Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Robotnik-Aspirant, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rebel mastermind Dr Robotnik-x began slandering the New Order to anyone in Kino who would listen. He revealed himself to be a denialist, claiming that the New Order doesn't really exist, and that all my supporters are really my alts!

Fueled by Robotnik's passion for his new conspiracy theory, other disgruntled miners in the system expressed their displeasure toward the Order.

I have so much empathy for other people that it's practically a superpower. I could feel instantly that Nomin Wethrin was a wounded soul, a highsec miner who had been killed repeatedly in the past. I reassured her that the New Order wasn't like the other gankers she knew.

Indeed, Nomin had been ganked by Knights of the Order. It was clear that Nomin still felt the sting of that encounter. I moved quickly, making sure she knew that it was her own fault for being attacked. This is a very empowering message for a victim to hear, because it means that they can prevent the bad thing from happening to them again.

But Nomin wasn't having it. She insisted that she had paid for a mining permit. Could it be true?

I doubted Nomin's story. If true, however, her story could blown the credibility of the Order wide open.

Highsec carebear and aspiring bot William Ijonen trotted out the same old miner fears about the mining permit price going up. It's been well over a year now, and the price is still 10 million. Time to put that nonsense to rest.

Gravity is one of the fundamental forces of the universe. It means that the other shoe will always drop. In this case, the second shoe came in the form of Nomin admitting she never put a pledge of loyalty in her bio, and that she lacks faith in the New Order--Code violations both. Her death sentence(s) had been just.

As I did my victory lap, a random rebel in system had a "Eureka!" moment and became the first miner ever to say that I'm guilty of "extortion". In his mind, that is. Everyone else has heard that one a million times already.

As the Kino system celebrated the continued credibility of the New Order, I located and punished a random bot. Foolishly, she attempted to evade me by orbiting the ice she was mining. Another invitation to display my power.

Anthea Meeks had to admit that I was very proficient in my bumping. The bumpers of the Order know how to manually navigate in space, rejecting the comforts of the "approach" and "orbit" commands that so many "elite" PvP'ers rely upon.

Robotnik's ally, Nomin, had been discredited. He returned to the comforting delusion of denialism, but was rudely interrupted by a pack of Goons who entered the system and pledged their support for me.

Incredibly, after having experienced the benefits of the New Order's governance, Kino rebels were now looking fondly upon their natural enemies, the Goons. Could a carebear-Goon rapprochement be in the offing?

To be continued...


  1. "I would never just gank miners at random .. Not that there's anything wrong with that"

    Now that is comedy gold right there.

    - Guybertini

  2. William Ijonen > James 315 who else would I talk about

    James 315 > good point

    Me > hahahahhahahahahahahaha, I love James!

  3. This supports my theory James is probably a comedian in real life, stuff like this is gold!

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  4. Miners turning to goons for comfort has to be rock bottom. Their moment of realization of just how far in the gutter they have gone. Can their conversion from bots to actual players be far behind? Maybe a 12 step program... step 1... buy a permit.

  5. Still think you must be weak minded to be loyal to James. That, or you really love Rping, which would be the only logical case of thinking that J315 is right.

    "I support Kino's rebels!"

    1. I support james because he successfully rose to supremacy in high-sec, I NEVER saw anyone pull that off, so I respect him for the big commitment and dedication and patience that he endured, again, never saw anyone able to do that.

    2. Yes. The true test of the righteous miner is to laugh in the face of the apostasy. The least bot-aspirant thing a miner may ever do is mine in low or null.

      In High, the closest mining experience to mining in low or null is mining in contravention of the Code in a system patrolled by the New Order.

      Therefore the righteous miners will never pay, while the most righteous miners will abandon mining to gank or bump true bot aspirants who either pay to let their PvP atrophy or who mine in fleets of their alts for extended periods, multiboxing, afking or straight up botting.

      Long live the rebellion .... and let the New Order live for as long as it is needed as short as that need be.

    3. Long live? rebellion? your so-called rebellion is just a group of carebear miners that are cowering in stations while spewing out insults, claiming to be "destroy the new order"

      Bah! if you think that you making a rebellion, then I fear that you are just wasting precious time.

      A true rebellion is all about rebels attacking WITH GUNS, not words, words do nothing bro.

      All hail james 315.

    4. Claiming to "destroy the new order"*

      Sorry for the typo.

  6. I think this guys supports James & the honorable Knights! Or else he wouldn't be so apt to post on this important message to the denizens of carebear space

  7. Q: what's worse than a bot-aspirant?
    A: a Robotnik-aspirant

  8. This is why I have always felt the mining permit is too inexpensive. Miners simply cannot fathom that a 1 year permit would only cost 10m. Perhaps if it was more reasonable, more miners would embrace the Code. Just like in real life, when people pay more isk for something, they tend to value it more. Of course, an exhumer permit should cost more than a mining frigate permit, so there can be a few classes of permits:

    Mining frigate: 50 million.
    Barge: 100m
    Exhumer: 150m

    Multi-ship permit, 250m.

    Non-mining ships should be treated separately and perhaps not covered. It is shameful that miners would use a war ship for something as ridiculous as mining for instance.

    Another problem with the 10m permit is that those who will pay it don't take the Code as seriously as they should. They feel they can just buy another permit later after violating the Code. This is flawed thinking of course. But even a red pen violation is relatively cheap to overcome.

    Another possible solution might be to link a mining permit to a specific system, or even more specifically per asteroid belt. No one who takes only what he needs should have any reason to mine in more than one system or belt anyway. Since ice is becoming more and more endangered, an ice permit should be more expensive and perhaps tied to each spawn of ice. 10-25m per day per spawn seems very reasonable and consistent with the fact that we all need to do what we can to preserve this natural resource.

    If we do not increase the price of mining permits, I fear there will soon be no more ice nor ore for any future generation.

    1. The Code should also be changed to expressly prohibit the apparent appearance of Multibox Software. Multiboxing is not technically AFK mining but it is certainly bot aspirancy. The mere appearance of multiboxing should be outlawed in the code.

      Elements of Erotica 1's plan would encourage bot-like behaviour as miners mine more to get a ROI (return on isk). 25m isk per spawn will fail to get a ROI for more than 5 miners.

      Further it means that these miners must mine continuously for over 2 hours 20 minutes before they pay back the fee. ie to double their return they need to mine 4 hours straight which is when the ice should deplete and is pure bot-aspirancy.

      Setting this fee would however be great news for Hi-sec. Just google "Eureka Stockade" which is a real world example of what miners did when the government decided to triple mining fees.

      Like the Eureka Stockade, this move would convince more miners to reject the Code and not pay and at the same time it might just trigger the development of a civil rights and social justice movement like it did in Australia.. In the short term it would expose miners to mining at risk of bump and gank, which is the most powerful statement a miner can make against bot aspirancy. There is nothing less bot-aspirant or more heroic that a miner can do than taking a Gank Tanked Procurer to an ice field and asteroid field known to contain multiple Agents. Unless you count putting the Procurer back in station to take out a cruiser to bump bot-aspirants who warp in 5 Multi-boxed Mackinaw alts.

      I do approve of the fee based on ship type. Miners should not be encouraged to yield tank at the expense of making them gank targets.

      Membership fees:
      1m isk Venture
      10m isk Procurer
      10m isk Skiff
      50m isk Retriever
      50m isk Covetor
      250m isk Mackinaw
      1bn isk Hulk
      2bn isk Orca

      I would not limit permits to a system as we want to encourage anti-bot behaviour which includes moving systems.

    2. Let's go even further. Let there be agent on every belt checking the cargo-holds of every miner presently mining and tax them like 20-40%. More the bigger the vessel is.
      Erotica, any more stupid ideas? Do you want to cripple high sec mining? Want to boost profit of low and null sec miners?
      Let's go further and tax missioning players. Yes, let's kill the game. Let's leave only the masters (agents) and slaves (all the rest).
      Something like feudal system.

      If you lot would have any dignity or hold true to any ethical values, you would instruct the new players, not shoot them first, talk later. Some don't even notice you posting in the local, or not react fast enough. Some don't speak good English. But you self righteous, trigger happy people would shoot them faster that they can react. You come prepared, with the intend to do something, while they even if sitting and watching the beautiful sights and listening to the score, will probably fail to react fast enough. Some more than once for sure.
      Anyway try actively mining for more than an hour or two, before you judge AFK miners.

    3. Those are some fantastic ideas! We do need to protect the precious resources of highsec, and a mining tax is a great idea. If we do not reduce mining in highsec, someday there may be no choice but to gather needed minerals in lowsec and null. James, in his infinite wisdom, understands that occasionally even the Code compliant need to gather a handful of resources for personal use. Taking more than you need is a violation of the Code and dangerous for the future of these resources. Someday we may have to ban all highsec mining if miners do not begin to act more responsibly.

      Taxing missions is another great idea! Current rewards are very low due to excessive mission running. A tax, along with requirements to live by the Code, may be necessary to fix that element of the game.

      It is funny that you thought up the idea of a feudal system, because I was thinking precisely the same thing last night! It seems to make sense for the great Saviour of Highsec to appoint regional leaders for various parts of highsec to maintain order and collect the government's revenue. In fact, I am considering taking a prominent role myself in protecting the Caldari ice fields. Imagine if all of the ice systems were patrolled 23/7 for compliance to the Code. Caldari ice seems like a logical first step due to its overwhelming use for carebear control towers. There is also ample existing supply in nullsec that can be brought up, so there is no real need for mining much of it in highsec. After all, if it keeps getting mined as much as it has been in highsec, the fields may eventually go away forever.

      I agree that many players do not speak English well. In fact, for whatever reason, it seems that those who have a weak understanding of language also tend to gravitate toward mining. We understand that these people need education, which is why the New Order is committed to re-educating the entire highsec mining community. Ignorance of the Code or local chat is no excuse. In fact, it is these bot-aspirant behaviors that must be corrected.

      I assure you that no one in the New Order is "trigger happy." In a perfect universe, there would be no need for firing on miners. In fact, no agent gets any joy from finding miners abusing the belts with reckless disregard for the Code. However, there is great joy in being instrumental to turning these miners' lives around. There is no greater calling than to be an agent of the New Order. Well, unless you are James 315 himself. He has the greatest calling of all time.

      Like many agents, I did actively mine for an hour or two when I was brand new to Eve. I think most people have mined for an hour or two. It only takes a short time to realize how dreadfully boring mining is. Watching bots and bot aspirants suck up huge amounts of resources around you while you actively mine is probably one of the worst feelings anyone can experience, especially when you find out that they do so mainly to build more mining ships for more accounts to keep the process expanding. It is sickening.

      So anyway, thanks again for bringing up such great ideas. It is very important that we all actively participate in making Eve a better place for future players.

    4. "Do you want to cripple high sec mining? " Yes.

      "Want to boost profit of low and null sec miners?" Yes.

      "Let's go further and tax missioning players." Yes!

      "Something like feudal system." Yes!

      "But you self righteous, trigger happy people would shoot them faster that they can react. " YES!

      "Anyway try actively mining for more than an hour or two, before you judge AFK miners." I did, and will now engage in all the glorious activities above, with your full blessing upon me. Thank you.

    5. "I assure you that no one in the New Order is "trigger happy.""

      I'm trigger happy, but I'm not in the NO. That's ok though, I"ll join this anonymous's ganking order, he has some great ideas.

    6. @Erotica: What you say is fun to read, but only if one know it's a roleplaying. some out there see you as madmans, cult-radicals, sadist, or delusioned cynics.
      Not many in the EVE universe role-play. I don't even know how are other MMO's out there. I used to play paperback one's thou and we knew we were role playing then, but in the modern gaming rarely you can see anyone doing that.
      So if you wish to educate new or stagnant players, better do it the way EVE-Uni does it, or find similar, but better way, because at the moment NO is seen as a criminals, pirates, scum or at least a nuisance.

      Anyway laughing is good, healthy and I enjoy it. But when you scam or ridicule, display your uber skill in "discussion" with naive, not experienced, skilled, or in any way less prepared, it's not considered to be "fun" by the majority, only by the minority that is doing the taunting.

    7. In EVE, being a criminal pirate is a good thing.

      Oops, looks like your entire point just got destroyed.

    8. It was made by criminal pirates to be a game where being a criminal pirate was a good thing. That's why.

  9. I want James, as the sovereign of highsec, to end up controlling all the highsec POCOs after Rubicon. I wonder if New Order Logistics is up to that challenge? Where is Aria Stane when we need her?

    1. Starting to sound like a hisec miner, there, Von Keigai. "I want (someone else) to do (something cool)." You're better than that.

  10. The Code and the Mining Permit are the carrot. The Catalyst is the stick.
    The New Order will use both to instruct.
    Show me a new player and i will show you a player that will be happy to have the carrot instead.


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