Saturday, October 18, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #65

A Saviour's work is never done. As the Father of the New Order, I need to keep a close eye on the Agents who act in my name. For instance:

Agent Beetlesquawk Darkscream is one of New Order Logistics' most promising new members. He has already popped 180+ pods this month. Thanks to TiLearea Somachee's EVEmail, I also know Beetlesquawk is an excellent ambassador for the New Order. Well done!

One of the many reactions to the Order/CFC freighter ganking fleet. AFK bot-aspirants may be "nobodies", but everybody who enforces the Code is somebody.

Lord dauntus excuses his illegal mining, explaining he was AFK to "get up for a shit or to throw something away". Well, which was it? I think he was throwing something away--his mining ship and pod.

Seen here, the difference between the compliant and the non-compliant. A compliant miner engages with others and instantly grasps the wisdom of buying a permit. The non-compliant wants to be as much like a bot as possible.

Giovanni Freezer is a glass half-empty kinda guy. Upon returning to EVE, he learned about the New Order after only an hour of playing. I'd call that a prompt warning--and efficient work!

A mix of carebears' reactions to getting ganked: Threats, denial, and curiosity.

Holdat Janau recommended our gankers move to nullsec. When he realized that was unlikely to succeed, he filed a petition. I've noticed a lot of the "go back to nullsec" business lately. Highsec carebears are almost disdainful of nullsec now, as though they think they're above it.

Our gankers come from all over. Marcel Devereux is the CEO of Aideron Robotics. He's concerned about our influence. I wonder why?

Deyne Well cried. He cried, but Well's well wasn't dry. Not yet.

Much better. If you must cry about getting ganked, let it all out.

Instinctively, the miners recognize that our gankers are the reincarnation of Alexander the Great. They're so good at what they do. Oh, and miner pods aren't collateral damage--they're the primary target.

Sigh. It's as I said: A Saviour's work is never done.


  1. didnt make it? No wayyyyy! lol maybe next time!

  2. As an Agent of the New Order you will be buffeted from all sides. You will be called all manner of names and have all manner of insults hurled at you.

    But focus steadily on the Goal, arm yourself with the Saviour's words, and all harm will glance impotently off the Shield of Truth.

    The permabanned were martyrs, willingly offering their lives in EVE as sacrifice for the success of our Mission. Their sacrifice must not have been in vain.

    Just as our Saviour's work is never done, so our efforts must be unceasing, too.

  3. So much ignorance. So much hate. So much impotent bile.

    This can mean only one thing. The Order is doing right by highsec.

  4. That last mail-GOLD!

  5. CODEdot agents are the reincarnation of Alexander the Great? That's an insult to him. Shame shame shame Jimmy boy. How low can you go? Or I should ask, how low can your speech writer go? We all know that DJ writes the blog. Gorila got him drunk and he admitted it.

    As for the gankers that have been banned, your tears have been registered.

    1. ROFL
      Alexander was fighting inmidst his comrades leading them by example.
      Jimmy just writes silly hate propaganda to keep his stupid followers happy.

      Sure sure a lot of griefer miners convert to code, thats why we get regular grab bags with griefs but seldom convert news. Those converts are very very likely some alts of code-monkeys, since the code is know as a clownstroup.

  6. So a gorilla and a dj met at a bar, and the gorilla got the dj drunk??? So weird. What else did the gorilla do I wonder?

  7. Since bumping is effectively a warp scram concord needs to bust the gankers before they gank anyone in highsec

  8. Jesus love the bullshit code puts out, well code you win you made me laugh. I always come here for laughs and giggles

  9. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! Always!!!!

  10. I just hope I played a part in getting some gankers banned for good.


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