Friday, October 25, 2013

James 315 Sends His Regards, Part 1

Back in June 2012, when I first began teaching highsec miners the Code, critics told me that my vision could never succeed. "You can't be everywhere in highsec at once," they said. Not quite. I can be everywhere in highsec, if I have enough Agents.

Zazz Razzamatazz is a proud Agent of the New Order. He loves the Code almost as much as he loves the letter "Z". And when he sees a miner disobeying the Code, he swings into action.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Halaima
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador are you AFK?
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador You have been found mining in violation of the Code. Pay 10mil for a Mining Permit or risk mining cycle termination. See for details.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador you have been removed from the ice belt.
Zazz was flying through the Halaima ice anomaly on a routine patrol. He spotted Arnisador piloting a Mackinaw and behaving suspiciously. So Zazz did what any Agent would do. He tapped on the Mackinaw's window with his Stabber and asked if everything was okay.
Arnisador > suck me dipshit
Zazz Razzamatazz > Very rude
Arnisador > fuck off
Zazz Razzamatazz > Please keep local clean and free from abusive talk
Arnisador > eat me stupid
Zazz Razzamatazz > Permits are only 10mil per year
Arnisador > shove it up your ass
Zazz Razzamatazz > Anyone here care to learn from Arnisador and want to buy a permit now?
Arnisador > thay guy is an idiot
Zazz's finely-honed instincts were right on. Arnisador's own words in local convicted the miner of being a villain. Clearly, clearly, Arnisador had no love for the Code.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador you have been removed from the ice belt. Pay 10mil to resume mining activities.
Arnisador > suck a dick
Balthazar Sikadi > Zazz Razzamatazz yo, is there anything over in caldari land that's easy to fit a 100MN to? Looks like fun, but skillqueue on this account is for another char
Zazz Razzamatazz > This ship is the best for bumping
Arnisador > better than the fuckin big wheel you were in last are learnig kiddo
Zazz Razzamatazz > What are you doing Arnisador ? You can't mine that without a permit
Arnisador > just wait till you leave
Freedom of speech is a fine thing. But the Code has done a lot for Zazz, and he doesn't like to see miners showing it such disrespect, especially on New Order soil. Arnisador was defiant, vowing to resume mining once Zazz left. But as I said, if I have enough Agents, I can be everywhere...

Agents Connor O'Keer and Stimfisk Lennelluc came out of nowhere and landed within firing range of Arnisador. The miner went boom. They also recorded a video of this kill, which you can watch on YouTube. Above, you can see a screenshot from the video of Arnisador at the "Schrödinger's Mackinaw" moment: He is simultaneously a Mackinaw, a wreck, and a pod.
Stimfisk Lennelluc > Kill: Arnisador (Mackinaw)
Stimfisk Lennelluc > BLAP
Connor O'Keer > James 315 sends his regards
Zazz Razzamatazz > New Order justice
Arnisador > guys argay
Stimfisk Lennelluc > no slurs
It was an extraordinary victory. Arnisador had been bumped out of the ice anomaly and then killed. What a great lesson for Arnisador and all the other carebears in system. Connor wasn't lying; I send my regards with each lossmail that a Code-violator receives.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador Ready to buy that permit yet?
Arnisador > quit asking fuck facce
Stimfisk Lennelluc > whoa
Zazz Razzamatazz > Arnisador Ready to buy that permit yet?
Arnisador > wow you are smart
Stimfisk Lennelluc > permits worth it mate
Arnisador > how come you didnt kill me?
Arnisador > had to call big brother?
Zazz thought he had made his point: The New Order is too big to run from. Arnisador seethed, complaining that Zazz had called in support from other Agents rather than pulling the trigger himself. But the New Order is also big enough for bumpers and gankers alike.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Kill: Arnisador (Mackinaw) A permit would have been cheaper.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Who here would like to avoid his foolish fate?
Stimfisk Lennelluc > Seriously guys, permits are the baws
Zazz Razzamatazz > Kasmire Long do you have permits for that mining op?
Zazz Razzamatazz > Menja Long You have been found mining in violation of the Code. Pay 10mil for a Mining Permit or risk mining cycle termination. See for details.
As Arnisador's pod retreated to the station, Zazz moved on. He was surprised to see an Orca piloted by Kasmire Long assisting a mining vessel piloted by Menja Long. Neither had permits. So Zazz pulled up his sleeves and began bumping Menja. He immediately received a convo from her.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Greetings
Menja Long > what the hell are you doing?
One line into the convo, and Menja was already channeling Mine Teck. Not a good sign.
Zazz Razzamatazz > I am enforcing The New Halaima Code of Conduct
Menja Long > back off or I will make a report
Zazz Razzamatazz > Only 10mil per year
Menja Long > back off
Zazz Razzamatazz > The Code is law I'm afraid
Menja Long > last chance back off or eelse
Zazz Razzamatazz > Don't be like Kill: Arnisador (Mackinaw)
Menja Long > you are going to be reported byw of phone call!
The situation escalated far more quickly than Zazz could have imagined. Menja was ready to petition him, and she wasn't going to do it the slow way. She had a telephone. Could a representative of CCP already be on the other end of the line?
Menja Long > pvp is one thing dude, scamming is another and you better re-read the rules as you are going to have your account band for grive rule
Zazz Razzamatazz > 1. I'm not scamming 2. Scamming isn't against the rules
Zazz Razzamatazz > Any percieved grief is due to your refusal to become Code complaint. That's not my fault
Menja Long > you are isk spamming and yes that is againtest the rules!
Menja Long > I am making a ticket as we speak
Zazz Razzamatazz > You may want to read the Code
Zazz Razzamatazz > We are making the game better for everyone
Menja Long > I really hope your account was worth 10 mil
Zazz had encountered a space lawyer of the first degree. She was absolutely confident that she could ban the bumper, and that would be the end of it. But this was Halaima, birthplace of the Code, and Zazz had no fear of space lawyers. The conflict between Menja Long and the New Order was only beginning.

To be continued...


  1. Meanwhile in Hadji....

    A group of relatively unknown folks do a far better job of being efficient when it comes to removing bot aspirants. That most New Order agents can only seem to handle one or two miners at a time and then recieve articles and articles of praise for their microscopic scale of work is a shame to MinerBumping.

    1. And your vague statement will contribute to them continuing to be unknown.

    2. Anonymous @ 7:27 was referring to the incredibly successful strike against The WIs' isoboxing Mackinaw fleet. I believe it was around 40 some Mackinaw kills valued at 13-14 billion using a half dozen smartbombing BS. It was actually really well executed. It's a good example of what a handful of people can do with the proper planning.

    3. For those curious, Gevlon has links to the gank as kill reports and video.

      Nony, most bot aspirants do not fly in such concentrated bunches. But I feel quite confident that Agents would do exactly the same thing if they found such a juicy concentration of bots.

    4. I do not share your confidence in any regard. Despite the declarations of protecting ALL of high sec, I see most reports of New Order activity happening within just a handful of systems in Caldari space. Even Bing Bangboom says he afk cloaks in space, presumably while he is not doing his job. This is laziness, a complete ineptitude to actually rid high sec of bot aspirants.

      If the New Order wants to claim it is protecting all of highsec, it needs to spread its influence even farther. If it had been doing this, we'd be reading a report of brave and selfless agents of CODE. smart bombing those Mackinaws.

    5. You are right. Its all a big sham. You are free to afk mine all you want. We never gank anyone. Also officer fit is the best way to go; get the most isk/hr that way.

    6. Watching the Watchmen.October 26, 2013 at 12:54 AM

      What is your personal contribution to the fight against bot aspirancy, Anonymous? You present yourself as an arbiter and judge, without any credentials to back up your claim.

    7. This article makes me want to login and enforce the Code.

  2. I'll answer this in pieces.

    1. I am quite possibly one of your benefactors, providing the New Order with liquid capital to buy ships to enforce the code with. As such it is within my realm to say that the Order is capable of far more than it is doing right now, taking down the biggest of aspirants and not just the easiest ones to pick out as amusing as their dramatic responses can be.

    2. Lenda, your defensive yet sarcastic response is almost believable, your tone sounding like that of the illegal carebears themselves. Besides, never once did I say or insinuate the Order is a sham, or that you don't gank. I merely stated there are others out there doing better work than the Order, making themselves the shining role models that you should rightfully be.

    1. you are quite possibly a monkey in a fez, chained to an organ grinder.
      your "answers" are just ambiguous insults.
      if you have constructive examples, useful intel, or if you'd like to come down from your veiled pedestal and lead us to this certain and complete victory, since we have disappointed you by not being everywhere, and doing everything please do.
      otherwise since you dont use your name, we are forced to take what you say with a grain of salt, and lump you in with the other random anonymous posters.

    2. I'll answer your pieces with pieces:

      1. No, it's not. That doesn't follow.

      2. You're wrong, and even if you were right, it wouldn't justify your recommendations.

      Simple, boring answers, for a simple, boring troll.

      In all seriousness, the more this other group smartbombs large groups of isboxed macks, the LESS need there is for the New Order to develop this capability, not more. This other group isn't in competition with the NO, but is working towards a similar goal. This weird troll is basically arguing that for every aircraft carrier the Navy receives, the Army must strive to also purchase an aircraft carrier. That doesn't make any sense. Would it be nice for the NO to work towards acquiring pipe bombing experience? Sure, of course it would.

      Overall, you get a 1/10 as you didn't say anything of worth, but you picked an interesting subject to attempt to troll on so you get a pity point.

  3. That is the worst analogy I have ever seen. I don't even award you a pity point for that one because both the Army and the Navy fall under the singular authority of the Department of Defense. Last time I checked, the smartbombers of Hadji did this of their own accord and not because James 315 told them too. In fact, nowhere in their story was he even mentioned, nor was the code.

    This is a case of indirect competition. And the best the New Order could do to counter their success is to wave its pom-poms and declare them a "success for the Code". Another choice is for the New Order to pick up some ganks on multiboxing miners that garners some attention on sites such as TMC and EN24 (though EN24 is terrible) instead of letting James parade around with the tears of rookie pilots on his own website.

    Nice to see you could come up with such a logically flawed and dismissive response to a boring troll though. I didn't expect much better.

    1. Irrelevant objections, just a bunch of meaningless red herrings.

      I didn't expect much better.

      Keep posting by all means, prove that the NO isn't significant by frantically posting here multiple times per day. Logically flawed yes, though clearly not dismissive as you hoped. Your troll attempt is morphing into delicious tears, before our eyes. Our thanks.

    2. Did you really suggest that the New Order needs to garner attention from TMC???? DO YOU EVEN MITTANTI BRO??!!!! Have you never READ TMC? Just do a search for James, and see how many results turn up. Oh, and pay no mind to the fact that New Order members CONTRIBUTE to it.
      If only you werent the 42,685th Anonymous person to say something here without using any shred of who you actually are, we MIGHT have been able to take you seriously.

  4. The New Order isnt really new. Its a ragtag bunch of lol-pirates who enjoy griefing. Since griefing is against the rules, they created a loop hole to destroy defenseless ships because they cant do much else but shoot fish in a barrel.

    They are organized. They have a plan. They are extremely effective.

    But even though you cant admit that you operate behind this facade (understandably) we all know why you do what you do. You love terrorizing Hi-sec with your passive aggressive tactics. (ie we are only protecting the miners from yourselves)

    You are mostly un-eloquent teenagers with a bully complex. James, congratulations on creating an unmistakable niche and demand for these activities. No sarcasm here at all, THIS IS WHAT EVE IS ABOUT!


  5. In response to a couple comments here... [this is long sorry]

    First and foremost, awesome disco BS gank. I've wanted to do that for a long while. Secondly, grats to the gank this article is about. It's always funny to watch the bumpee go kaboom.

    For those of you who don't know Gevlon Goblin was once a part of NO. Gevlon Goblin is arguably one of the most determined individuals to obliterate miners/bots/bot-aspirants regardless of just about anything; even if that means playing Eve like a job. Eventually NO's Killboard and how it could rival nullsec alliances, and other various elite pvp'er’s KBs was brought up for discussion by Gevlon Goblin. In fact, it was introduced that NO could surpass GSF’s KB and it was achievable within a year if everything went according to plan. Of course this would mean having to kill hundreds of Exhumers in a very short amount of time per week/month in order to achieve this goal. As we started entertaining the idea another presented itself. NO has never been about proving itself through a KB, nor anything “elite” in the sense of a KB (We’re better than you because we have x amount and you only have y). Also, at the time this was up for debate, NO had a small handful of dedicated gankers. There was no way we were going to accomplish was Gevlon was proposing, no matter how much we wanted (for those of us who did) without not going to sleep. We just didn’t have the man power to hell camp all the mining belts. The real question came down to, “do we want to have fun, or do we want to play this game as a job and not have fun?”
    NO is where a lot of new gankers start out. If you watch the video linked here and you understand ganking, you’ll see some of the mistakes that are made. Did it cost the gank? Of course not and most would argue that’s all that matters. Regardless, they were new ganker mistakes and when Gevlon proposed his sales pitch about having one of the best KB’s in Eve, NO had a lot of new gankers.. again this was going to fall on those of us who could solo a Mack in a 0.7, sort of speak and without sleep.

    It was decided that NO was going to continue normal operating procedures. Gevlon decided that NO wasn’t dedicated enough and left. What he didn’t realize is that NO is more about having fun, training new gankers, helping the carebears that want to be helped (ship fittings, advice, etc.) and content. Gevlon was more about blitzkrieg and killing everyone to prove himself/corp/alliance. Both are good viable options. We may take separate roads, but our destination is the same.

    @Anonymous October 25, 2013 at 7:27 PM
    Bro, you do something and a day later you’re already complaining about not getting noticed? First off, did you even let James know about what you did? Secondly, wait. We completed an Orca fleet a week ago where we ganked 8 Orcas and hijacked the 9th costing over 8B in damages in a little over 3 hours. Nothing’s been written about it yet, you don’t see us crying.


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