Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Markee Event

The New Order enjoys the reputation it does thanks to the tireless efforts of our Agents. Case in point: Rabe Raptor, who stepped up to become an official CODE. diplomat.

MarkeeDragon is known for selling EVE timecards, but he also hosts a YouTube channel. Since the New Order is currently the most relevant organization in the galaxy, it was only natural that MarkeeDragon would interview a representative of CODE.

Click the link to watch MarkeeDragon's interview of Rabe Raptor. It was a thoughtful discussion between two calm professionals. Nevertheless, the "Grr CODE" crowd managed to produce tears in the YouTube comments. Obviously those people need to hear more from our diplomats.


  1. Hey, as I listened to the beginning intro... didn't that bearded dude say something about this "new thing called CODE"?


  2. Such garbage...CODE targets bots and AFK - bs! Incursion runners, not bots or AFK, mission runners too, etc... yet CODE still goes after them. All just a giant scam....nothing to do with botting or AFK, just a means to try and make it impossible to earn isk in highsec. Thankfully they are too incompetent to actually bother people who can shoot back.

    1. Using what you just said...

      CODE. targets incursion runners and mission runners but nothing that can shoot them while they attack said person. How do you do missions without weapons and/or drones?

      Lady Ati

    2. Veers, I challenge you to look at my Killboard and tell me all I do is shoot at stuff that doesn't shoot back.


    3. Rabe,

      I appreciate that you go to lowsec for some pew-pew. But in highsec, your kills, especially the kills of your group, are overwhelmingly of non-combat ships.

      And it's not because, as you tried to put it ("miners and haulers are more AFK than incursion and mission runners," rather it's because mission runners and incursion runners shoot back, and CODE is too chicken to go after them. And by the way the whole we only target AFK is a crock - incursion and mission runners are not AFK, and you guys still occasionally try to target them (and would try a lot harder if your competence level was higher). CODE is here to grief and tear harvest, nothing to do with AFK.

    4. Veers, we have always stated that being at keyboard is only half of being Code-compliant; owning a permit is the other half. There's no contradiction mate, its as we've always said: two parts.

      I might add that insinuating that mission runners don't go AFK in mission as much as miners/haulers is pretty disingenous (and I think you know it). Seeing as we get CONCORD'd no matter what anyways and therefore lose our ships 100% of the time, what would there be to fear from ganking PVE'ers like you are suggesting? Losing our pods maybe? There's plenty of people with guns at our freighter ops trying to pod us, so I don't see a difference.

      Your logic isn't faulty, its just that the conditions you are applying your logic to aren't actually based in reality.


  3. I wonder what their head diplo will say when logs of James 315 soliciting a minor show up on CNN?

    1. James 315 is a guy in dallas texas by the name of james kluzman. He's a neo-nazi.

  4. Hah lol.
    Code doesn't look very good in this interview. Rabe is a baad diplomat.
    Markee gots Rabe to agree that code supports antisocial behavior: "Rabe:absolutly".
    You should have someone smart, not some narcist...
    OK, James is a nardcist, royal moron is a narcist..
    And a smart codie hasn't been seen yet!

    1. He also went on to further clarify what he meant. I'm glad you found some sort of small meaningless victory in the speech though.

    2. Lol
      No he didn't even realize what happened.
      But you the always winners, you for sure know what your meaningless victories are worth? You understand? Since code always wins, those wins are meaningless.

  5. You're quite right to say "The New Order enjoys the reputation it does thanks to the tireless efforts of our Agents.": However that is only a positive influence towards your cause if it is a good reputation. From the comments above and the interview I would not say that is the case.

  6. Well done, Rabe!

    It's never easy to respond calmly and coherently under interview, but your considered and precise answers allowed us an opportunity to repeat the Message in yet another setting.

    Thanks for all your work, Rabe.

    1. Klausi, what are you saying?
      responding calmly and coherently is not a trait of codies?!
      I Agree!

      Yet he failed!
      He agreed that codies use antisocial behaviour with "absolutly", well thats a FAIL
      Not just that with his lots Ah, Ahh, he looked more than a boy and the code reputation was not lifted at all.
      You do not play for respect, but that guy was pissed when he throw the other admins out. Lousy narcistic hipocrits.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      I've largely ceased responding to teases in the comments section here ('trolls' is surely too strong a word for these activities).

      If you've ever been interviewed, you'll know how hard it is. Without training or experience, Rabe has given a very good account both of himself and of our Organisation.

    3. Anonymous, what are you 13 years old?

      Markee: and other antisocial behaviors

      Rabe: Absolutely; (goes on to clarify what he means with particular distinctions)

      You: LOL NOPE CANT TAKE IT BACK na'n'na'n'na na

      AG community is so childish. His clarification was perfectly explained.

    4. Who is the childish one now?
      Check the martyr articles, you do support antisocial behavior.
      Man code-monkeys are so stupid!

    5. ROFL, thats code for you!
      Nono it was completly different than it looks. He didn't mean what he said and he corrected it!
      And he got 200 bill for it and we were busy enforcing the code.

  7. You feel trolled?
    I don't feel sorry. You sow farts, you get a shitstorm. You try to act noble, when are surrounded by bullies (at best). You don't have any idea how bad i feel knowing that you and me stem from the same country and what kind of miserable propaganda you have fallen for.
    Man our history shows what hate-propagada does...
    About Rabe: He is acting official diplomat not a random code-monkey, so there one can expect minimum standards. In fact he fell for markees "antisocial" bait, thats very unprofessional.
    This e1 and and other stuff sticks to code. So hefty, so social unacceptable, that even the good intentions of some codies are dead in their tracks bevor you even undock.

    Is this the picture of yourself?
    Let me tell you, that is not shared out of the code-circles. Your Leadship is non-existent, writing some stupid (i mean that, it really hurts my brain) is not leadership.
    Some Ideas from code could be taken, but the New Order and Code lost it.
    No repsect and will not be able to regain it.

  8. So many tears. AG is in such a tizy. Can't stop ganks. Can't stop our movement as we expand to every corner of HighSec. :( What can you do? Concord whoring doesn't work either it seems... Here, you can cry in this forum so we can all laugh at your EPIC fail.

    1. Yawn, some CFC are pissed so they hit uedama. But new eden is not in turmoil and the jump changes will come. Sooner or later CFC will have enough business in nullsec again.

  9. I just hope I played a part in getting some gankers banned for good.

    1. don't want to disappoint you dude, but....
      oh, nothing.
      it's ok.


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