Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Hard Sell, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Former Orca pilot Avacyn Eternal started making a bunch of excuses for not obeying the Code. Agent MotherSammy caught her in numerous lies. MotherSammy won the argument, but could she win the mining permit fees that she was owed?

In response to Part 2 of this series, Avacyn sent MotherSammy another EVEmail complaining and justifying her actions. (Or, in the case of her 25-minute hibernation between losing an Orca and convo'ing MotherSammy, her inaction.)

Avacyn began reading the Code. She asked a common newbie question about the reason for "Halaima" being in the title. The New Halaima Code of Conduct, like the Geneva Convention, was named after a place but applies everywhere.

In her earlier EVEmail, Avacyn claimed that she had waited 25 minutes before initiating the convo so she could discuss the matter without being angry. She still seemed bitter, though.

Case in point: Avacyn's complaints about the Code being a set of "unwritten" rules.

MotherSammy is a professional. Within seconds, she got Avacyn to concede that yes, the Code is a written set of rules.

When she finally came to understand the anti-AFK provisions of the Code, Avacyn fumed. She couldn't imagine having to respond to an Agent in local.

Avacyn tried to justify her concerns by saying she was too busy "having a good time" with friends in a separate chat. Nonsense. If you put a bunch of Code violators in a chat together, you get an empty chat. A bunch of AFK'ers don't exactly make a lively party.

A protip for the sociable miners out there: Conduct all your conversations in local. No corp/alliance/whatever chat windows are necessary for miners. Anything you say to your fellow miners should be fine to say in front of an Agent of the New Order. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in the presence of an Agent, maybe you shouldn't be saying it at all. Or thinking it.

Drama queen that she is, Avacyn declared that the new rules would make her world collapse. Yet she hadn't even tried following the Code yet. Miners, don't knock the Code until you've tried it. And even then, don't knock it. It's the law--have some respect.

More and more excuses poured out of Avacyn's mouth. As usual, the excuses were without merit. If a miner wants to work on a fit, they can dock up first. If you want to mine, mine. If you must multitask, mine while contributing to local chat, such as by praising me in local.

Some miners claim the Code is "impossible" to follow. So how do they explain the thousands of miners who have already gotten into compliance?

Avacyn moaned and groaned. She wasn't "trained" for this, she said. MotherSammy knew it was time to get Avacyn to grow up and make a decision. The miner would buy a permit, or she would declare herself an enemy of the Order.

To be continued...


  1. There is nothing about you to praise, Tonto...even your ARRONACE is mediocre...

    1. Who are you calling Tonto, you racist shit?

    2. Arronace is my favourite hot sauce.

  2. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in the presence of an Agent, maybe you shouldn't be saying it at all. Or thinking it.

    THIS IS UTTER BULLSHIT. ( if i talk with my corp members wich are in other systems its non of ur business and you know this what are you trying to become the nsa ?)

    the rest is okay :) and had another laugh with tears.

  3. i'm in poinen, mining your roids, and i haven't paid anything, nor will i ever. since i keep a close eye, and am not afk, i do not fear your harassment.
    come at me, bro
    Princess Minmitan.
    P.S: you've never been able to bump me yet. not even once. i find that funny. but i have told you my location, so i'd be surprised not to see you. if i dont, i will hardly care, as i will continue to mine, and i will continue to laugh at the stupidity of afk miners AND you, equally. you can find me on my alt quite easilly in poinen.

    1. Ahh! Here's one straight from

      "Q. HA HA I am mining ice right now, you can't stop me!

      As Supreme Protector, some may expect me to doggedly enforce the rules at all times against all offenders. This is a misperception of my role. Aside from those who have purchased indulgences, I will bump whomever I choose, whenever I choose. Your mining operations are entirely at my mercy. If I feel like stopping you from mining, I will; if not, I won't."

    2. stupid website stupid articl stupid code you cant do this you arent the law you dont tell me what to do i pay for this game u are not ccp so take the new halama code of conducts and wipe my ass with it you stupid fuck i will mine werewver and whenever i want fuck u

    3. your tough talk gets me wet

    4. If you are not AFK and you keep an eye on local, you are already a Code compliant miner. If you are generally aware of the situation around you and have taken safety precautions, you have nothing to fear from the New Order.

      You are in fact a perfect example of a Code compliant miner. I am sure that James and the New Order Agents would wish all miners to be like you.

      At this point the 10m mining permit becomes just a symbolic token for you, to show everyone what a proper miner looks like. It seems like you are vigorously agreeing with the New Order and everything they stand for, yet you refuse to enjoy any of the benefits of membership.

  4. If you are not AFK and you keep an eye on local, you are already a Code compliant miner. If you are generally aware of the situation around you and have taken safety precautions, you have nothing to fear from the New Order.

    You are in fact a perfect example of a Code compliant miner. I am sure that James and the New Order Agents would wish all miners to be like you.

    At this point the 10m mining permit becomes just a symbolic token for you, to show everyone what a proper miner looks like. It seems like you are vigorously agreeing with the New Order and everything they stand for, yet you refuse to enjoy any of the benefits of membership.

    1. Benefits of membership?
      What, paying money to do something you're already doing, and showing your 'support' for this crack-a-jack in your bio?
      Mining is too boring for me to be bothered doing, except in null if I need to make a new ship, so I don't really care either way. This site amuses me, the stupidity shown by both sides is amazing and hilarious (especially for a psychology major) :P

    2. I find it strange that a Supposed "psychology major" would taunt a group know for its violent responses. Call me crazy if you will, [I've got papers to prove it], but it seems to fly in the face of reason. Perhaps that is why you hide behind the title of "Anon" ?

    3. Haha. Why's it strange? The best case studies come from real-life situations. I want to get some more understanding of these people. And I really can't figure out any of the benefits of the membership, they still have to respond in local in an (what I believe to be anyway) extremely short time.
      Question though. The code never states a timeframe for miners to respond by, and different agents appear to have different beliefs on what this should be (3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds). To quote the code: "All miners...are required to prove their presence by responding in local when requested by the Supreme Protector or one of his Agents."
      Some other issues I have with this code is how vague it can be in places. I'm sure someone will point this out, so I will pre-empt you and say that yes I have read this "Since the Code is a living, breathing document, it's not possible to fully enumerate all of the rules.", but that is really just a cop-out to tweak things to suit the situations.
      Examples of vagueness include the lack of timing mentioned above, the "avoid even the appearance of botting." (I still haven't figured this one out, either you are botting, or you aren't), "Bot-aspirant behavior is not permitted." (What is this? I know the agent in this story explains it, but the code does not), and "no excessive mining" (How much is excessive?).
      If James 315 himself could answer these questions, I would be interested in his comments, if not, any answers (supported by links to other documents on this site, but not past posts) would be helpful.

      Oh, and the name Anon? That's because I surf all parts of the net, and Anon is a nice, easy and understood name for all areas. And because I made my google account before I made an Eve account. :)

    4. For a psychology major, this really must have you baffled huh?

      Off you go digging through the code nitpicking this and that when the spirit of this movement has gone straight over the top of your head.

      The academy that awarded you this "psychology major" wouldn't happen to be a portable building in a trailer park, would it?

    5. Nah, I understand the spirit of this movement, and what they are wanting to do. I do applaud them for playing the game as they want to play it, and "breaking the meta" as it were. (Yes, I understand that there is no meta, I'm assuming you understand my meaning).

      To clarify, I do not yet have a psychology major, I am currently studying towards a psychology major. However, this has given me enough understanding to be amused at what is going on with this group, and due to the amount of readings I have to do, and the analysis of said readings for relevant information, "nit-picking" over the code (A whole 2255 words) took no more than 5 minutes. And since I have the spare time to do said reading and the accompanying typing, I don't see the problem of actually reading the code that you guys stand for.

      And I live in NZ, so no trailer parks for me :P

    6. good good. you reached the bargaining stage.
      just be ready for the incoming depression ;)

      agent selina/internet spacepsychologist ELITE(not just major)

    7. Haha :D
      If there is a Maelstrom that leeroyed into a pre-loaded TCRC tomorrow, you'll know I hit the depression stage :P

    8. @Anon psychology major

      "Benefits of membership?"

      Yeah, benefits like not being bumped or ganked. Your long incoherent screeds were unnecessary for such a simple answer.

    9. Anon,

      You can't read this blog in 5 minutes and expect to understand what's at work here; even a little bit. And, yes I am aware you wrote Code, not blog. The Code is the foundation of MinerBumping; however, the blog is where you will gain most of your understanding of "these people." You should have known that you can't skim through the Code, an article explaining and expressing the rules and then assume you know and understand NO and its members, the individual players who believe, follow and enforce. In order to do this it will require lots of "nit-picking."

      Your questions indicate that you actually didn't understand/read the Code. The only question I'll give you, however, is the one about how much time to respond; even though it's been discussed openly and documented... within this very blog.

      Time to respond: It is up to the Agent/player, but there is a guideline as to how long it should be. James 315 gives 5 seconds. That's because you [the miner] should be paying attention to local and what's going on around you. Therefore, if you see someone link your name in local and ask you a question, you can respond almost immediately after it was written in local chat. It should not take you more than 5 seconds to respond if you were actually paying to attention to the video game and your surroundings; which if you're in a 200+ m/ISK ship, you should have no complaint about doing... especially if you can't really afford to replace it (maybe you see where this is starting to go). “[name] are you a bot?”, “no.” Man... writing out “no” and then hitting enter took a whole whopping 0.3 seconds. Granted, the miner probably won’t be hovering over the “n”, “o” and “Enter” keys, which is where leniency comes in… about 4.5 seconds worth.

      Some other Agents/players, however, will give more time for whatever reason. Personally, if I see a miner with anything about supporting NO, destroying Bots, or pleading allegiance to the Code, or James 315, I move on. I do this mainly because when I see someone with that type of bio I’m proud and I know that now they may have to deal with the whinebear players of highsec raging out in local (which for someone in NO is fine, but someone who’s not used to it may find it to be stressful, or difficult), so I want to give them some peace. However, depending on the situation I may check the spreadsheet for their name. I may even invite them to a private convo. And if it just so happens that they are AFK, they are considered KOS. Again this falls to the Agent/player how to handle this. Some might look at this and batphone a bumper to come bump the player, again leniency. More zealous Agents/players may skip the foreplay and go right in for the suicide gank.


    10. Might I suggest that the miner prepopulate the local text box with something to the effect of "all hail the New Order" so that when an agent enters system, all the miner has to do is press enter. Originally, I was thinking he should just type "no" and be ready to hit enter, but that could lead to some crocodile tears if the question is "do you support the New Order" instead of "are you afk."

      Or maybe the miner should just pay attention to local. 5 seconds is a long time.

    11. Ok, thanks for answering that question. I will point out that I have been following this page for 2-3 months, mainly for amusement, but hey, at least I have heard of the site and the NO (something James 315 believes everyone should have). I am really just wanting clarification on points of the code are (to me anyway) vague.

    12. The Code is not vague for the faithful. You must live the Code.

    13. Alright, that sounds great. MB can be a lot of fun and entertaining; glad you're at least gaining some laughs here and there; even if it's at us! If you find something that needs some more clarification send me an in-game email, or ask here again. I try to jump on here every so often. If I see a post of yours that's a question, I'll try to answer it if I can.

      But yeah, there is a lot of information in this blog that could very well go back over a year.

    14. Cool, thanks :)
      Haha, most of the amusement actually ends up being from the miners stupidity. The 1billion ISK Hulk for this weeks "Kills of the Week" is a great example. :P
      I mean, come on, really? They have a sensor booster to lock the asteroid that little bit faster, yet no shield extenders or anything.
      They deserved to be killed.

    15. Being on holidays somewhere sunny with a drink, and reading minerbumping + comments. The little joys of life.

  5. "maybe you shouldn't be saying it at all. Or thinking it."

    Ahahahah, read 1984 again lately James ? :p

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