Friday, October 4, 2013

Resistance Is Closed, Part 1

Since the dawn of our brave new era in highsec, there have been those who rebelled against the New Order. Rebellion has largely consisted of people encouraging someone else to do something about us. But occasionally, resistance movements are created in-game. Then they close down.

Some, like KILL A CULT corporation, remain open. The founders of corps like these just don't have the heart to give up, even if they can't attract new members.

SPIONKOP, the "leader" of KILL A CULT, last updated his followers back in February, complaining about something a New Order Agent said in local. Judging by the lack of subsequent activity, Agent Droopsack had the right diagnosis: The game's over.

Other resistance movements merely change in form. The legendary rebel spy Ledrian Saisima wasn't able to get much support for his counter-Order intel corp...

...But he's got a new plan, which he will unveil on January 1, 2014. We're living on borrowed time until then.

Ledrian's not the first to set a date certain for our destruction. blood valentine vowed to deploy the full resources of his corporation against the New Order starting on March 1, 2013.

The corp's motto: "Kill the New Order... or die trying :D". They died trying, I think.

Other anti-Order corps, such as To The Stars, merely speak out against the New Order. They don't seem intent on doing anything. Then, out of the blue, our Agents uncovered a brand-new resistance network developing. An Agent intercepted the following message:

THE GIMA CONSORTIUM was responsible for this communication. They declared the creation of the "New Eden Resistance Coalition". The rebels have their own coalition now!

THE GIMA CONSORTIUM is an alliance, and is affiliated with a corp called the GIMA CODEBREAKERS. Its description tells us that they're the only anti-Order mercenaries around. That might not be a good sign for the rebels, actually.

xxSilverAngelxx is the chief of the propaganda wing of the new rebel alliance. She'll call upon anyone in local to join the effort against us. And against the Goons, of course.

According to GIMA, the Goons are intent on conquering nullsec space(!). Worse yet, now the Goons are trying to gobble up lowsec and highsec, too. So much for all those rebels who always tell us that no one is allowed to claim territory in highsec.

With the Goons on the verge of adding lowsec and highsec to their vast territory, only GIMA stands in the way, by bravely complaining about the New Order and setting up a mailing list. As you might expect, our Agents were keen on learning more about this GIMA resistance group. So they spoke to them. What they uncovered would change everything.

To be continued...


  1. People just don't have any sticktoitness anymore :(

    1. The New Order does brother, the New Order does. As my friend Ophidia Black would say, "Eat, sleep, gank, repeat."

    2. somebody needs to make a remix o_o
      all the talky bits can be transcripts from this blog

      also gima are fucking hilarious
      I look forward to the assault from their 13 man alliance

      - Sammy

    3. I don't know why you laugh, Sammy. There might be a few of them now, and maybe they will fail to deliver, but it might be a case of "Big things, have small beginnings". I wonder how many New Order "agent's/bandits where there a year ago?
      Still, I don't believe this Old Order Restoration would succeed. It's easier to cause grief, than to defend defenseless, unprepared, or not game-knowledgeable, poor miner bastards, than to shoot gankers sitting on station's, flying out only when going for a gank. Especially that your ship's are worth shit, so there's little profit from killing you,but I personally will still do it on my own as efficient as I can, giving you the same heads up as one of you gave me, before shooting my shuttle and pod. That was none by the way, hence I'm not going to sign my post. So don't go winning about me not putting my name on "some pirates" blog's comment section
      It's not the whole comical philosophy (I admit - funny), but your arrogant attitude, avoiding answers, when someone's got a point and treating other like shit without any intel on them, that pisses me off. I was called a carebear (which you obviously consider an insult, hence I chose to feel offended) just for flying on autopilot first time in a month... So this "carebear" will fuck you up now. Go get some Vaseline, so you wouldn't be so butt hurt (another one of your favorites).
      I'm pretty vengeful person, so I will give you something to grief over.


      Ps.: To fix your attitude, some of you people deserve to get in real-life the same treatment you give in-game, or on this blog to others.

    4. Wow, someone has issues...

      And people wonder why I think gankers are the stable ones, and all these miners are loonytunes.

    5. Maybe I have issues, maybe I'm a loony, but I'm not a miner.

    6. "I'm pretty vengeful person, so I will give you something to grief over."

      Sounds like you're ready to found the New Old Order Restoration! You've got the same empty threats, same turgid prose, and the same butt hurt! I'd sure, if you really put your mind to it, you'll be just as ineffectual as the other rebellions!

    7. 1) Rebels? Oh please... Think outside of the box for a change, or does someone give you guidelines?
      You are pretty quick with labeling others. I prefer to be a lone avenger.
      2) Maybe you are ineffectual. NO ~agents~ already are on my killmails, but you know it better. And so your arrogance continue...

      Ps.: just to forestall: You've read my 1st post, so don't ask me for a kill mail, or call me a liar, or I will question your intelligence.

      BTW I wonder how many of those anonymous post are by James 315? Would he post anonymously to discredit all the unfavorable commentators with such petty comments? He seems quite narcissistic to make his blog and himself shine in the eyes of all those mesmerized by his articles (here and on the mittani). Just a random thought, don't hate me for asking.

    8. You know what's funny? It's simple, we have fun and you don't. Believe it or not, people from NO are doing what they do to have fun; and, at the same time provide content and a message about theme-park mmo's. What is amazing is how butt-hurt some of you get and start throwing around the "I hopes something bads happens to you IRL" hilarious comments. Thanks for that, I’m sure the internet God will smite me for blowing up someone’s fake spaceship.
      Pirates and players from NO are some of the nicest people in this game. Carebears are actually more of jerks, instable and can’t handle losses of pixels. But, you are easily trollable and you do make this game more fun for us, so do continue. Furthermore, if I ganked someone and moments later they convo’d me with questions about the gank, what happened, if I could provide some fittings/strategy on how to help, I would. Try asking that to a highsec incursion corp/alliance.
      NO being backed by Goons? I was a Goon this whole time!?!? Damn. Alright back to serious talk, does 3WE mean anything to you? Don’t worry it’s a fake internet pixel system within Eve, you’re not going to lose anything.. you might get mad though. What’s interesting are the CFC rage pings that went out during the battle of 3WE. I won’t go into full detail, you can look up that battle for yourself, but I will let this comment from ito kazami help explain, “holly crap , the CFC is reachin' 1000 BS killed in one week , and is still able to field 1300 pilots on rage ping after one month of war.” That last part is what’s interesting. So, *if* NO is somehow backed by Goonswarm, these small highsec carebear alliances are in for a “gudfight” if GSF so much as sneezed on them.

    9. Is this MZ guy serious?
      "Dont label people! Address me as this label!"

      Why would the Savior need to post anonymously here? The "unfavorable commentators" discredit themselves plenty with each increasingly hilarious post. For example, the posts made at 12:55, 2:11, and 7:55. Your continued desire to see real-life harm inflicted on people who committed some grave travesty towards you in a video game makes me seriously think you need a hug.


  2. GIMA is the one that will end us. I'm on my 10 hour cool down for biomass. It's been an honor space friends.

    Wait, did he say Greater Itamo Mafia? hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  3. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahha



    I mean. Those GIMA guys are not serious, right? RIGHT?

  4. Do you know what you should do, to really make your "cause" known to everyone and to make them love you so much more? Suicide gank Chribba's Veldnaught, when he's on the belt AFK mining. Then accuse him of being a bot and offer the license...
    Do it! No excuses!

    1. Chibbra has already bought a permit because he knows what it takes to be a true member of the highsec community

  5. Wait- GIMA stands for the Greater Itamo Mafia?

    The New Order must stand strong against the extortion tactics of this mafia!

  6. Obamacare benefits for those who sign up start to take effect January 1st 2014. Coincidence?

  7. The New Order is the legal Government;

    The Greater Itamo Mafia are the criminals.

    High Sec, make a stand for legality.

  8. Look at the sec status and kill-rights of those "legal" agents, they are nothing more than EVE terrorists.

    Who sides with the terrorists and their CODE?

    1. In theme park games like WoW the stats define you; in EVE your actions define you. Sec status is just a stat you have to live with; establishing rules and enforcing them is the creation of a government.

  9. As a recent convert to the word of James and a believer in the Code. I find it incredible that there is such a bitter outpouring from the miners we are trying to save from themselves.
    I imagine it would be the same if one were trying to help a junkie .. hooked on drugs .. or a brainwashed cultist. It saddens me .. but that sadness fuels my hope that through our intervention we can help these poor lost souls find true meaning in EVE.
    That said .. many of the pilots within the system are generous - heaping millions upon milions of ISK in 'bounties' .. and I have been invited to partake in many interesting and sometimes physically demanding sexual encounters.. all of which I am forced to decline as I must not be distracted from my task.

    Thank you James 315

    1. When you do good work, people shower you with bounties. Just look at me. In my case, the vast majority is tips from satisfied clients. A handful of bounties have been thrown at me to somehow encourage people to shoot at me. But I undock all the time and fly around. People greet me when I land in their system. I can't say that I've ever had someone shoot me specifically for my bounty outside of a wardec. And in those cases, it's quite funny because knowing exactly who your opponents will primary first can be an advantage. But I always congratulate them on their kills and ask them to enjoy their winnings.

      Miners, on the other hand, are quite spiteful. They think that armies of mercs will swoop down and blow us up for our bounties. They almost always use vile language while tossing around threats. They get quite livid when you toss a small bounty on them.

      They remind me of "little people" (no offense) waving wooden spoons at us telling us that they will kick our asses. It's just quite comical.

  10. I always wanted to belong to the biggest, strongest entity in null, without ever having been into null, OR putting in a historically difficult application. Thanks to this recently provided info from silverangel it looks like somehow ive been magically turned into a Goon!
    Guys we might better be careful with this one. Anyone who can turn us all into Goons no matter what sec we are in, or corp/alliance we belong to, sounds like they might give us a run for our money. /sarcasm


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