Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #70

The epic saga of The Clone Republic came to a conclusion last week...

...So now it's time to get back to business as usual.

Speaking of business as usual, fighting the New Order is nothing new for rebel miner Shaun Thiesant. He has already spent three years opposing the New Order in the deserts of the Middle East. But while he was busy ensuring permanent safety in the Middle East, the New Order swooped in and took over highsec!

It was inevitable, but here's the proof: Miners will believe articles from the "EVE Onion" if they offer solace.

In other news, the highsec resistance has apparently grown to include a total of seven members. Seriously though, everyone knows who I am. I'm the Saviour of Highsec.

If you ask a miner if he's familiar with the Code and the answer is anything other than, "Yes sir, and here's money for my mining permit," the miner isn't yet familiar enough.

Even the Anti-Gankers have to admit it now: Times are a-changin'.

Remember when carebears pretended that the New Order didn't exist, and was made up entirely of my alts? Now they think we could only be stopped "if literally every highsec PvP corp" fought against us. Or they concede that even then, we would not be stopped.

With no one to stop us, I suppose we'll simply need to keep nudging highsec into Code-compliance.

Agent Strife Senior received some unpleasant EVEmails. Did the miner really want his family not to get cancer, or was that sarcasm? To find out, we need context. We'll need to look at what the other miners have been writing to their Compliance Specialists lately...

In fact, there does seem to be a trend of carebears wishing death upon the family members of our Agents. Perhaps, like Superman, our Agents are seen to be invincible, and the villains direct their attacks at our Agents' loved ones.

Miners, when an Agent tells you "no cursing", he doesn't just mean you're not allowed to use profanity. He means no literal cursing, either.

Is this the beginning of a new Miner Bingo square? Putting hexes on a ganker's family is a thing now? After Agent Ilithyia Borgia destroyed Caitlyn Enderas' Retriever, her family got cursed. (Not to worry: A well-known antidote is to forward copies of the Code in a chain-letter across highsec.)

If you've ever wondered why players are leaving the resistance in droves and signing up with the New Order, take note.


  1. And that folks is why miners are a cancer in eve.

  2. Meet the rebellion
    By their fruits ye shall know them:
    Rage, tears, and hexes

  3. Seriously that is sick. I mean, I understand being pissed off loosing a ship.... For about 5min, then you learn from it and go on with your life. But this.... Not a code supporter (I mean no I dont have a permit, rest Im fine with :p) but the more I read about those kind of stuff, the more I'm leaning toward buying one just to enrage those people more. I might even end up donating....

    You afk miners are making me becoming a CODE. supporter. I hope you all proud of you!

    /mumble, grumble

  4. Protip Carebears - if EvE makes you angry, you're doing it wrong!

  5. I didn't know that miners had so many mages among them. Is the Code's antimagic unit up to the task? Can you possibly have enough dreamcatchers and crystal pendulums to deal with the onslaught?!

    1. Jerry Rin - Anti-magic expert Ph.D Anti-M, LEED CertifiedJanuary 6, 2015 at 9:59 PM

      Since my banishment, I have long been at work mining rare anti-curse crystals in Sudan, anticipating such a move by the carebears. While their new magick spells may come as a surprise to some of you, I can safely say that the New Order saw it coming and is more than prepared to handle mere gypsy curses.

    2. You guys are experts at provoking anger from freshly ganked miners in the hope they will react like this so you can post to this website.
      You love the tears and that is far more disturbing than empty threats like these from pissed off miners.

    3. Anon 11:38. Your tears are delicious. Thank you.

    4. Jerry Rin you made me lol at work!

  6. I sure hope that last guy got reported for RL threats. He even admitted it!

  7. Miners die, while antigankers cry and the code just keep on winning!!!

    Anti-gankers failed - again!!!!

  8. I don't even play this game yet these stories are addicting and almost make me want to join in.

    1. Do it.
      Dooooo iiiiit.
      Ask anybody here for a buddy code (heh) , get your (free) 3 week trial, and soon you can be cackling evilly as you vaporize idiots with Holy Antimatter.

      With a 12 month sub the monthly cost is around $10-11 USD a month, which comes out to roughly .30 cents a day. Quite a bargain.
      Mike Adoulin

  9. > I miss the days of throwing 3 expanders on a freighter and setting autopilot of 25 jumps, lol
    > yes hard to belive it was safe at one time

    what, in June?

    1. And it's good that these days are over. AFK Freighters are terrible for the economy.

      As a permanent lo-sec resident, there's a huge gap between market prices in our home and carebear land. But as long as people can AFK-mine and AFK-haul in hi-sec, there is no incentive for Industrialists to sell their goods in lo-sec.

  10. The casting of curses, hexes, and dark voodoo magic is a Red Pen offense. Please keep your witchcraft out of EvE!

  11. Maybe give CCP a good old DDOS so they learn one thing or two?
    Only $2/hour so we can keep CCP down for a long time if we want to...
    Or we can use our own network for this.

    1. What crime?
      You have asked for this for a long time now.
      Deny CCP Internet is the only way to fight when you don't play that silly game :-P

    2. uh oh, the script kiddies are getting serious. lol.

    3. @DJ Entropy, You dear sir are whats wrong with people. When unable to acti in reallife you tent to exert yourself through a game. and then laugh in your own pity now that these players in the game feel that they have been wronged just like you have been wronged in your life.

      What?!!? thats proposterous that you have been wronged in your life?

      Then why else would you exert yourself over other by claiming that you are better and obeying the rules of the game.

      You are nothing in life, You are something ingame. Must feel great to have sunk so low that you can only achieve something through a videogame

      i like you cat btw :)

    4. Anon@6:09, the amount of dumb you just displayed makes me sad. Please try to keep that under wraps in the future, we wouldn't want you negatively influencing the children who play this game. Also the average age of our agents is 12 years old, so please, think of the children.

      Anon@1:44, [Citation Needed]. I've seen only good things from DJEntropy, and I don't doubt that he's just as successful and widely-liked out of game as he is in-game. If you have any evidence to the contrary (beyond the passé "hurrdurr, gankers must be failures because they blew up my mining barge, durrrrr"), please feel free to bring it forward.

    5. Dear maria malukker, Please add you own name to the situation, Something has gone wrong with you personally to get to such a point you must lower yourself to exert such a thing upon other people inside a videogame. please do me a favor and get help. the world of eve will be better of

    6. [Citation Needed]

    7. Anon@1:56,

      There is a phenomenon. You can see it at Fanfest, Vegas, and other EVE meets. Talk to the bartenders, servers, and other people who staff these large events, and they'll tell you;

      The carebear logic that in-game psychopathy equates to real-life psychopathy is completely incorrect, and if anything, exactly the opposite is true. The thing that creates what you call "terrorism" and "torture" in-game is simply real-world intelligence, and compassion for others. The bars in Reykjavik love EVE players, because we're nice, we tip well, despite a lot of us having neckbeards and being somewhat fat.

      Agents of the New Order, in real life, are some of the nicest, most caring, most generous people on the planet in real life- especially to those people that we like. If you show interest and respect to those New Order Agents, by, say, perhaps, buying a permit for 10 million isk, and following the Code, you might see that New Order Agents are trying to guide you into something better... a lost chapter of EVE that sits behind that ominous Low-sec gate that scares so many carebears into not going beyond it with its warning. And you just might find out that beyond that gate, may await death, but also friendship. And that killing is just a means of communication.

      And then maybe you'll come back after PvPing a little bit, after getting your first taste of power.. to find that as a carebear, you were indeed wrong. And that the Code was right. And that you now need to spread the word to others who are risk averse and scared and powerless.. that deal with insecurity by attempting to acquire "money-" which you know by now, is pointless, and is not power. And then you'll fit up your first Catalyst, and you will be baptized by Concord, when you teach your first miner that there are things that are more important than money.

      This is what we do in CODE. Every. Single. Day. It is good work. It is honorable work. It is glorious work. And it shall not stop until James 315 looks at the universe and tells His Agents that we have achieved Final Victory.

    8. The New Order is the leading authority in Space Psychology. Pay no heed to this quack.

    9. Also I have placed a hex upon you!!!@!

    10. You can twist and turn words all you wish,

      I did not say torture or terrorism, because it has nothing to do with it.
      If you claim to be honorable while doing the opposite you clearly lost all touch with humanity.

      Keep believing in your ideal therefor they are yours but not got justifying it saying that you are honorable The CODE is nothing close to honorable.

      The code owns an IDEAL an ideal worth fighting for yet your do not fight for it you oppress anybody that simply doesn't agree with you.

      That makes what code is a bunch of people trying to achieve in a video game what they couldn't phantom to create in real life.

      I applaud to the code for what they do NOT HOW THEY DO IT.

      It requires a person that will completely set aside all rules of engagement of Social life so that they can justify how they treat other players in a video game.

      Have fun being the CIA of the mid '70 in EVE. that is the only thing you come close to and if that works for you be my guest.

    11. Your shoes will become untied at an embarassing moment within the next two weeks. Be warned!!!

    12. @Anon5:37

      So, you believe that CODE. is powered by an idea,

      that you say is worth fighting for,

      and you applaud us for doing it, and yet,

      you disagree with our methods.

      That's like saying you agree with getting rid of crime, and that it's worth fighting to be rid of crime, and you applaud people who get rid of crime, but you don't believe that we should have police officers that enforce the law to get rid of that crime.

      And ->I'm<- the one that's not making sense?

      New Order Agents do not act dishonourably. We do not swear, we do not -curse-, we, as an organization, have RESPECT for the carebears, even as we must stop them from doing the activities that turn them into horrible people.

      Like police officers, we might not like ganking, but tell me anon5:37, how YOU would go about ridding highsec of bot-aspirancy if we didn't gank people? Do you really believe that "not ganking people" would rid highsec of bot-aspirancy? How could we possibly bring James 315's vision of a Code-Compliant highsec to reality if we didn't go out there and enforce the Code?

    13. Even so right for mostly the wrong reasons, yet its late here and you clowns still have ZERO understand of what i have said so ill sum it up.

      CODE = GOOD

      Current enforcement = BAD

      General acting of Code monkey = BAD (with exceptions of Code heroes like: DJ Entropy, Ming Tso and Maria Malukker)

      You see my posts as contradicting and to most people it will just like the code of what i have written is a pure example, The code is a good and a bad thing at the same time. yet you wish to see the blind side of what i say, i choose not to hide behind Anonymous for protection i choose it because you won't be able to use my ingame name with the respect you claim.

      As for your bannishment DJ Entropy it was unjust and dishonorable of CCP.

      Perhaps the day will come that the code will live up to the purpose of what it stands of instead of the dishonorable acts they commit daily, Call me old fashioned but you should not act differently from your core self simply of Bits and Bites or as you call it a video game.

      Feel free to visit the drone regions if you are up for an ingame chat

  12. Trying to "curse" agents. Carebears literally believe EvE is WoW.

  13. But anti gankers are the good guys LOL

  14. The most fundamental principle in EVE is that there is no safe place in EVE. Each time you undock, you need to be prepared to lose your ship. This is what distinguishes EVE from all those other, boring MMOGs where you just shoot some NPCs.

    Without our Lord and Savior's great vision, EVE would be just one of these other games.

    1. He has already spent three years opposing the New Order in the deserts of the Middle East. But while he was busy ensuring permanent safety in the Middle East, the New Order swooped in and took over highsec!

      now I am well aware of the "keyboard warriors " in new eden. I am also aware of the fact that there are indeed many former and active warriors in new eden too. who, in real life do and did their appointed tasks with real courage and real bravery.
      please do me a courtesy and avoid treating these individuals with the disrespect shown in the above statement (I know the poster may be the above mentioned "keyboard warrior" but he or she may also be the genuine article too ) the people who "serve" are in my opinion special and mocking what they do is unacceptable in all spheres of life DON'T DO IT !!

    2. It's just more of the same immature twaddle from the care bears. From the racist and homophobic rants of the 'keyboard warrior' to the 'arm chair psychologist' that cannot himself separate a video game from reality and claim to diagnose various mental deficiencies based on PvP in a PvP game, and their own utter lack of skill or talent for said game.
      These comment sections often complete a miner bingo card faster than local chat after a gank.
      It is care bears unable to differentiate between a game character and the player. Agents do not go about making broad generalizations of the actual care bear player- they don't assume care bears are actual wimps, wholly unable to defend themselves against the slightest adversity. We mock their character for being weak, cowardly, and ineffective- but the player himself may only be role-playing a weak, effeminate character. For whatever reason that appeals to people.
      Meanwhile, we get a never-ending stream of Freud wannabe care bears that determine that because they are terrible at a game, everyone else must be somehow deficient.
      Care bears- it's not a cult and James is just a character. Your inability to recognize role playing in a role playing game only paints yourselves as desperately out of touch with reality. Clinging to any straw that soothes a savaged ego as your lack of skill at something is laid bare. Your character's uselessness to the game we play is patent. But why then continue on until you have proven that the person behind the care bear is even worse, less useful, and cowardly in the extreme, than the character just obliterated in a game?

    3. Well said!

    4. The ganker and gankee both a have a different view of the game, Saying that they do not differentiate between Life and Game is utter bullshit.

      The Ganker kills = Real life pleasure happiness

      The gankee blows up = Real life unhappiness

      Code Hides behind the common bullshit thrown at the care bears time and time again.

      Carebears are EVIL so be it kill them but don't throw out that what happens in a game has ZERO impact on a person.

    5. ...do you think that it is equivalent to feel real life happiness over a game, and real life unhappiness? Given that "being made happy" is the purpose of playing a game, if someone is being made unhappy by the game they're playing, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that they're playing the game wrong, and maybe shouldn't be playing it at all? Seems silly to blame the people who enjoy playing a game and play it properly, for the lack of enjoyment of someone who insists on playing the game incorrectly.

    6. @anon 3.22 PM

      thanks for your eloquent and well thought out reply.
      may I suggest you do the same or at least read this when sober and less belligerent ?

    7. @ mr entropy you make being a "support the troops " type sound like a crime ??? the spite with which some of your posters act/react does not surprise me. however my remark still stands as the fact that anyone can do the job does not mean anyone "should" do the job and if being a "hero is your motivation you are in the wrong job and no doubt will be lost by the wayside in due course. what they do is a job that should indeed get a modicum of respect at least because imagine the world with no police, firefighters, and military, the word anarchy springs to mind.
      and I'm not talking about the "wannabe seals " out there unfortunately you can hide behind a monitor and pretend whatever you like.
      just remember some of them are the real article.

    8. ps..... if you think the training that is required by some of these professions is something "anyone " can do then it is clear that your knowledge of what some of these jobs require is sorely lacking

  15. To Gorila Vengaza
    Now that you become a goon...err i mean a code member;)
    Could you perhaps post again on your blog?

    Nowadays minerbumping is getting a bit dull(sorry guys) :P

    Would be very interesting to see you post from the other side:)


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