Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Woodpecker Destroyed Your Frigate

Agents of the New Order are pretty amazing people. They're known for their personal integrity and keen analytical skills, but these are matched by their finely honed instincts. With a simple glance, an Agent can size up a highsec miner and immediately decide upon a course of action.

Agent Super Perforator noticed a fellow named Domian Audene loitering in Amarr with an unlicensed Venture. It was obvious Domian was up to no good. Super Perforator could have let the miner off with a warning, but instead he chose the less risky option of killing him. Domian sent our Agent the following message in an EVEmail:
"No, you definitely have nothing to do. And you decided to go sum well it's your right but can I be in your schizophrenia not to implicate?"
With those words, everything Super Perforator thought and felt about the miner was 100% vindicated.

Then came the permit dance. The two EVE players engaged in exactly what you'd expect from a competitive PvP sandbox game. It was a series of elaborate rhetorical maneuvers, with each player attempting to steer the interaction in such a way as to advance his own agenda. Today's post is a case study of sorts. For the sake of simplicity, we'll focus on Domian's moves.

Domian took an aggressive stance and attempted to throw Super Perforator off his game. Something told Super Perforator he wasn't in Eansas anymore. Luckily, an Agent of the New Order is never out of his element.

A lot of miners try to re-frame a permit demand as a negotiation. Domian was willing to pay the 10 million isk, but he had demands of his own.

Then came the typical "you only shoot ships that can't shoot back". This charge is ineffective against our Agents--elite PvP warriors all. Entertaining such logic would only encourage miners not to carry weapons and then demand everyone leave them alone because they can't shoot back. (Actually, miners do this anyway, but still.)

Domian wanted some information to use against his opponent. Giving Domian the benefit of the doubt, he was seeking in-game information. The same as when a carebear wishes death upon an Agent. Real life, not in fictional virtual game space and in real life, in-game.

Domian poured contempt on Super Perforator and everything he stood for. He delivered a fire-and-brimstone sermon about honourable combat. This, too, was ineffective. Our Agents already have a Code. They don't need carebears to write one.

You've often heard me say, "my wallet is filled with the isk of those who claimed they would 'never' pay". Eternity is shorter than you might imagine.

At this point in the conversation, Domian realized he was having trouble conversing in English. He requested a copy of the Code in his native tongue. He probably assumed Super Perforator wouldn't have one.

He was wrong. Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri's The Code in Russian strikes again!

Domian went silent. He didn't have the courage to buy a permit yet, but he did have his very own copy of the Code in Russian. It was another smashing victory for the New Order. Nevertheless, Domian's lack of a permit resulted in Super Perforator ganking his Venture in Amarr again.

Each day, our influence grows--even among previously unreachable groups of highsec dwellers. I look forward to the day when every man, woman, and child in highsec has read, understood, and formally agreed with the Code. It won't be long now, my friends.


  1. Harassment, death threats...
    They're assumed to be "in-game"
    when from a carebear

    1. no death threats -> stupid haiku
      hacking sentences into a fixed syllable count doesn't make you smart.

    2. Nope! Thankfully, "being smart" makes me smart, so I don't need the haiku to either make me intelligent, or prove it to anyone. I just like doing haiku for its own sake. Why, does it offend you?

    3. Yes!
      Being smart would make you smart. To bad you aren't.

      No haiku in general are fine art.
      Its just a pain in the ass how you desecrate this art.
      Is my answer satisfying?

    4. Dude, that's a sick burn!
      Insulting my art, *and* smarts?!
      You're my own Voltaire

    5. And you're my next ball stretching victim...unless you prefer to get your ass stretched. If you want the latter, I hear that Wolf dude does that for code members.

    6. @Anon 8:01P: I think you mean "too bad", not "to bad". You probably shouldn't make mistakes like that when taking a shot at someone's intelligence.

    7. Maria Malukker October 28, 2014 at 8:11 PM
      Maria i am sincerly sorry, please accept my apologies.
      I do not like your haikus, not do i find them good, but thats no excuse for my behavior.

    8. Apology accepted, Anon@8:51. Thank you for behaving like a human being, and apologizing when you were in the wrong. It is a standard of behavior that has been sadly lacking in the AG community so far, and it's refreshing to see it here.

  2. Killing Ventures and griefing new players - Code at work once again.

    1. You've gotta catch them young, Veers. By the time they make it to a mackinaw, it's far too late.

      Besides, he's been in game for 3 months. That's not a "new" player. How long do you consider a player to be "new" for? Six months? A year?

    2. He is flying a venture.... he obviously is not an experienced player. It's about competence, not just age.

    3. Ah so now Code agents need to consider a players 'competence' as well as age now? Care to provide your super EvE expert opinion on how that should be determined?

      Are you a you a goundsman at a sports stadium where goal posts are regularly moved around? If not, you should be, you are very good at it.

    4. Here is a clue sherlock - if he is flying a venture in highsec, he ain't very competent. Go blow up the people with more expensive ships.

    5. Veers, that guy is a 2 month old newbro shot in a rookieship in a rookie system.
      CCP said this is a bannable offense.
      @Anonymous October 28, 2014 at 6:40 PM
      competence is something code-monkeys are missing. this action was very incompetent and might lead to 2 bans.

    6. Then petition the km, Anon@6:51! Be sure to explain to the GMs how a venture is a "rookieship".

    7. and how Amarr is a rookie system...

    8. @Black PedroOctober 28, 2014 at 7:36 PM
      DJames, it is not, i misstook the constellation for a system name.
      However, this guy was beginning his --> PVP career. As a beginner he lost almost every fight, so he needs ISK. And there comes code and Fucks him!
      Thats really brilliant! Once again your own stupidity proofs you wrong!

      @Maria Malukker October 28, 2014 at 7:07 PM
      A venture is a rookie ship, since you get it for free for the first mining missions.
      At least you did not ask in haiku form...

    9. @Maria Malukker October 28, 2014 at 7:07 PM
      The support ticket was active before i was posting here.

      Ventures are given out by rookie missions.

      Let wait:
      If i was wrong: Nothing happens. Oh! my bad! LOL
      If not: Oh! 2 code-monkey alts banned! LOLOLOL

    10. My apologies
      I did not know they'd be missed
      I'll bring haiku

      These are rookie ships
      There's no "Venture" among them
      Are you still confused?

    11. *bring back haiku

    12. AnonymousOctober 28, 2014 at 7:58 PM

      You prove that carebears now consider petitions and support tickets as a weapons system to be used against people they don't like. Good thing CODE. doesn't have those evil rules-lawyers walking right up the line to spit on it. Instead we get rules-lawyer crying carebears petitioning everything they see, claiming that it is "grey area"/"real-life harassment" with flawless supporting argumentation.

      Congratulations, CCP Falcon! You have single-handedly removed HTFU from EVE Online!


    13. These guys *actually* believe that Amarr is a rookie system despite there being an explicit list of rookie systems.

      They *actually* believe that the venture is a rookie ship despite "rookie ship" being a specific designation.

      They *actually* believe that there should be no PVP in hisec, as only "incompetent" players live there.

      This is why we fight.

    14. Well, I guess CCP Falcon did singlehandedly manage to remove Jerry Rin from the game, at least!

    15. Actually if I'm remembering correctly the Catalyst is also handed out during the Gallente rookie missions. Does that mean the Catalyst is also a rookie ship..?

    16. The catalyst is handed out during those gallente tutorials yes, Either the advanced military or the military one. It's most likely the thrasher as well that is handed out from the minmatar chain as well.

      If the carebears had an honest bone in their body they would be lining up decrying the shooting of innocent code-agents in our signature ships (catalysts and thrashers) as we innocently go about our space-business. They would be shouting that to shoot a code-agent like that is bullying. But as usual it's one rule for them and one rule for us, they are complete hypocrites.

    17. Funny thing is, even after the Venture competition was closely watched by CCP, nothing was done about the Ventures being killed.

      If I get banned, then I will let you know!

    18. @Jerry "Congratulations, CCP Falcon! You have single-handedly removed HTFU from EVE Online!"
      Uwaaa the code-monkey cries, i can not has easy targets anymore. thaz bad, cos i do not has skills for reel pvpee

    19. Even more funny if you get banned this time.
      Didn't that ban wave happen after that competition?
      At this competition, where there always two code-monkeys trying to fuck around with their victims?
      As i said its worth a try.

    20. 30 days...that should be the limit...dont care if your casual or not. If your toon is 30+ days ol its free for all FIRE.

  3. I have so much to learn from Russian miners; they have the best insults. "Jackal" needs to enter into my repertoire, for sure.

    I'm not so sure about woodpecker, though!

  4. yeah, catch em young or you cant catch them anymore, you pvp loosers.
    this guy is a newbro and his frigate where kill in amarr an official rookie system.
    I felt free to start a support ticket. lets see what happens!
    two codies against one newbro...
    what will CCP do?

    1. Oh, if you start petitioning this case, please make a ticket also for all these bad scammers in the Amarr system. Scamming in rookie systems is also forbidden. And please also petition to change the tutorial missions because they make you loose ships as rookie. We all need to feel 100% safe in this spaceship pvp game.

  5. LOL nothing sold, the nonenglish speaking was kinda gallant given that fact that he was shot down twice and no permit was sold.
    code won!
    if the other anon is right, it might even lead to bans...

  6. oh oh!
    i checked the killboard:
    this guy played pvp and it looks like he was earning isk to get ships and ammo!
    bravo! codies did not shoot a miner, they shot a real pvp player.
    any questions why real pvp players think that codies are idiots?

    1. He was flying a mining vessel without a permit, mining roids outside of a Rookie system.
      Whether or not he tries to engage in PVP, that makes him a legitimate CODE target. I think he learned from the experience. He even tried orbiting the asteroid once...

    2. He had a CCP permit to do so.
      You have a problem that not just ganking is the problem, its the attempted griefing of yours. You had no success so you had to call for help.
      For me its close to harrasment.
      ganing? no problem? code-griefing? get code-monkeys banned.

    3. Trying to sell a mining permit is one of the things that makes CODE enforcement NOT harassment.

      And I did not call for help, where did you get that idea?? Surely not from the blog entry above?

      I simply sent the Russian translation of the CODE that had already been written by Salah. And as soon as the criminal miner stopped talking to me I stopped talking to him.

  7. Amarr is not a rookie system, nublet.


    1. heh amarr is also a constellation...
      however. petition is out, system was still a 1.0 system

    2. And two players where working the newbro...
      Well lez see!

    3. A two month old player is not a newbro any more.

      Amarr is the major trade hub for that area. Ganking happens there constantly...

    4. He ain't? Says CCP? Or a code-monkey?
      He was not just ganked, he was griefed. One code-monkey felt he was not enough(!), so he called a second one in.
      He is a pvp player who lost many fights and was need in isk, so he mined. You code-monkeys love killboards so much! But you can not really read them.
      I bet, when those idiots get banned, we will get again a fountain of tears, whining "but the line was not clear" and this is unfair...

    5. ^The rules-lawyering that CCP Falcon feared did not come from CODE., but rather the carebears who now use his judgement against us as ammunition for their own endless rules-lawyering legal battles with CCP against anything related to CODE./ganking/things that make them feel bad, no matter how absurd.

      -2 CODE members fought 1 person? Well I guess they should be banned because 2v1's never happen in eve and are unfair!
      -This major trade hub Amarr is obviously a rookie system as it is 1.0, which makes CODE. guilty of a bannable offense!
      -Ventures are now rookie ships, so killing people in a venture should be bannable!
      -Even though he was 2 months old, he was clearly not as competent as he should be, and as such, he should be classified as a "newbie". Since CODE killed him, they killed a newbie and thus should be banned!

      After these retarded arguments get flung at us, the people doing so then break the EULA by implying favoritism from CCP (ie: any comment saying "hahaha ur gonna get banned for that!" or anything similar).

      Geez, I guess no one saw this coming at all! :eyeroll:


    6. Is destroying a three-month old player's Venture in Amarr a bannable offense? Let's investigate, with impartial and disinterested Logic.

      A priori:
      - A ship given out by a tutorial mission is a rookie ship.
      - The pilot of a rookie ship is a rookie.
      - A rookie system is a system inhabited by rookies.
      - Destroying a rookie's rookie ship in a rookie system is a bannable offense.

      Ventures are given out by the tutorial missions. Therefore, they are rookie ships.
      Domian Audene was flying a Venture. Therefore, he is a rookie.
      Domian Audene was in Amarr. Therefore, Amarr is a rookie system.


    7. "A ship given out by a tutorial mission is a rookie ship."


      "The pilot of a rookie ship is a rookie."


      "A rookie system is a system inhabited by rookies."


      "Destroying a rookie's rookie ship in a rookie system is a bannable offense."


      It seems that you have a fundamental misunderstanding as to what "a priori" means. It has a specific meaning, which differs from your interpretation of it as "a bunch of random statements I made up, most of which are clearly false".

    8. rebels clutching at straws as usual

    9. Dudes.
      I confronted and conversed with this illegal miner entirely by myself!

      Salah wrote a Russian translation of the CODE, and it is available on our forums here. At no point did I ever drag another agent actively into this conversation...

      Can't you guys even read the blog?? Just read it...

  8. You count handing out a pamflet as victory? Victories must be scarse for CODE. Desperation much?

  9. Someone should show Putin this website. Once he likes it, so will 98% of Russian Eve players.

  10. Russians traditionally are most comfortable living in an authoritarian system, with a strongman at the apex. After the democratic vote that ushered in James 315 and the Code, I'm sure the vast majority of Russian players are happy with high sec and us jackbooted agents who bring order and moral correctness to their lives. These anomalous rebellious Russians are a curiosity and highly entertaining!

    1. A democratic vote put James 315 at the head of code? He appointed himself. It says so in the CODE itself:

      "Respect for elected officials. As Saviour of Highsec, I acted as proxy when electing myself Supreme Protector. Miners should respect the will exercised by the people when they made this choice."

    2. Did you really just make a silly claim (that the saviour appointed himself) and then back this up with evidence that you're wrong (he was elected)?

      Go and stand in the dunce corner before you end up Code's dummy of the week.

    3. I have no patience for those like anon 1:47 who don't vote and then complain about the outcomes.

    4. Touche'. Voting is the most important manifestation of the popular will. Did they ever release how many votes Veers got in the election?

    5. I guess you people don't know English very well. It clearly states that he elected himself. That means that he appointed himself as the buffoon of highsec. It's a fact and no amount of word twisting will change it. So you go stand in the corner with the dunce cap.

  11. More importantly, we need to find out where this guy keeps his strawberry

  12. Haha, Jerry! You need some cheese with your whine? Falcon removed HTFU from the game? HTFU happens every day, lol.
    Very glad to know you are no longer part of eve, and the attitude of you martyrs will keep you from getting in again.
    Keep on crying, James 3 fiddy shure lends you his strong shoulders.

  13. I predict the carebears will succeed in getting every content creator banned. Once Eve is boring, the carebears will say it's too boring! Then they'll leave for the next spaceship game and CCP will be left scratching their heads, where did all the players go?.

    1. No, there's plenty of content to be creating helping others and being honorable and good people. There is no need in Eve for scumbags lying, cheating, scamming, wardeccing, ganking, stealing, etc. You want to create content? Join a mission with a stranger to actually complete the OBJECTIVES. That's content for NORMAL people.

      CCP should just go ahead and BAN all of the above GREEF play. It wouldn't be a badidea just to do away with player run coproations and alliances anyway. Make everything highsec and ban player on player aggression, aka GREEF play.

      Also, remove all chat channels as they can be used for bad things. I would be perfetcly happy choosing from preselected messages.

      also, no reason we need to lose ships at all. once you buy it, should be yours FOREVER. and get red of clones, we shouldnt ever LOSE skillpoints.

      also, this game would be much better if FREE TO PLAY.

      GOLD AMMO for a dollar cost and other OPTIONAL pay to do better options would be really good

      also ""FAN"" sites shuld be BANNED. KEEP IT INGAME PEOPLE!!!!

    2. EVE developes could learn alot from WOW. Maybe YOU should stop supporting GREEFERS and unplug your COMPUTOR. This is a GAME people. STOP hurting people.

    3. Despite' anon's rather poor grammar I find myself agreeing with him. The Code "content creators" are in truth nothing more than griefers and miserable people, and should end up banned for the good of all.

    4. Be nice - his heart is in the right place.

    5. "fag" - oh dear.

      And how do you know he was being sarcastic? If you read the comments here and on the eve forums, they reinforce the very first rule of human behavior:

      Never assume mendacity when stupidity suffices as an explanation.

    6. Today Veers didn't even have to use his AK, I got ta say it was a good day - Ice Cube

    7. Look at all the nerds getting trolled. :D

    8. nerds.... Nerds... NERDSSSSSSS

  14. I just hope I played a part in getting some gankers banned for good.

  15. LOL
    Look at the code-monkey lawyers:
    - a retriever is not noob ship.
    - Amarr is not a rookie system
    - 2 vs 1 ganks are common.
    Go on, convince your self that you are right.
    If and i mean IF CCP decides otherwise, there will be another river of tears that there was an "invisible line" and "half a brain" is not a fair measurement.
    In any case: This is a close one, this guy is not playing for a long time. Around 3 month. He was playing PvP and lost almost every fight. Out of money he tried to earn isk by mining. He did so by a mining frigate given out by --> Tutorial Missions.
    He was not simply ganked, he was griefed by two code-monkeys. At least they tried it.
    I think thats more than a fair chance that you guys will get a kick in the balls.
    Hey i am not absolutly sure myself, but this chance is just to good to let pass.

    1. Retriever?
      2 vs 1 Ganks?

      You guys can't even read the blog post properly.
      I am going to have to go back to hunting Ventures... can't go wasting precious time reading the drivel that gets posted in the comment section!

    2. So ventures is all you can do?

      Its the griefing you tried, not just the gank.
      Well, we will see.

    3. Anon 9:00 am-
      You are talking about EvE right? I don't remember any rules against shooting 3 month old vets or about going after Retrievers (or Covetors for that matter). Concord shows up just as quickly. No one has been banned yet for it. How long have you been trolling this site for? a week? How long have YOU been playing EvE? A week? You should see this post:


      And if CCP is going to go after venture killers they better get started! There is a lot out there getting bullied every minute or so!


      GO BACK TO WOW! Pussy!

    4. Show some class, please.

    5. I know right?

      I've got a question! Are Mackinaws considered newbie ships? My miner alt is only 2 months old. Am I safe to mine afk?

      Thanks ahead of time.

  16. But if I get a Venture, then I'm good.

  17. Venture Bully Murder Newb Killer October 29, 2014 at 5:13 PM
    Oh my, you are really a tough guy...NOT
    Why the hate?
    The case is petitioned.
    And i said, lez wait what CCP will do, or not.
    If they ban, i laugh. If not , i smile and shrug.

  18. Know what? I stay and bring more WoW into EvE!
    You hate that! Why?
    Because you know you are a PvP loser and will lose when you have to fight real fights!

  19. Not in line with the vision set by CCP. So, your wasting your time. But keep on trying.

  20. Anonymous October 29, 2014 at 6:35 PM
    Phoebe adresses also newbs and Mission Runners. Not for long and you have to stop newbie-humping and really start to fight.


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