Thursday, October 23, 2014

Going at Their Own Pace

Not all carebears are created equal. They are only equal in their responsibility to obey the Code. Because some EVE players are better than others, carebears take varying amounts of time to become Code-compliant. The best players buy a permit immediately, and they lose no ships. The worst players lose many ships before they learn their lesson, and may even need to buy multiple permits along the way.

Take Lindsey Silvestre, for instance. What do your instincts tell you about this fellow? You probably assume he'll take a long time to learn to buy a permit, and that he will suffer many things before his happy day finally arrives.
Lindsey Silvestre > get out of my system cock sucker
Dclker > hey the circus is in town.. CORE. cocks
Samual Saisima > omg. more james 315 dick suckers
Lindsey Silvestre > they all will die the same
Lindsey was highlighted in a recent Kills of the Week post. The circumstances leading up to that kill tend to reinforce one's initial impressions about Lindsey.

Lindsey was attempting to "guard" an ice anomaly in Sirseshin. He soon lost his 862 million isk Orthrus to Agents Rick Therapist, Brutal Anna, and Carebears' Nightmare. Lindsey was outraged.

The matter was directed to Agent Rabe Raptor, an official diplomat of the New Order. Every gank recipient is given the chance to learn more about why they were killed.

Unfortunately, Lindsey was still thinking like a bot-aspirant. He only cared about money.

To help broaden Lindsey's horizons, Rabe established a rapport with the rebel and tried to get him to open up.

In approximately 99% of cases where players become anti-Order rebels, it's due to some kind of misunderstanding about the New Order and what we do.

Rabe isn't only a diplomat; he's a scholar of the Code. His website, LawofHighsec, contains abundant information about the Code. Rabe's commentaries illustrate an important lesson: Code compliance begins when a carebear reads the Code--it doesn't end there. The more a highsec dweller reads about the Code, the better. They should study and examine it daily.

The next day, Lindsey woke up on the right side of the bed. He was ready to turn over a new leaf.

The first moral of today's story: No rebel, no matter how violent and profane, is beyond the reach of the Code.

The second moral of today's story: Always trust your instincts.

Days after buying a permit, Lindsey fell in with a bad crowd. He joined rebel leader JTClone Ares' alliance, The Clone Republic. Lindsey was persuaded to renounce his permit and copy anti-Order material from JTClone's bio instead.

Judging by The Clone Republic's Alliance Killboard, membership in their organization probably isn't worth giving up a 10 million isk permit. They struggle to maintain a 1% killboard efficiency. Regardless, Lindsey will need to buy another permit.

The good news? Since Lindsey has already purchased a permit in the past, it's incredibly likely he'll buy another in the future. Some say it's "harassment" to offer someone a permit after they've already refused. I have another word for it: grace. A good miner will only need to be asked once. We aren't here only to save the good miners, though. The New Order intends to save every man, woman, and child in highsec. Some need extra help. We're ready, willing, and able to give it to them.


  1. The road to salvation is sometimes a bumpy one.

  2. Oh that group definitely needs some content creation if they can't find the Uninstall directory path!

  3. I feel the the problem with Code as a law is the fact it has been written in such a loose manner there are often no either proper explanation these rules or rules seem to be contradicting with each other.

    For a while followed mainly minerbumping and thus paid little attention to "The Law of Highsec" as I saw it be more linked to believes and humor of the knights than direct teaching of the Savior. Because of this if ever there were a contradiction one could understand that as a mistake of followers and translators (similar to the Bible) than teaching themselves.

    However now that the Savior himself has linked this site among with these news questions start to rise for fellow readers like me. How does your statement about botting "The miners are bots. The miners are quite literally less than human. They deserve to be wiped out, every last one of them. To the extent that they still feel anything, it should only be fear, humiliation, and misery." -James 315, Manifesto 1 (December 2011) is connected to miners who have permit?

    If we leave alone the question whether calling others to subhumans is rasism if one owns the permit and follows the Code as well as he's able should he be still be ganked (by members of the Code) just because he playes the game in certain way? Can ones permit be ignored and forfeited simply because your statement says that all miners should be wiped out and feel only misery? (similar to ; keep in mind however they said themselves they were going to afk mine which violates the Code but so does just being a miner?).

    If this is not the case is being "Code compliant" actually status that overwrites previous status "miner" and thus you should no longer tormented and wiped out for being subhuman? Contradictions and cases like these are propably giving many lost souls hard time to know whether Code can be trusted and if Code will forfeit their agreement just because they would benefit from that at any given time.

    I hope you will adress this and other contradictions as well as explain laws more spesificly as I feel many more players could be saved if they just had more thrust to you being sincere. As for now these cases only feed lies and missinformation stated by the rebels to new players who start to believe Code is some sort of mafia.

    Best of the starting winter!

    - The Concerned Reader

    1. The contradictions are there to give the code monkeys an excuse for ignoring any permit and gank anyway...these are gankers, that is what they do, they set their alleged laws up to allow them to gank anyone and anything...and the permit thing is their attempt to make you pay them for the gank...there alleged laws and the hole code have not been adopted by the main Empires and therefore are not really the law of is best to think of them as a Circus troupe...

    2. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieOctober 23, 2014 at 9:58 PM

      Hi Solecist!

    3. A good deal of these "code monkeys" like to role play. in the age of twitter you should be thankful some are keeping the old school ways.

    4. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieOctober 23, 2014 at 10:02 PM

      To the writer of the original comment:

      Congratulations for writing the best written argument against the code that I have ever seen. Usually these sorts of essays turn into a pile of hate speech, and I really wanted to compliment you for making an effort towards having a civilized discourse. Unfortunately I don't have the time to get into details on the topics you brought up right now, but I will make an effort to return to this tomorrow to read it more thoroughly.

      BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie

    5. "If we leave alone the question whether calling others to subhumans is rasism…"

      I won't leave it alone, because miners are not a race, don't be ridiculous. You cannot claim protection under the 'respect for minorities' clause of the code like that.

    6. @ Bebop:

      This is the best written argument against the code you've ever seen?

      "How does your statement about botting... is connected to miners who have permit?"

      Any English Teacher would give this an 'F'. I'm pretty sure English isn't his first language, so I want to cut him some slack, but praising his writing is ridiculous.

    7. Not all English teachers rate with letters, so therefore you're wrong. Furthermore, I am not English is not my first language either, but even I know that one shouldn't capitalize the word 'teacher' unless it starts a sentence.

    8. No need to be mean; even with the grammatical mistakes, it's *still* the best written objection to the Code I've seen. It's not like the bar's been set at all high so far.

      To answer the original anon's question:

      Miners (that is: social, alert, Code-compliant miners) are a necessary evil in eve. As James explained in an earlier part of the Code, when properly located in nullsec or lowsec, miners form the very bottom of the pvp foodchain, kind of like plankton in the ocean. Like plankton, their presence enables the existence and subsistence of the higher forms of life (that is, pvpers). Like plankton, miners as a profession are in some sense necessary. But, also like plankton, even while being necessary a miner is never something anyone should aspire to be, or be applauded for choosing to become. Miners (again, we're only discussing the good Code-compliant miners here, the others of course deserve only in-game death) are therefore something to be tolerated, but never admired, or praised.

      It would be a mistake to treat the Code as if it were unchanging Scripture. As the very Code says after all, it is a "living, breathing document", which is why not every part of the Code is capable of being written all into one document. The *spirit* of the Code, however, is simple and clear: players of EvE should aspire to be human beings, and not bots. Miners, even the best of them, will always be the closest that the game mechanics get to bot-like behavior, and as such will always be suspect.

      Hope that cleared that up for you.

    9. Dear Concerned Reader,

      What you don't get is that the Code applies to you and not to me. I follow the Manifesto and believe that every miner should die. I've never felt the need to visit the law of highsec website because our mission is as clear as it is simple. If you undock in highsec and violate the New Halaima Code of Conduct you risk bumping or ganking.

      Let me repeat that. If you undock in highsec and violate the New Halaima Code of Conduct you risk bumping or ganking.

      - The only reason I read the Code is so I will know when you are violating it.
      - The only reason I tolerate permit holders at all is because James 315 has a plan for highsec and I have agreed to help him out.
      - The only reason I'm answering you is because Bebop doesn't know shit.

      Buy a permit, follow the Code, or leave highsec.

      James 315 is a merciful Father and he is the only real protection from his gankers. I have always loved the irony of that.

      ~ A random Knight

    10. Dear TCR

      Good question for it actually being a question and not full of tears, rage and conspiracy theories.

      The answer is simple if you think about it:

      Permit holding miners are not exempt from the Code and the Laws of Highsec. Thus, if a Permit holding miner is ganked, then that specific miner failed to follow the Code and deserved to lose his/her ship. The old ‘antage’: “A miner who follows the Code won’t lose their ship”.

      As far as “subhumans” and racism are concerned… Highsec miners are the bottom of the “food chain”, especially when they feel entitled and complain about not wanting to play this game with anyone else; however, there is a difference between a Code compliant miner and a non-Code compliant miner. The Code complaint miner stays alive 100% of the time. They also understand their place within Eve Online, how Eve Online is at its core a PvP game, and want to be a part of something bigger and better than playing Eve Online as a solo players game; which was never CCPs intention.

      Needless to say there is no reason to question whether or not a Code-compliant miner should have their Permit/s revoked as they are adhering to the Code.



    11. Some people are retarded it seems?

      Tisiphone Dira: (also groups of people in sort a group of miners can be a target of rasicme) Shut your mouth if you don't have clue what you're talking about.

      ~ A random Knight:
      The code is applied To EVERYBODY undocking in highsec Even the agents, For a correct Example of the code.
      When a miner is able to Avoid his own gank by alsort of manners, the Miner has proven not to be afk and an active player so techicnly following the code.

      1 of the flaws in code is this:

      When a miner Stops a Knight/agent of the code ganking, the player is following the code by full extent of it. This is where the code claims its wrong to stop a agent/knight. even though they are actively creating content for the Gankers community. Yet these "White knight"(wich basicly means people who do bad things for the good reasons) are labels as terrorists vs the code. They are however the creation of Content made by the code.

      As The Concerned Reader said: The code contradicts itself.
      Althought Al living documents will always contradict themselfs.

      Kinght only follow the parts of the code they want to follow, just as christians only pick the parts out of the bible they want to follow.

      Keep in mind that this is not a hate speech, its but mere contructive argument based on you groups action vs another groups action of the course of several years.

      Capt Starfox:

      "Highsec miners are the bottom of the “food chain” Together with the ganker ganking them :)

      I am happy to say i have a permit have had it for a while and its comming up for renewal. But i do have to say that the Way the code has been acting since people are getting banned and the foolishness surrounding AT Either good or bad, hasn't been a good thing for the code.

      Last thing to say, Keep in mind that not everybody is english nor everybody has the same writing style. leave that up for the grammar nazi's ...a dn they repeatedly said your were not nazi's right ??? ... right .... ?

    12. "Kinght only follow the parts of the code they want to follow, just as christians only pick the parts out of the bible they want to follow."

      Try reading the Bible, say just the Gospel of John and the Book of Acts (taking special note of the Council of Jerusalem). Or, if that's too much to ask, then try the manga (Japanese comic) versions:

      Borrow them from a library if need be.

    13. ICEy:

      are you serious about applicability of term "racism" to discrimination of ppl of certain profession?

  4. Oh my god... Their killboard actually is *that* bad. Even in my worst carebear days I had a better killboard than that.

  5. Concerned Jimmy and his Code-Monkey...
    look at that, jimmy writes as Concerned Reader and licks his own ass.

  6. i mine all the time. Code monkeys have never bothered me or even tried a gank. They only go for the easy kills. It's just all Show, nothing to be taken seriously. But i've to praise you as well. You're helping clean the highsec of idiots with to much money.

  7. I just hope I played a part in getting some gankers banned for good.

  8. Well, code has a rule that says you're supposed to "gf" the ganker when you are ganked. Well, my definition is "get fucked."

    We all know that code is for show. All they can do is gank people. That is the extent of their so-called "elite highsec pvp" ability. When faced with a real fight with someone who is actively at their keyboard and who can shoot back, they run like the cowards they are. AT-2014: Code ran from RvB and was subsequently permabanned from participating in any further ATs.

    Then after that fiasco, several members of code have been permabanned. They are not martyrs, they are the scum of the Earth and deserve to be banned. They also need to have their balls/ovaries removed so they can not bring more genetically defective sociopaths in this world.

    So yeah: Ganking = Bullying = Sociopath = Cult = Fanatic = Islamic Terrorist.

    Time to destroy more of highsec, at least that's what Jimmy boy's ass licking tongue says when I mine without a permit.

    More tears please, they are delicious.

    1. "More tears please"

      No need for more - you brought plenty.

    2. @Anon 624

      the code rule "gf" after being ganked is the biggest bull crap i've ever heard. I lmao everytime i here it.
      Oh, don't worry, every PVPer, who actually does fight, deserves a gf.
      But Gankers? Nope. Killing someone who doesn't fight back is no good fight, but only a bad fight or a slaughter. So no good fight politeness for gankers.

    3. Ah, but some miners DO fight back. So your statement is a load of crap. Some ganks fail, some miners keep guards and white knights nearby to help, some tank their vessels and keep an eye on local, and stay aligned and warp away when you warp in. I applaud their efforts. They are making the first step toward complete compliance, and actually playing the game.

      It is true that "gf" is for politeness in a typical pvp battle, but against a miner and bot-aspirant it is also a SERIOUS ACCUSATION, because you can't possibly have a good fight in a mining vessel if you are not at least semi-Code compliant.

      There are MMO's on the market out there where you can safely grind away to get money and resources in a zombie like trance or while watching TV. But only in EvE do you have to worry about who is in local. Only in EvE do the miners actually make up a part of the PVP food chain.

      So to say that miners can't fight back is to not have a basic understanding of EvE. In reality if they don't fight back it is because they choose not to.

  9. Cool picture for your bio...


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