Thursday, January 8, 2015

Over Five Hundred Twenty-Five Billion in Shares Sold

I'm seeing a lot of new people with mining permits and/or pledges of loyalty to me in their bios these days. Very cool! Let's keep it going.

PV Rock started off the year by buying an additional 1,000 shares, sending us over the 522 billion isk mark and earning him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Well done! Zepher Helen Hawat bought an additional 1,750 shares, sending us over the 523 and 524 billion isk marks and earning her a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Wardog Squadron is the latest corporation to buy shares in the New Order. One day, I believe, every corp in highsec will own at least some. Wardog Squadron bought 300 shares, sending us over the 525 billion isk mark and earning it a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.


Agent Andouille Sausage continues to be inspired by the Code. That means more artwork!

Every bit of isk we collect goes toward the cause. We hold nothing back.

Remember when highsec industrialists considered themselves natural enemies of the New Order? As I said earlier, I'm seeing more and more of these guys getting themselves and their corpmates compliant. Wonderful!

Perhaps prompted by Andouille's recent efforts, Agent Mining License Inspector stepped up to the plate and produced some fantastic New Order art, too:

You know, the increasingly Code-compliant state of highsec isn't just good for my Agents or my ego; it's good for everyone.

Agent Gorila Vengaza (a phrase that sends shudders of anger through the "Ganking Is Bullying" crowd) chimed in with a special video of his own. Click the picture or link to watch it on YouTube:

A very timely reminder to all those who engage in PvE in highsec!

Permanent links to all New Order artwork may be found on the Links page.


  1. Lots of wonderful cultural content lately! Those posters are beautiful, and Gorila's video is raising filmcraft to new levels. The Code always wins, not just in spaceship battles, but cultural victories as well!

  2. They win in France too it seems :P
    But the security forces is on their tails :P

    1. I know you are :P

    2. Suffering?
      They just experienced what happens when you hunt for something and get it.
      Don't whine, just love it :-P

      I love the life when you get what you hunt for and that is a perfect example...

    3. Did anon 10:08 seriously just use the I know you are but what am i defense?

    4. @anon 11,32 AM seek help you have major issues mate.

    5. The Code tells Agents that we will suffer many unfair and unjust comparisons from some of the more vile carebears, but take heart.

      Even though their insults may stain us in a similar manner to launching an ice-cream sandwich out of a water balloon launcher at our car on a hot summers day, the Mercy of James 315 acts as a paper towel, which allows us to wipe away the stain, and make our cars nice and shiny once again.

      All hail James 315!

  3. I would say that the carebears with their senseless rage, and retribution-oriented violence are much more like the censorious jerks in France than CODE.. After all, CODE. wants to preserve your freedom to PvP in HighSec and the carebears want to censor you.

    1. Nope, you booth seek rage and when you get it you whine like babies :P

    2. What does this "whining" sound like?

      Can you give a text example of you consider to be a New Order Agent "whining" after he causes a carebear to rage?

    3. You are very fast to complain here as soon as you can after you got what you hunted for.
      Hunt for rage if that's what get you off but stop complaining about you getting threats out of game. You hunted for that and got it.
      You should instead thank that player for giving you threats...

    4. Ming Tso: I think he meant to say "winning" since that is what the Code always does. Always.

    5. Yes, they do it in France but not for long now :P

    6. Sigh. Be less disgusting please, anon@11:32.

    7. Why?
      Don't you like life as it's supposed to be?

    8. @ Anon 3:09 PM
      The fact that you are equating your enjoyment of your video games with the sort human rights that guard us against terror suggests that you are one very sad person.

      I pity you.

    9. That's still life as it should be so I'm happy.
      Don't hunt for something you can't handle, simple as that :-P
      They hunted for rage and they found it.

    10. Sigh.. Anon @4:49.

      As we've told you, so many times before, CODE. Agents do not hunt for rage. We hunt for compliance, anti-tanked freighters, and Agents to do the Good Work of supporting the Code and its Founder, James 315.

      What you are displaying is not rage, it's tasteless false comparisons that show everyone outside of CODE. exactly how disgusting non-compliance truly is.

      It's like... You've taken some straw, shat on it, and made a little poop baby out of it. You then attached a post-it note with "CODE." written on it to the straw man, and then went and said "Hey I'm gonna be like CODE!" pointing to the straw man. And then started smearing yourself with your own poop.

      Such is the behaviour that we are looking to stop.

  4. Great, a site for a self delusional narcissist. Even come complete with photo shopped old communist propaganda posters.

    Though, this site is worth a giggle of two when I'm feeling bored from mining and need something to do while the mining lasers cycle.

    Sorry but I will never buy a permit or anything else you're selling.

    1. If mining is boring you, you should consider not doing it. Why bother to play a boring game? Have you tried blowing up the miners? It's much more fun, I assure you.

  5. The Code keeps winning!!!!

    Antigankers spotted continually failing to stop code - again!

  6. The phrase "Agent Gorila Vengaza", rather than sending me "shudders of anger" instead makes me hysterically weep. Keep it up, I can use more good jokes like this!

  7. Truely the only ones new order can gank are those that dont care enough to pay attention, and those that dont pay attention i agree dont deserve to have ships. If one pays attention, watches local, and dosent go afk, its rare if ever new order agents can do a gank. I have been playing since before the new order existed, and have yet to be ganked by one of them. However at the same time i have killed many of them, so in the end they are nothing more then an annoyance.

    Ryan Heathen


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