Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Conspiracy Blues

Each time the New Order makes first contact with a miner, the miner must decide what to make of us.

As our legend grew, many miners heard about us even before they laid eyes on their first Agent.

Eventually, the news about our Agents' heroism spread. But it was distorted through the lens of the bot-aspirants' troubled minds, and rumors were born.

Activity in highsec was interpreted based on what was happening in nullsec. Rebel Inspektor Cluseau, seen here, speculated on the effect of the massacre at Asakai.

Conspiracy theories and rumors about the New Order have been the subject of many MinerBumping posts.

Curious to see if the old conspiracy theorists still held onto their beliefs, I was fortunate to run into longtime curmudgeon Jean Pelletier.

We had a lot of catching up to do. Jean informed me that he no longer needed to believe in conspiracy theories, because he was sitting on hard proof of the CFC/Order connection.

The smoking gun that tied it all together: A spreadsheet of something.

However, Jean preferred to speak obliquely on the topic. It simply wouldn't do for a rebel intel officer to talk about things in a direct, matter-of-fact manner.

Jean began throwing out places and names. Agent Guybertini was given the honour of a name-drop, without any context. I don't want to say Jean was paranoid, but he was getting pretty close to passing out "Fair Play for Kino" pamphlets.

I floated the possibility that the New Order of Highsec arose from among the people I'd encountered in highsec, without any official nullsec sponsorship. Jean dismissed the idea out of hand. Too far-fetched.

One of the more popular conspiracy theories had been that Goons and TEST were the same entity, and that they were behind the New Order. After the war between those two powers, things got muddled. Now any New Order Agents with connections to TEST presumably do not exist, or they were all my alts to begin with and never had such a connection.

I could only speak to Jean Pelletier for a few moments before he got too grouchy to continue. Switching to nullsec terminology, he questioned CODEdot's "relevance" and then stormed out of local chat.

You know, it's funny. Rebels who search for answers will spend all day trading rumors, reading the tea leaves of nullsec happenings, and tracking Guybertini's movements. But they're so reluctant to go to the one place where they can truly discover the animating spirit of the New Order. It's the Code, folks. Download a copy of your very own from MinerBumping.com!


  1. i must say that I hate you fuckers.... but it's so much fun and new energy in hsec

    1. typical carebear, hates fun and new energy.

    2. That is not what the previous poster said...

    3. That's the message he's bringin', so that's the response I'm slingin'.

  2. Ah, fame at last... I have notoriety !!

    - Guybertini

  3. Confirming, I was a care bear traveling through Halaima doing level 4s the first time I encountered James 315 in game.

    John XIII/John E Normus

  4. Why can't players of eve believe that some high sec players put towards the new order who haven't done the null sec stuff. Apart from time my toons spent in a wh, most of their eve life they have done high sec. Yet I happily have put isk, ships and mods towards the NO. And have made some good friends in the NO.

    1. Because carebears don't want to believe the fact of them having their bot-aspirant lifestyle to be ruined, so they are in a state of denial.

    2. Well the bot aspirants in 2 weeks can look forward to 200 more catalyst ships facing them, once my mains finished building them.

    3. Me lookin far-ward to usin at least some dem too

  5. "Get a job".

    Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.

    The sentence of someone who doesn't even believe in themselves, getting a "Job" is nonsense.

    One should aspire to being financially independent, able to provide for their children and great great grandchildren through great wealth.

    This person believes that he is not capable of a bright future through the "Get a job" complex. If I was this persons child, I'd probably never amount to anything that would enter the history books as a great human being that benefited the human race.

    That said, I'd love to be James 315's child, prosperity, success, happiness and eternal wealth with an infinite amount of wisdom at his disposal. . . Ah yes, how James 315 showed me I could truly become the amazing human being I deserve to be.

    Hail the glorious saviour, glory to the New Halaima code of conduct!

    Compliance not violence!

  6. "I haven't been in a trash can, but when I roll into a Code-violator filled belt, I take out the trash"

    Ten out of ten, would read and recommend to friends and family.

  7. Why go under the anonymous identity?

    1. We are Anonymous.
      We are Legion.
      We do not forgive.
      We do not forget.
      (We are elephants?)
      We are alts.
      As expected.

    2. I'm not subscribed to EvE right now, I'm a naughty, naughty Capsuleer. Hence the anon. I think

      I just started working again to, no idea what my problem is.

  8. Carebears are incapable of accepting that high sec players can actually band together and produce emergent gameplay in an organized and effective fashion. The only thought of it makes their "mine - sell - repeat" or "mission - buy new ship - repeat" theme park lifestyles look even more miserable then they are.

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