome them to Eve. The first real lesson any pilot should be given is to lose their ship in a one sided fight, with the words "This will happen often, make sure it doesn't'.

    Let's be real, the game mechanics suck, the loot drops are for the lucky, the PVE is un-inspired at best - if it wasn't for the player created stories and fun on TS channels while diligently watching intel channels, this game would have died back in 2004. Yes 'Emergent Gameplay' has made Eve what it is and in doing so made CCP a lot of money. The only way to keep the Eve we deserve is to remind new players coming in what the game is really about.

    It's not about the crappy graphics or the dire NPC lore; it's about the people you are likely to meet, befriend, kill, be killed by - have an argument in local with, the corp or alliance mates you annoy intentionally or not, the annoying carebears who steal all your hubs and sites by being able to afford the pimped vindicator and several alt accounts that mean you never get a look in edgeways.

    Sorry I'm ranting, sometimes the good things in Eve make you want to log off in disgust - but it's human interaction at its best.

  16. Your quoting skills are very poor. The actual quote is:
    "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

  17. Such insolence in it's purest form from Le Judge. Perhaps CODE needs to think about venturing in to transport permits for anyone flying through it's territories. I think this weekend I shall return to the field for another in depth field study and maybe some punitive actions on unlicensed transporters.

  18. I call bullshit on Le Judge!
    Im to believe that he downloaded the game, and IMMEDIATELY CCP forced a mining ship into his mouth and made him suckle?
    No corp, no friends, no tutorial...somehow he just wandered into a belt and decided he was going to make his mark by pursuing the LEAST PROFITABLE career available??
    So then he BOUGHT some PLEX...and jumped 21 jumps to where the price was....what, 4 mill different??? Now all of a sudden hes both a mining master, and a market guru, with "shinies, and a a week! Sign me up for HIS version of this game, ive been doing it wrong all these years!!!!
    People who sell plex for isk make their money, and most PvP. They dont mine, they dont whine, they HTFU and have some fun playing a game with the other FIFTY THOUSAND people in the universe. Whatever poor dark corner Le Judge awoke from char creation in, CCP needs to see if there is something in the water there.
    As for costing CCP money, I personally have NEVER PAID A CENT to CCP for game time. They havent banned me, or mailed me to tell me im the reason that EvE cant afford to pay for the server upkeep. I started my trial, and with the help of FRIENDS (hard to find in a solo mining effort) worked to make the isk to buy my plex off the market. This is what i do EVERY month. I dont cost CCP any money, i dont provide CCP any money,
    and to spin simple numbers to make people think CCP cares about ragequitters any more than they care about the price of tea in just stupid.

    Fantastic whine tho. Le Judge - isnt Weyland Industries the corporation from the Aliens franchise that raped planets for profit?? It must have been kismet that you decided to name your character such, and do the same to rocks floating in space.

  19. Yes, someone should do something about New Order! Not me, though...I'm too busy AFK flying failfit loot pinatas.

    1. Thank You for your contribution

  20. I like how these oblivious carebears act like they are the first person to lose a ship in a high sec gank, think CCP is unaware this is happening, and would be appalled if they knew. lol

  21. Rather than fight against the New Order through his Proveldtariat, it seems that Anslo has, to his credit, turned from bot-aspirancy to making stuff explode, leading almost-nightly lowsec roams in The Scope.

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