Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Resistance Is Closed, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... The latest in a long line of resistance movements, THE GIMA CONSORTIUM declared themselves the galaxy's only hope against the New Order.

Agent Neobdragon reported the existence of a new rebel alliance. I assumed he was referring to GIMA, but no, it was yet another rebel-aspirant group: Warlords of the Heavens.
Neobdragon > Greetings!
Leutra > Hello
Neobdragon > I would like to learn about your corporation!
Leutra > Alright... Small, rag-tag, pissed off at this whole new order crap. ready to stand up for ourselves and others. We are small - 6 members - but actively growing. We are, not soon to be a member of the USATO aliance which is also working to put up a
Leutra > stand against the new order. That is our recruting effort so far.
Since no one else had an interest in joining them, the corp's CEO had plenty of time to answer questions from Neobdragon.
Neobdragon > Oh cool.
Neobdragon > How do you intend to stand up against them?
Leutra > I have a couple of key positions I am trying to fill: Warlords of the Heavens Seeks Members We are starting with our home system and the plan is, for now, to just work out from there.
Neobdragon > But then what makes this different from any other mining corporation?
Leutra > We have a few aces up our sleeves - the USATO aliance among others - I am also putting a strong emphasis on intelligence gathering in our efforts towards bringing bringing down the new order.
Leutra had hopes of joining the USATO alliance, a group best known for being chased around by solitary New Order Agent Bing Bangboom.
Neobdragon > Oh?
Neobdragon > What kind of intelligence gathering would bring down the New Order?
Neobdragon > I've heard of something similar but as you can see, they still stand.
Leutra > It is no doubt a difficult task, but we have the skills and expertise in the areas required for that. The start will be difficult but like dominos the hope is things will eventually start toppling
Neobdragon pressed for more information on the corp's ambition to gain valuable intelligence about the New Order. So far, rebel organizations have been very lacking in the intelligence department.

Then Leutra finally bothered to look at Neobdragon's bio. After carefully studying it, Leutra came to a stunning realization: Perhaps Neobdragon wasn't a highsec miner, after all. He accused Neobdragon of being in league with the New Order!
Neobdragon > Just curious as to what measures of protection there are out there. So far none have appeared effective.
Leutra > You may want to mention that to Bing Bangboom who shat himself yesterday as we cased him out of Kobam.
Leutra > Well, you, like your New Order shit - bore me... I really must be going... I must clean my ships windscreen after Bing shat himself yesterday. Hey, maybe I could use some of those permits you guys keep hauking to clean up his little mess.
Leutra made a few parting shots against USATO's hated nemesis, Bing Bangboom.

But what of the "GIMA" rebels? A group of New Order Agents infiltrated their channel, hoping to learn more about the organization from Bna'i, the self-proclaimed rebel leader.
Bna'i > you are one of the CODE.
Bna'i > just like a GOON pet too stupid to know his right from left
Agent 057 > I am accepting payments for mining permits.
Agent 057 > get yours or get ganked
Bna'i > you guys are a copy cat off of us
Bna'i > you know that right
The rebel leader was much more diligent about inspecting our heroes' credentials than Leutra had been. He leveled an extraordinary accusation against them: The New Order is nothing more than a rip-off of the anti-New Order alliance!
Bna'i > we were doin this yars ago
Bna'i > in highsec
Bna'i > read the charter
Bna'i > you based you code off of it
Bna'i > u heard about us in Eve news no doubt'
Bna'i claimed his group had done everything the New Order had done, years ago. Yet his claims aroused suspicion, because no one could find anyone who had ever heard of him. Also, the whole "rebel alliance" gimmick kind of implies that there was some preexisting thing that they were rebelling against in the first place.
Crazy Bill Ovaert > we are kind
Crazy Bill Ovaert > and give miners the chance to repent their sins
Bna'i > you owe me money you fuckers
Bna'i > you think you can use my idea
Bna'i > and make money and not pay me
Bna'i > fuck that
Agent 057 > gets tear bucket
Agent Crazy Bill Ovaert attempted to explain to Bna'i the difference between the two groups. But Bna'i was only interested in venting his anger against the Order.
Bna'i > i hope you are getting that bucket to catch your fucking head when i cut it the fuck off
Agent 057 > you mad bro?
TearsForThePoor > mmmm those tears
Bna'i > mad about what
Bna'i > i just come for what you owe me
Bna'i > or your fucking head
Agent 057 > if you need a permit . . .let me know
Bna'i > i dont mine
Bna'i > Im a proffessional GOON and CODE. hunter
Our Agents felt compassion for the poor man. Bna'i went into fits of rage, which were punctuated by his protesting that he wasn't really mad. But he did seem mad.
Bna'i > We are here to fight for those who still resist
Bna'i > For info join the "New Eden Resistance Network" Mailing list
Bna'i > we are the GIMA CODEBREAKERS
Out of nowhere, Bna'i called upon any neutrals in the convo to join his side.
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > brb tear bucket is full need to emty it
TearsForThePoor > I have a spare one Black
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > ty
Hikaru Inumakari > NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS well your descrip is a lie....afk'rs and bots....petty liars
Hikaru Inumakari > New Order Logistics and this descrip....LOL i dare you all to fight a real war
Hikaru Inumakari > hmph and illegal mining ops accoring to your stupid blog.....your nothing but idiots who cant fight
Bna'i > You dumb shits you cant gank your way to an empire]
Another member of the rebel group, Hikaru Inumakari, condemned the New Order corps for their lack of honour.
Agent 057 > need to get a bigger bucket
Bna'i > like i sd im a professional GOON hunter
Hikaru Inumakari > yep code will soon have to dock up or run from fights in the war comes to them
Balthier Van-Graff > So you can gank a few miners. yay. But can yu fight a straight up war? Not a chance. Fucking noobs
Bna'i > We are the Anti CODE see..... GIMA CODEBREAKERS (-CODE) as the ticker
Bna'i > we are sooo anti you
Apparently abandoning all claims of originality, Bna'i declared that the entire purpose of GIMA's existence was to be the opposite of the New Order. In that much, he succeeded. The New Order has achieved nothing but victories, and GIMA, well... They do the other thing.


  1. Rebels fight only with words, doing nothing but pretending to act. And then they say the New Order are the roleplayers...

  2. I wonder how much it would cost to get them dec'd by the major merc alliances.

  3. "Hikaru Inumakari > New Order Logistics and this descrip....LOL i dare you all to fight a real war" I am confused by this, is he talking RL or war dec on us? I assume he knows anyone can war dec NODD or Logistics (provided they have the isk). That is how it works right? What a care bear, I can hear the theme song every time this guy talks.

  4. Let's make this simple for you dunderheads.....intelligence is key...1.) who is paying your isk to continue ganking or supporting your cause and who is not. 2.) Who might or might not come to the support of those called indy. 3.) the toons and corps involved. So with that said if you support CODE...we will kill you. At some point yes we might or might not dec the CODE alliance itself. But this where it becomes a choice...choose CODE and their goon masters....pay them...even spread their crappy propaganda...and sooner or later we will hunt you and kill you. PPL like the conference elite may join a dec but they dont come to help you they dont care about you. Stand up against CODE, stand for High Sec to bring them down....keep GOONS and their pets at bay...join together...fight for what you want instead of laying down like some dog. That is your choice....YOU stand against CODE or you stand with them....with them you die...against them you may share in peace and prosperity.

    Hikaru Inumakari

    1. I don't want you to hurt yourself, so here is the info for 1.) http://www.minerbumping.com/p/shareholders.html 2.) is no one, afk miner is afk. 3.) CODE. will give you a pretty big chuck of targets. We like wardecs. I promise we won't dock up.

    2. You know who funds the cause? People who like emergent gameplay. Also EVE's only legitimate isk doubler.

      Also, I like to contract t2 catalysts to them for free. Then again, miners can't afford anything expensive because they lose it every time thanks to their inability to fit correctly and/or pay 10m.

    3. Yes, take a stand against the New Order by joining a big scary corp with a whole whopping 16 kills to their name. https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99003661/ Or instead, join the mighty GIMA CODEBREAKERS, who also have a staggering, mind blowing 8 kills. https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98251417/ And grand total of 2 of those kills have been against New Order agents. Good fight, I can see the Order unraveling as we speak.

      If this is high-secs only hope against the New Order, the resistance has much to fear.

    4. 1) follow Lenda's advise all your answers are there (she made it so easy even a AFK miner could find it). 2) good luck pulling miners away from their you tube screens to get them to arm their lasers or missile tubes. 3) what is with all this GOON talk, what did they take away your POCO or system. If you have a problem with GOON head to their area of space and shoot them.

    5. The only resistant thing I see here is carebears' skulls

    6. "So with that said if you support CODE...we will kill you."

      Does this mean you will suicide gank miners who support NO?

  5. I have been playing this game since the beginning, spent way too much time and money doing what I enjoy. I remember GIMA back some years ago, and what they accomplished in a short period of time; ultimately lost to circumstances and some bad decisions. I was impressed with the determination and combat skills of their teams.

    It makes me smile to see that they are back in the game!

    I like a good fight, so I am going to pledge one hundred plex to them to make things more interesting.

    Happy hunting!

    1. Make sure they put it in a un-tanked hauler and AP in NO space.

    2. Combat skills. GIMA. Pick one.

  6. Now, I'm not that good at eve or anything ... but giving your enemy your intel channel/list is probably a bad idea (tm).

  7. So the rebel leader has a time machine. After the New Order was founded, he went back into time to start an anti-New Order organization. Wondering why he is against something that did not exist yet, everyone laughed at him and he earned a poor reputation. Ironically, starting the anti-New Order before the saviour James 315 even rose to be chosen leader of highsec caused this rebel group to crush their goals all by themselves.

    Never underestimate the power of a bot aspirant miner to seal his own fate.

    If I had a time machine, I would instead travel into the future and to witness a universe where 100% of miners are Code compliant. Perhaps even witness James 315 unite all of highsec, lowsec, and nullsec into a single government and reign over the rest of time bringing perpetual peace and prosperity.

  8. *chuckles* All these miners are so silly. If there really so upset about the New Order they should just head somewhere they aren't. There's still large tracts of hi-sec the New Order hasn't touched. Anyways, keep up your "emergent gameplay" guys it sure is funny.


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