Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Hunt for the Truth, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... This happened:

If this were a movie or TV show, I might have said something to alexhunter seyah like, "There! That's the first honest thing you've said to me." But this isn't a movie or a TV show. This is real life.

Errant carebears are like my children. So I treat them as such. And sometimes, with enough counseling, they begin to treat me like the Father of the New Order that I am. I had a heart-to-heart with alexhunter, and he was finally starting to open up.

He claimed to have only 9 million isk in his wallet. Not enough for a mining permit, but that didn't mean he couldn't make a contribution to the New Order.

I don't need to "sell" New Order shares. I just describe them in the most matter-of-fact manner possible and they sell themselves.

alexhunter may have slightly overestimated the size of my wallet. I'm the Saviour of Highsec, not the SOMER of Blink.

There was no denying it--my Agents did alexhunter a world of good when they arranged our introduction. In highsec these days, when your mining vessel is on fire, that's kind of like a "meet-cute".

Still, alexhunter was set on getting more money. Which was weird, because it's what you'd expect from a bot-aspirant, not a repentant miner.

The great thing about emergent gameplay is that it doesn't necessarily cost money. Even someone with a trial account can wander around trade hubs in a rookie ship and help spread the Code.

Another sign of a bot-aspirant: He felt entitled to get something for nothing. What alexhunter didn't understand is that it's not worth it to try joining the New Order when you haven't repaid your debts. It's just awkward. Our Agents get itchy trigger-fingers when someone like that is around.

alexhunter was having difficulty maintaining the fa├žade. It was time to cut him loose.

Though alexhunter objected that I hadn't given him any free money, I'd given him all he really needed. It was up to him to use it. Instead, he decided to join a convo with the Agents who had previously killed him...

Would our heroes have any more luck than I did?

alexhunter revealed that his mind had indeed been infected by doubts spread by rebels.

But just as our Agents started to answer his questions, alexhunter suddenly cut out of the conversation.

Back when alexhunter was first ganked by the New Order, his bio contained a list of two "rules of EVE". After the latest encounter, he added a few more:

...It seems alexhunter seyah still has a lot to learn.


  1. At the very least, he IS learning. Albeit slowly.


  2. Hi! My Eve char's name is Mila McShanks, and I would like to briefly share with the members and readers of this site how James 315 and the Code have helped me.

    I was once a bot-aspirant. I played from late 2011 to mid 2012 as a miner. Not just any kind of miner; I would set to mine a rock and then watch youtube with Eve minimized in the background. I never really actually PLAYED Eve. I was the definition of "bot-aspirant". Sometimes I would get the urge to shoot something, and would blow up NPC pirates in a mission. Then I went right back to mining.

    Eventually, in June 2012, I got tired of Eve (bored of mining, specifically) and quit. All of this happened before the Code and James 315 became popular. A couple months ago, I stumbled across the Code website while looking into the next expansions of Eve. I started reading this site, and initially just found it entertaining that these "douche-bag-gankers" could get such a rise out of other players. Then I read the Code, and then many of James' op-eds.

    I finally realized what I had been missing: the game.. the whole thing about what Eve was/is, what MMORPG means. I was playing by myself against some rocks. That is the lowest form of gaming possible! Imagine setting a chess board up at the park, and putting a chunk of concrete in the chair opposite you... or putting a stone in a field and throwing a ball at it. How could that possibly be fun?! This is when the epiphany occurred.

    So I started over fresh, so to speak. I revived my character that had really been dead from the beginning, moved to low-sec and joined a FW PVP corp. I have been killed a few times, got in some fights, joined some fleets, and it has been INSANELY fun! I am still learning, and have a ways to go before I will be effective on my own, but nothing compares to those heart-pounding exciting moments when an enemy warps in guns blazing. Will I win? Will I die? Who cares! My ship cost a few million in non-real game monies! It doesn't take that long to "earn" enough to have fun!

    If it weren't for the renewed interest in the pvp side of Eve caused by James 315, the Code and his many followers, I would still be disappointed with my Eve experience. Good luck to James 315, his supporters, and the Code! Say "Hi" in-game if you see me, I will gladly share details of my story with anybody interested.

    James 315, the Saviour of Highsec, and his Code have literally saved this character from the grave and breathed new life into her. I will enjoy my Eve life from here on out and not take the immortality of a capsuleer for granted.

    Mila McShanks

    1. Rebel miners claim the New Order costs CCP subscriptions. They claim the Code is bad for the game. The first statement is, in a way, true. What the rebels fail to realize however, is that while a few isboxing bot-aspirant rock munchers may rage quit and biomass themselves to protest 'unfair' treatment, the inspirational and glorious acts of the Agents and Knights bring in more players to take their place.

      These new additions to the game join not out of selfish desire to watch youtube while collecting isk in a vicious cycle that only results in burn-out and unsubscribing, but join out of a desire to interact with other players, creating content for more than just themselves and in the end making New Eden a more colorful, enjoyable, and exciting place. Its as if CCP is trading in their beaten up old and rusted 1987 Mercury Cougar for a brand spankin' new BMW M6 each time this happens.

      I dont know about you, but I know which one I prefer in my garage. Oil spots are not sexy.


    2. That's a great story Mila, welcome aboard!

    3. Congratulations!

      If you are botmining or multiboxing I will stab you with my stabber. For you there is no redemption until you change your ways.

      If you are fail fit mining - then I do like watching the ganking, and will make some suggestions.

      Most likely I provide an free service to miners to help them be better hisec miners. This advice includes the following:
      1. Heat your hardeners!
      2. Turn on your hardeners when you undock
      3. Don't rat-tank.
      4. Work as a fking team.
      5. Its ice, if you see it you can mine it – you don’t need to scan it.
      6. Throw ECM drones – you might get lucky.
      7. No need to have Orcas on grid with you unless they are loaded with reppers.
      8. Swap the Orca for reps, jams and damps.
      9. Don't be greedy.
      10. Forget mods for increasing recharge rates.
      11. Hull tanking with a damage control unit makes a large difference
      11. No podkills, spam dock after setting up your defenses.

  3. Truly the birth of a super-villain

    1. I disagree. James offers salvation to all miners who accept the Code, even those as debased as alexhunter seyah. Just as a great journey begins with a single step, alexhunter seyah has begun his own trek towards Code compliance: he has rejected ATP (away to poop) mining. Given the depths of James' mercy, who knows what is next? Perhaps a permit or even membership among the Knights of the New Order. Either way, alexhunter seyah has the opportunity to serve his fellow members of highsec as either a virtuous example or a horrible warning.

    2. If theres ONE thing you shouldnt do, its rushing through a poop!
      I can only imagine the comfort and joy seyah has been experiencing lately, with not having to worry about coming back to an asploded mining vessel.
      I think its a very smart step, even if a small one and a glimmer of hope that seyah might one day join the ranks of compliant miners and be a shining example to all other afk poopers.

    3. Id rather be an AFT pooper. Life is more exciting that way.


  4. What is this "dishnor" which death precedes? Some sort of transformation into the under-verse?

    1. I'm sure he'll let you know when he gets his mine right. Maybe he'll slut down and out a little after he does.


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