Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Hundred Thirty Billion in Shares Sold

What's finer than crossing a billion mark? Crossing a ten billion mark, of course. Today, Bob StarSeeker earns a Quadruple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 127, 128, 129, and 130 billion isk marks for shares sold. Bob's smart purchase of 3,150 shares means that in total, over 130,000 shares of New Order stock have been sold. All that money goes directly into the wallets of Catalyst pilots who tirelessly shoot the people who need to be shot in highsec.

If 130,000 shares sold doesn't tell you something about the highsec community, you haven't been paying attention. If I had a bunch of rare Scorpions to spawn and hand out, I would give them to every single shareholder we've got. But I don't, so you'll just have to accept my sincerest words of thanks. Thank you for caring, shareholders. You're fine folks.


  1. Bob StarSeeker you are a hero for hisec!

  2. Aww, what a cute subtle condescending remark for this SOMER mess.

    You're adorable, James.

  3. Hahaha, don't worry James, we don't need a multibillion scorpion to know you love us. <3

  4. I KNEW IT! This validates my theory that CODE. is nothing more than another goon spinoff! Also that everyone under CODE. is James 315's alts!

    On a side note, Lord Kailethre looks like Bruce Willis with power hair.

    1. No, No, No, and....No.

      You didn't know it, you only guessed it. CODE. is a small something more than another goon spinoff, between 2 and 3% more. Everyone under CODE. == everyone in highsec, as CODE. rules highsec, and there are definitely a lot of nutty carebears who aren't his alts. And Lord Kailethre actually looks like Bruce Willis would if he'd grown up beating slaves every day--plus the power hair.

      Close...but no cigar.

    2. 9/10 on sarcasm, you still need more practice.

  5. I tip my birthday hat to Bob Starseeker! It always warms my heart when I see people donate to the most worthy Eve organization there is.

    Well soon the Ishukone Watch Scorpions won't be worth much more than 1 trit each (what they refine into) which is why I'm entering every client investment into a drawing for a free ship. I'll probably continue that promotion until I run out of them.

    You can read my response to the first CCP announcement regarding Somergate on page one of this CCP forum thread:



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