Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Supporters for September 2013

Each month, MinerBumping immortalizes its top isk contributors in a hall of fame post. The "Month's Top Supporters" sidebar will begin showing the current month's supporters in a few days. You can view the August 2012, September, October, November, December, January 2013, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August top 10 lists at the appropriate links.

Here are our top isk contributors for September 2013:

September 2013

#1. Robert Leheirault
3,580,000,000 isk

#2. Nicholas AV
2,050,000,000 isk

#3. Veekay Tehsu
1,500,000,000 isk

#4. Bing Bangboom
1,000,000,000 isk

#5. Circe Thunder
500,000,000 isk

#6. Elizabeth Aideron
250,000,000 isk

#7. Rickbass4001
231,000,000 isk

#8. handypantz
202,000,000 isk

#9. Ajaxxe Katelo
200,000,000 isk

#9. Kaarous Aldurald
200,000,000 isk

As always, these fine men and women of EVE keep highsec safe by allowing us to use their isk to buy suicide ganking ships. We will always treasure them for their courage and integrity.


  1. Nearly 10B isk in that list, and you're back down to 100M; righteousness is expensive.

    1. I'm thinking that ISK counter is a decoy, fooling carebears into thinking they're broke.


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