Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The New Order Reaches a New Milestone

Congratulations are in order--the New Order, that is.

Though our Agents transcend the boundaries of corps, alliances, and coalitions, the CODE. alliance is home to many. According to the info available on EVE-Gate, CODEdot is home to 191 Code-loving members. You know what that means? It's alliance logo time!

Alliances that have been around for more than 6 months, and which contain over 150 members, are entitled to their very own alliance logo. It's the ultimate symbol of EVE legitimacy; the artwork must be approved by CCP and added into the game by a patch.

Though not every logo submission is approved, the logos have historically been a way for an alliance to express its own identity in the EVE universe. Many years ago, the Goons made history when their now-famous cartoon "solider bee" logo was approved. At the time, it was controversial, since many critics said the cartoon bee didn't "feel" like EVE. Now it's the New Order's turn to add its artwork into official EVE history.

Artists and artist-aspirants, this is a golden opportunity for you. The official EVE Wiki contains the specifications for an alliance logo submission here. The logo must be 128x128 pixels and use the Photoshop (PSD) format. Some other paint applications, such as Paint.NET, have plugins which enable them to save images in that format. For more info, such as how the layers must be set up, check the link above.

Khoda Khan, our alliance's executor, will be the one to submit the alliance logo. That will happen once we've decided what logo to use. All artist contributions and feedback are welcome. Even if you don't know how to format the image correctly, you can send in your ideas by creating images and uploading them to an image host, such as imgur. You can EVEmail links to me, or you can post in the MinerBumping forum thread that Khoda Khan started.

The mechanism by which we'll select the alliance logo will depend on how many submissions we get. It may end up going to a shareholder vote. In addition, if CCP rejects our initial submission, a runner-up may be used as a Plan B.

Get to it!


CODEdot was sent over the 150-member line by its newest corp, Krypteia Operations. Its CEO? None other than Erotica 1, the New Order's biggest shareholder.

I received an EVEmail from Caelestina, who informed me and several other bright lights of the EVE galaxy, out of the blue, about some exciting news.

After a hiatus, Erotica 1 returned to EVE and began doubling isk like nobody's business. As part of a special bonus round, Caelestina was required to allow escrow agents to repeatedly pod her in a non-upgraded clone. It's unclear how many skillpoints were lost during this process, but as they say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Caelestina also sent an EVEmail to her entire corp, urging them to put a bounty on Erotica 1. Considering the size of Erotica 1's bounty, perhaps some of them took her up on that.

I took a look at Caelestina's bio, and she appeared to be in good spirits. Was she richer, though?

Apparently during the API verification process, Erotica 1 discovered a bunch of Veldspar in Caelestina's possession--a clear indication of illegal mining, since Caelestina didn't own a permit. Caelestina had committed a serious violation of the Code, a Red Pen offense. But that's a story for another day. Let's get to the good news!

Erotica 1 gave me my very own Scorpion Ishukone Watch! It's incredibly gratifying to know that I've got one of these lovely ships, just like the employees of SOMER Blink.

CCP didn't secretly hand it to me for my service to the EVE community--and I would never keep such a thing secret from my beloved Order--but it still feels good. With a Scorpion Ishukone Watch in my hangar and an alliance logo in our future, can anyone deny that the New Order is the real deal?


  1. a well deserved show of appreciation!
    i havent seen somer defeat any bots.

  2. How about a barge snapped in half superimposed over a tear drop?

    1. I was thinking "Barge with a targeting reticle" ... but this I like more.

  3. Hmm, something's wrong. I logged into Corel Paintshop, undocked a new blank image, and went AFK to have a sandwich and browse youtube. When I came back 2 hours later, the new image was still blank, not a logo to be seen. Do I need an implant for this?

  4. Maybe something like the famous manifest destiny painting by John Gast called American Progress. The Logo could be James 315 holding high a book or simply a book labeled "Code" with a bright sun behind it. I'm sure the many New Order artists will come up with something great!

    1. This post is further proof that agents of the New Order aren't just more literate than carebears, they're also more culturally literate. Hugs for Erotica 1.

    2. "a bunch of Veldspar in Caelestina's possession--a clear indication of illegal mining..."

      Okay, so she had a bunch of Veldspar, where's the correlation between that and illegal mining, she could have gotten the Veldspar from the market. I ask you this Erotica since it was you who discovered this presumably illegal store of minerals.

    3. Oh, and before I forget to say it, welcome to CODEdot for you and your corp, and good luck!

  5. Personally, I believe we should keep it simple. If you look at alliance images like Goonswarm or TEST, they're simple, straight to the point (despite not having a point at all) and look very nice for 128x128.

  6. I think we need the orca with crosshairs over it or the target box orca from this work by Black Skull. A combination of the orca thumbnail plus crosshairs would perhaps fit the logo dimensions better.

  7. James's face with '315' superimposed.
    Or an exhumer with crosshairs over it and 315 superimposed.

  8. You know what the best thing is about seeing Erotica 1 as the #1 shareholder with 24,000 shares?

    Knowing that most of that 24,000,000,000 ISK came from highsec miners and bot aspirants who couldn't control their greed for ISK, or read rules.

    The same people the Code is being enforced against, provide in part, the funding to keep the Code growing.

    Win. Win.

  9. The logo should simply be James' face, smiling down upon us all.

  10. Birds-eye view of a catalyst?


  11. We need something that represents all that the New Order is working to achieve!

    An entire UNIVERSE we are all proud to be members of! James 315 and the New Order clearly is just beginning to gain serious momentum.

    Bot-aspirant ships, tools of the all-mighty Knights, these are all well and great.


    We need a flag we can raise high with our backs straight and our spirits high!

    We need something that would make an amazing tattoo for those that so desire!

    We need something like: "James 315 holding high a book or simply a book labeled "Code" with a bright sun behind it". What I mean by this is, super, intense, masculine, benevolent and righteous symbolism of the highest New Order calibre!

    THIS is truly a potentially insurmountably useful tool at the New Order disposal.

  12. *reads the results of the bonus room*

    *weeps tears of joy*

    Gawd I love this game.

    The SP loss, pure genius.

    -------- Mike Adoulin

    1. Glorified scamming.

      The New Order is like online Catholicism; a shiny, gold-plated exterior of deliverance belying a greedy and twisted mass of digital crusaders "saving" the heretics through their brutality.

      Congratulations, James. You're the e-Pope.

    2. You can't handle the truth.October 25, 2013 at 2:10 AM

      EVE online is glorified scamming; go back to Poke-Wow or quit whining.

    3. Avris, ive turned far more "heretics" with simple logic, and simpler math, than with "brutality"
      The only thing im "greedy" for is comliant miners.
      Im also fairly certain that you can find ACTUAL catholicism online already, and James' title is the Savior of a computer game.
      It sounds like your TRUE issues lie with your unknown dislike for Catholicism, or Christianity as a whole. Which is disheartening.

  13. I for one would like to publicly welcome Erotica 1 and Krypteia Operations to CODEdot. Her support of James 315 and the New Order of Highsec has been unwavering and her promotion of the New Order's just cause unquestionable.

    Moreso, her actions in game exemplify what we strive to make sure remains in the game: emergent gameplay of all forms. I've had the honor of working with Erotica 1 several times now and consider my EVE experience the better for it.

    Once again, Erotica 1, welcome to CODEdot!

    1. Thanks! I truly feel at home here.

    2. I would also like to welcome you to CODEdot ! ! !

      Now let us come up with a fine Alliance LOGO.


  14. Oh How fantastic an alliance to wardec.

    If you get your logo and then quit the alliance to run away from the wardec, falling under 150 members, does your pic rights go away.....

    If not maybe you can have the same logo as BoB.

    1. There's only one way to know for sure Anonymous poster. Give it a try!

  15. A picture of a keyboard. Simple, straight to the point. EVE players at their keyboards.

  16. Take the code.
    Get it's binary representation.
    Convert that to pixel data.
    That is your logo.

    You logo will be the code.

  17. And another person bites the dust after the bonus round with Erotica 1. Getting podded sure is a change of gameplay on bonus room Erotica? I would love to interview some of the winners. There was this soul something i remember seeing somewhere in the forums saying it was a lie or something like that. Considering she is never online I take it she also ragequit and u scammed her? And the dude that had his TS conversation recorded? Whats his name again?

    1. Which one? There have been many.

    2. The dude that was previously featured here i think a few months back. he failed the test from James.

    3. I think you may be referring to Hydra Fire. He went on to win 50 billion isk from Somer Blink shortly after the bonus round.

  18. James' ego is almost too big for the alliance logo space, but I'm sure he'll fit it in there anyway; I'm going to laugh when it's his character portrait.

  19. How about a picture of a horse's ass?

  20. Borrow the art from the times when people respected written Code.

  21. It should be captain Ahab with a harpoon!

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