Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Freighter Pilots Strike Back

There's a very dangerous freighter corp prowling around highsec these days. It's called Renegade Pleasure Androids. As far as we can tell, the corp is comprised mostly or entirely of one bot-aspirant with many alts. They all violate the Code.

You might recall one of these individuals, Hailey Clauson, who was featured in a Kills of the Week post back in September. Hailey lost an AFK jump freighter.

She wasn't happy about it. Hailey preferred that our gankers "kill a stripper" or "do something truly evil in real life", and leave her freighters alone.

No strippers were harmed--not by members of the New Order, anyway. Our gankers continued to enforce the Code. The Renegade Pleasure Androids returned to Uedama several weeks later. One of their freighters was popped while AFK autopiloting. Less than two hours later, another met the same fate.

Now it was time to get serious. The next day, the CEO of Renegade Pleasure Androids, Dream Five, took to the forums. She rallied the people of highsec, urging them to join a "CODE elimination campaign". (If you can't access the thread on EVE-O, you can read the Eve-Search version instead.) And what did this campaign entail, exactly? Scouts and escorts remote-repping freighters? ECM ships jamming our gankers? Counter-bumping? Wardecs?

Nope. She just wanted CCP to ban everyone. Naturally.

You might assume Dream Five based her arguments on the Bonus Round scandal. Actually, it wasn't until 201 posts into the thread that she even found out Erotica 1 had been in CODE., at which point she edited the OP to add the crime to the list.

Dream Five's call for permabans was based on the New Order's practice of ganking freighters and offering them mining permits. She said this was humiliating to freighter pilots. In addition, bans were needed because I'm "self-aggrandizing" and it's "slanderous" to call people bot-aspirants.

Dream Five was informed that mining permits aren't against the EULA. In fact, the idea for mining permits originally developed out of my conversation with a GM. When told this, Dream Five took it as further confirmation of my "sick roleplay". Was that meant as a compliment? As in, "sick roleplay, dude!"?

As time went on, Dream Five grew more and more excited. Every detail she discovered about the New Order made her more certain that permabans were needed to stop the ganks.

This left open an important question--whether the EVE community would indeed rally to her cause.

Unfortunately, Dream Five was met with nothing but ridicule from her fellow EVE-O posters. Only Anslo expressed support.

You might remember Anslo from his failed anti-Order "Proveldtariat" movement, which collapsed nearly two years ago. He still holds a grudge.

Dream Five got called out on her true motive, the desire for revenge after her freighter losses. She called the loss of her freighters a "tactical move".

In the end, Dream Five saw no alternative but to spam her own thread with requests for player bans. She didn't like the way people replied to her and pointed out the error of her ways. Nor did she appreciate the ever-present opportunity to purchase mining permits for her freighter pilots. At her request, ISD locked the thread. Thus, another "CODE elimination campaign" ended in ignominious defeat for the rebels. The New Order was victorious once more!


  1. (1) This is my request of no-auto-piloting-freighters for you. This means that I do not wish you to autopilot any freighters and any further attempt to do so will constitute harassment.

    (2) I would just like to point out to the comment moderators that this player has clearly multiple times violated my repeated request to cease auto-piloting freighters when I clearly stated that I consider such auto-piloting harassment.

    (3) Player continued to engage in what I, and I alone, have defined as harassment. Player is now permabanned.

    1. Sick comment dude!
      (in a good way)

  2. A request for bans
    acknowledges helplessness
    This is their last stand

    1. Isn't anyone going to acknowledge the nice Haiku?

    2. Well i do not like it and its not "their" (our) last stand.
      But this time it actually makes sense.

      the best is yet to come.

  3. Looks like she spent a work week invested in that failed endeavor. Would have been much simpler to buy a permit and follow the rules, or maybe just go back to WOW and join Veers.

  4. I just hope I played a part in getting some gankers banned for good.

  5. If by chance Dream Five still needs a mining permit, she can buy one for 30.000.000 ISK from me.

  6. CODE wins again. It's uncanny! Long live the CODE!

  7. The best EVEO self-destruction since Infinity Ziona

    1. Not quite 98 pages, but it surely is welcome.

      Where is Infinity? Perhaps he's veers - a biker in disguise.

  8. "Was that meant as a compliment? As in, "sick roleplay, dude!"?"

    That's pure gold right there!!

  9. So carebears are fine with real violence inflicted on vulnerable women, but not internet spaceships being blown up. Disgusting.

  10. That's just the way they roll Anon 8:13. They are a disease, we are the cure.

  11. sociopathic behavior in real life - Hey that's just tip top

    Sociopathic behavior in EVE - Hey this is harassment

    This is what Dram Five actually believes

  12. Wait, wasn't it Erotica 1 that selflessly gave tens of billions of isk to a good cause over many months or so even in her final hours? I think the true sociopaths are the greedy highsec miners and haulers who hoard isk for themselves and don't care about others.

  13. Yes, the miners are the true sociopaths, not the people who use "bonus rooms" to inflict RL panic attacks, or the people who encourage others to commit RL suicide? Do you idiots ever listen to yourselves? You are a miserable group of deranged sociopaths, who use Eve to inflict RL emotional harm on other people. The best thing you could possible do for yourselves, and for the broader Eve community, is to immediately quit and go play a more rigid game like WoW or Stat Trek where you won't be able to do this sick stuff.

    1. There you go again labeling people Veers. If you have proof that there are any in CODE or friendly to CODE that are/in any bonus rooms, beyond the ones who are currently banned, please show it.

      I think you need to quit for the sake of the community... there is only so much stupidity that people can put up with. I'm feeling harassed and under emotional distress by having to read your tinfoil and slightly insane claims.

      Do you play CoD? I have this overwhelming urge to shoot you in the head (in game). Would that be harassment?

    2. Oh dear Colonel. You may have been too stupid to notice....but this blog had 4 straight posts DEDICATED TO THE BONUS ROOM SOCIOPATHS. Kinda hard to miss that. Far from condemning the despicable behavior that occurred, your luminaries such as admitted ponzi schemer James 315 and emotional hand grenade Loyalanon CELEBRATE the bonus room harassment. So yes, it does seem that CODE fully supports that despicable conduct.

      If you don't like it - find some new people to run with...can't go any lower than the current bunch. And no, I don't play COD, sorry.

    3. They were dedicated to Bonus Room heroes. An epitaph you might want, but for some reason that escapes me, you won't get. Crying does not make a hero out of a man, veers.

    4. Ohhhh, veers veers veers. You silly little man.

      I'm going to go out on a limb here: it doesn't actually matter what James, or any of us, say about ero1 and all the others betrayed by CCP. We could renounce them all, and we'd still be "sociopaths" to you. The only thing which would get you to give up on assigning psychiatric diagnoses to people you've never met and about whom you know nothing, would be if we all gave up pvp and turned to "heroic" pve and forum warrioring, as you have.

      I'd rather quit EvE than do that. I'd rather not play this game at all, than play it in one of the very few, extremely limited manners you'd approve of. So given that you will always strive to call us nasty names so long as we do anything other than mine red crosses, why should we care at all what you think, or what you want? What possible value could your (uninformed, yet strongly held) opinions add to our, or anyone's, lives?

    5. Seriously? What a laughable response. Stick to Haiku's next time, at least that way when you look stupid people will think it's an elaborate troll.

      1. Your claim is completely false. I would have applauded James had he roundly condemned Erotica1 and the bonus room scams. Any person with a decent moral conscience would do the same. Of course James, as expected, did the precise opposite and applauded their nauseating display of abuse and sociopathy. I would have been the first game to give James a high five for making the right move, and I will be the first guy to condemn him for making the wrong one.

      2. The usual CODE carnard - Veers wants us to give up all PvP. Do you even believe the BS you spout? Firstly pvp in low/null/wormholes is 100% legitimate to everyone. Ditto for highsec wars. Ditto for suicide ganking when done to accomplish in game goals, as opposed to blowing up empty ships for tear harvesting purposes. No one is forcing you to be a PvE player - what we are doing is expecting you to have at least a shred of moral decency.

      3. More stupidity. Unless we "mine" red crosses Veers will call us names, blah blah blah. Get a grip. Do all the PvP you want, just don't be a deranged and unhinged bonus room style abuser when you do it. Stand up for some real principles. Don't be like James, like Loyalanon, like DJ, like Jerry, like D400, like Erotica1. Instead be someone with a decent value system and a conscience.

      But I know that is far too much to ask of you - you will just keep on griefing and writing stupid haikus. Carry on, sir.

    6. If someone is having a panic attack over a video game they either need to seriously sort out their priorities or they have so few genuine problems that I don't feel a blip of sympathy for them.

    7. Veers, your entire argument is based on the false assumption that the New Order is interested in tears. The tears are a consequence of what we do, but were they to stop, we would still continue for our purpose is a higher one.
      When that strawman falls away, you are left with nothing but "abloobloo highsec should be safe", on which you and CCP fundamentally disagree.

    8. Strange? Why did DJ, D400, Jerry, Erotica1 and others get banned then? If it's not about tears, then why the bans? And if CCP disagrees with me, why the bans? It's laughable how you think your strawman arguments and talking points can work against someone with half a brain. Better go back to the drawing board.

    9. CCP haven't said why the bans Veers. They can ban anyone for any reason, as we well know and is often thrown at us by your ilk.

      But let's say those folk were banned for harassment. It then stands to reason that anyone who hasn't been banned is not engaged in harassment. Such as for example half the Eve playerbase who enjoy the tears of their foes and have since Eve began.

      Seems you and CCP differ in opinion on an ever-growing list of things despite your faux intellectualism.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Hey veers it's been well over two weeks, why the wait on destroying Code if you can?? Oh wait.

    12. "Ditto for suicide ganking when done to accomplish in game goals,"

      So suicide ganking is ok, if it is a tool used to accomplish an "in game goal". We suicide gank with the goal of improving the general quality of life, and of the playerbase, in highsec. That's an in game goal. So if you actually meant what you say, you wouldn't have any problems with Code enforcement, yet you're constantly bitching about it. What gives?

      Before you respond with my psychiatric diagnosis, please remember that you are on a blog dedicated to bumping and ganking. Then remember that the whole damn blog is dedicated to an ideological defense of bumping/ganking as a tool for improving highsec. Then finally, by all means ignore all that in favor of the tired accusation that all we care about are tears.

    13. Wait, so Veers doesn't mind suicide ganking now? Now he is only opposed to bonus rooms? Is this the same Veers that sat in Uedama local writing "ALERT - CODE FLEET UNDOCKING" in local when the cat fleet undocked for a freighter gank? I guess he did all that white knight stuff and opposed freighter ganking earlier on because of Bonus Rooms. Seems legit.

      Max SJW lol

    14. @Clara Pond
      So it is unknown why CCP was banning, but as a *fact* a lot of code-monkeys where hit. CCP does not ban "randomly" as one code-idiot tried to tell, if it where so, i would not hit so many code-monkeys.
      As a *fact*:
      CCP found a good! reason to ban more then 9 code-monkeys!
      THAT is a fact.
      nothing unfair, random, failure, mistake or other lame and stupid excuse from the "big failure of highsec" and his foolish followers.
      You are hated by miners and laughed at from real PvP players.
      Our clowns-troupe of new eden, who really tries hard to ignore the facts.

    15. More delusional CODE responses....it's so bad that you start to miss Jerry Rin and his crazy WoW programmers made bot programs that can run incursionas conspiracy theories.

      Clara - the bans occured simulataneosly with a CCP forum post on RL harassment. Learn to put 2 and 2 together. Don't forget that most of the bans were due to bonus room participation. And as for some people not being banned yet - don't forget that CCP operates very, very slowly. It took 5 months for these post Erotica1 bans to happen, and I am confident that more are on the way. Does anyone really think Loyalanon is capable of playing the game without tear harvesting and harassment? I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

      Maria - creating a trollific "Code" to justify in-game greifing and tear collection is not a valid in game objective. It's just a cover for inducing rage. No one really thinks CODE can change highsec for the better, what they can do is blow up helpless miners/haulers, get them to rage on chat/coms, and post on this website for giggles. That is exactly the same mechanic as the James 315 supported bonus room, and is part and parcel for CODE and for this website. And your own members admit that they delight in "carebear tears."

      Jerry - I personally oppose in-game suicide ganking because of roleplay reasons. I like playing the good guy, and am happpy to foil ganks. I also oppose the use of ganking to elicit rage, and to collect tears for distribution on this website, which I think merits CCP bans, as you discovered.

      Keep trying, CODEies.

    16. "is not a *valid* in game objective"

      Goalpost: moved. Oh Veers, never change.

    17. You seem to think that we have to justify our actions to you Veers. We don't.
      You state that you like playing the good guy... but blatant trolls are NOT the good guy. They are assholes. Also, good guys don't insult people when they dis agree with them... you insult people continuously.

      You sir, are not a good guy. You are a douche.

    18. Inducing rage/tears to capture on chat/coms, amplify through group humiliation, and then post on minerbumping.com has NEVER been a valid in game objective. How many more martyrs will it take until you finally comprehend that? CODE is little more than a group of sociopathic emotional abusers who use Eve as a vehicle to humiliate, enrage, harass, and vilify decent people. It was a disaster from the get go and has only gotten worse. One would have hoped that following the bans the agents themselves would have done some real hard thinking, and moved on, but apparently the only thing that actually creates change is the CCP banhammer...and it looks like it may be needed for a second (or is it 7th?) round.

    19. As we keep on having to repeat to you, Veers, miner tears aren't our objective. They're a wonderful side effect of our pursuit of our goals, and I think we'd all be a bit saddened if they ceased (not that that'll ever happen), but they're not actually what we're after. Read The Code. Read the blog posts. And for christ's sake, man, get over DJ's making fun of you during that group interview. Yes, you're a windbag and a group of agents had fun deflating you a bit. Presumably, they hoped that being publicly mocked would cause you to do some real hard thinking, and move on. Since the hard thinking appears to be out of reach, at the very least *move on*.

      We're extremely upfront about why we do the things we do, Veers. No need to look for some National Sociopath Conspiracy behind our actions.

      Over and over again, you repeat that our only possible motivations are either greed, or sadism. Are those the only motivations you can understand, Veers?

    20. Maria, I'm starting to think you are an elaborate troll. Are you DJ's new account?

      CCP already looked into this situation. They decided that many members of your leadership and supporters were tear harvesters and harassers, and were likely banned. Instead of James accepting the verdict, advocating positive change, and moving on, he decided to make some delusional posts calling these folks "martyrs." Bonus room griefers are now martyrs?

      I subjected myself to the TS sessions to see exactly what kind of delusional sociopaths I was dealing with. Thankfully most of the folks there have now been properly banned. Obviously they completely failed to get any tears from me - not due to lack of effort, of course.

      Your Code is a troll. Your blog posts overwhelmingly demonstrate, and CCP agrees, that your actions are for the purpose of tears, not "saving" highsec. There is no rational reason to blow up empty haulers and AFK miners...it accomplishes nothing. Literally the only benefit is giggling at the rage.

      Why not man up? Admit Erotica1 was a harasser and deserved to be banned? Admit the same for DJ, for Jerry, for D400, and for the rest. Admit that James and Loyalanon need to go too. And turn CODE into a positive organization, that tries to achieve in game goals rather than grief, harass, and tear harvest. That's what any decent person would do - not that I expect much out of you or the rest of the agents.

    21. "Are you DJ's new account?"

      Ooh, seems I hit a nerve.

      It's ok Veers, your (self-inflicted) humiliation during that interview will fade with time. You don't have to keep living in the past!

      Also, you are wrong, since I am clearly an alt of James 315.

    22. Humiliation? Lolz. Like when Code tried to troll and I stayed focus and on point? The only folks who got humiliated where the half brain-dead code trolls who made themselves look stupid. Most of whom are now banned.

      And you certainly are no James 315, he may be a lying cheat and a moral imbecile, but at least he writes well. You, not so much.

    23. "OF COURSE I'M NOT MAD!"
      Gritted teeth and tearful eyes
      are not convincing

    24. What would I be mad about? Despite months of threats to gank me and shut down incursions, the result has been.....crickets.

      If anything, I'm kinda bored by the whole CODE thing - I was expecting at least some measure of effort and entertainment. It's one thing to be bad, it's quite another to be lazy to boot.

    25. "
      Gritted teeth and tearful eyes
      are not convincing


      Another astute masterpiece by our haiku wizard. The New Order Department of Poetry strikes again.

    26. No Maria is not DJ.
      "She" it is even more incompetent.

    27. Does Maria even play? Or just a forum alt?

      Also, don't see DJ around anymore....is he confirmed gone for WoW and Star Citizen?

    28. My killboard is public, you can easily tell whether or not I play and how much I do so. Does your ability to metagame extend only to crying on forums?

      I'd ask if you play, Veers, but I don't count mining red crosses as "playing".

      @anon6:53 You're damn right I'm incompetent! If my ship fails to explode, I become sad. 7o

    29. "@anon6:53 You're damn right I'm incompetent! If my ship fails to explode, I become sad."
      Incomeptent, In getting the code anywhere. In understanding a little more complex texts. Incompetent in playing --> "elite" PvP.

  14. Hey,

    While you're all busy circle-jerking over Dream, tell your little brother Psycho Monk that he doesn't get to call himself a "content creator", and then not update his blog for ten freaking months. Get on it, doggonit.

    1. Oh, and where's your blog? Don't have one?

      Didn't think so.. parasite.

    2. "Parasite"?

      Well, fellow anonymous poster, and fellow shite-heel, I'm not the one running around claiming to BE a content creator. That's these boy's job. I'm just extending a hearty HTFU, get back in your Catalyst, and create me some content. If the MB crowd can artficially whip up drama everyday, surely I can ask where "The chaos I want to see" is in this galaxy, no?

      Gankers, man. Either they cry cause you DONT want them creating content, or they cry cause you DO want them creating it.

  15. Perfect time to bring a big box of popcorn!

  16. This Eve-O thread is the logical conclusion of CCP allowing their petition system to become just another metagaming weapon.

  17. I miss all of these content creators and thousands of eve players feel the same way. No one would miss a miner. It's been almost 7 months and Erotica 1 is still talked about quite a bit. Veers could disappear and within a a few days everyone would forget. It's something to think about.

    1. Good point. It's just like real life. Prolific content creators like Jack the Ripper, Rasputin, Saddam Hussein, Benedict Arnold, and many others, are permanently etched in our memories. It's quite an accomplishment to be publicly despicable enough to be considered a "content creator."

    2. Tears is the lubricant of EVE. We need people like Veers.

    3. If not for the real bad guys Veers linked, we may have even more warped perspectives on what is bad. However, since they were brought up, as bad as Saddam was, it may have required a dictator like him to hold together that country, made up of artificial borders by us after the world wars. And Benedict Arnold, really?

      If we want to go digging up history, it might be something like James is Julius Caesar and Erotica is Cleopatra. Or something like that. Just doubled-checked my history and omg, Ero is totally Cleopatra, reincarnated, in space.

    4. "...Jack the Ripper, Rasputin, Saddam Hussein, Benedict Arnold, Erotica1..."

      Where is Hitler? You missed Hitler!

    5. Anonymous October 22, 2014 at 3:18 AM
      Another antisocial idiot!
      There are not "thousands" thinking like you.
      There are less then hundred. It never was much more than that.

    6. Less THAN one hundred, eh? Do you have a source for that wildly inaccurate claim?

      I'm pretty sure that the mega alliances comprised of thousands that regularly participate in Code operations immediately invalidate your statement.


    7. "i am pretty sure" means that you do not know anything.
      But how those numbers?
      Of course you want to forget the AT where code-monkeys couldn't muster 12(!) fighters. in words: TWELFE.
      For a code-monkey that is far less than hundred.
      Give you 1000 code-monkeys:
      You could not muster 12? Hello?
      Do you even know what you are writing? You still believe in Santa Claus?
      Have you followed discussons anywhere? Counted how many ppl are discussing? I am not talking of alts. the guy behind royalmoron hast his own isboxing fleet. DJerk boasted that he had a lot of alts.
      I stick to less than 100.

  18. "Was that meant as a compliment? As in, "sick roleplay, dude!"?"

    I heard that in my head a lol'd for real.

  19. All this hate for CCP,

    What is wrong with you guys? Why don't just leave?
    'Betrayed by CCP', oh my god, get a grip guys, haha.

  20. BETRAYED by CCP?
    code-monkeys you really have lost all your marbles!
    Heelllooohhhoooooo, do code-monkeys have some (working) brain left?
    It was CODE who fucked with CCP and other players!
    You got a shot cross the bow once, delirious Jimmy was still babling nonsense.
    You fucked CCP when you did not appear to AT12.
    You left the commentators for fools when they where working for the community for free!

    Then CODE was hit by a full broadside from CCP!
    YOU, CODE have to wake up!
    No more smart ass babbling over game mechanics.
    No more lies about CCP failures, when all failures where handmade by your great and magnificiantly failing idiot and savior!

    It is simple:
    The way YOU play EvE, EvE is not the game for you.
    Continue and sink in the shitstorm.
    At least even then you will win!

  21. CODE-monkeys:
    If delirious Jimmy ever had some OK from CCP it wa about the pure:
    hunt AFK and hunt botters.

    It did NOT include additional harrasing, killing newbros, driving people from the game and other insolences by code members. it was tolerated for a long time, but when your narcistic jerk embraced erotica1 it was getting to much. Lying, childish acting during serious times like AT made CCP clear: CODE is a bunch of fools and the "gameplay" achieved by them is unwanted and toxic.
    And the worst, you do not understand the warningshots across you bows.
    I don not hate you i despise your stupidness, see you naver had the chance to butthurt me.

    1. "shots across you bows"
      What's with the nautical theme?
      I thought we're monkeys?

    2. I do not expect much from you guys, but that?
      another educational fail from people who claim to be smarter than other players and carebears... :p

      A shot cross the bow, german "Schuß vor den Bug" is warning shot. It says the next shot *will* hit.

    3. ...yeah, I have google too, thanks. I was asking: *why* the nautical metaphor? Seems jarring when mixed in with the "monkey"-themed insults you pepper throughout your comments.

    4. I didn't google.
      I wrote "code-monkey", not "monkey".
      So after jimmies lies, fairytales and propaganda you still don't want to understand?
      CCP acts not surprising, CCP warned you more then one time. Jimmy the idiot says otherwise? bad! You *believe* that crap?
      This should concern you.

  22. I was not googling.
    It is "code-monkeys" not "monkeys".

    What do you try to say?
    That you understood that you guys have been warned and decided deliberately to ignore those? You think you have more power than CCP? I don't know sometimes i come to the conclusion that Jimmy does think he is.

    1. If CCP wanted to ban us, they could. Of the two of us, I'm the one with the balls to use their in-game name, remember? Here I am, an unrepentant supporter of miner-bumping, ganking, and every other conceivable form of highsec pvp, not to mention a fervent supporter of the ethos which formed The Code. Yet, I'm not banned. Why do you think that is?

    2. I too would like to pledge myself as a new order supporter

    3. MARIA got Balls!!
      So when you are out of arguments, you start talking of Balls. Which Balls? The Balls you need to shoot at mining *frigates* or barges? Or the Balls removing the -10 from you as soon as you can? The Balls code-monkeys have when war-decced and flee the corps?
      *You* are talking of balls? hi-la-ri-ous
      I do ask again!
      Did You hear the warning shot? 10 ppl from Code have been banned already. This should concern YOU not me!
      Yes if CCP want to ban you they can.
      But CCP are not dicks like code-monkeys, they need *serious* reasons. Right now you are just a pain in the ass. Give them enough reasons and you are gone.

      Example: self-rearding, mirror-loving, incompetent and vain Jimmy.
      Why does he not take part ingame?
      Every action he takes would be watched closely, some mistake and BAMM banned.
      That is the reason he almost never undocks.
      What did you think?
      That he would be taken down immediatly? That to.

      Talking of "ethics" and "balls" from you, a professing code-monkey, is hilarious too!
      You are in no position to talk of that stuff seriously, delirious Jimmy tells otherwise, but both worlds New Eden and Real Life say otherwise. You glorify erotica1 about an incident whith deeply antisocial behavior. You made fun over a speech impedent user and you blame him for the rage he had (and said bad stuff). You are in no position whatsoever. Your the pariah of New Eden. The shame of this game.

    4. And merrizon:
      You are just plain stupid!

    5. "self-rearding"


    6. awww shucks now i feel bad

    7. I swear, the AG bears are easily the most successful group out there when it comes to recruiting people to supporting the Code.


    8. @mario (maria with balls)

      I understand you:
      ignorance is bliss!

    9. then you must be living in a world of bliss

  23. I just hope I played a part in collecting veers tears

    1. To collect tears you would first at the very least need to blow up my ship. 3 months later, how is that coming along? Maybe try leaving Uedama and shooting at something that shoots back.

    2. A new low for CODE....trying to harvest tears that don't exist. Can we get Ima Wreckyou back? He may have been a delusional little fool, but at least he understood the concept of "tears."


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